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Even if you are no stranger to the world of business and promotion through social media platforms, this topic may seem unfamiliar to you. An often forgotten or at least underestimated promotional tactic is using a coming soon landing page. People often use a coming soon landing page to start promotions for their brand without even having anything in store for the audience. In a sense, this is a misuse of the promotional tactic, and that is why the coming soon page is sometimes not taken seriously.

However, if used to its full potential, a coming soon landing page can be very helpful towards businesses. Especially to promote new businesses or new products for old businesses. If you search for coming soon landing page examples, you will notice that they are almost exclusively used for new launches.

Today we will be telling you all about what makes up the best coming soon landing page and the significance of the decision to create a coming soon landing page. So keep on reading if you want to learn to use the full potential of a coming soon landing page.

What is a ‘Coming Soon Landing Page?’

A coming soon landing page is sometimes called a ‘pre-launch page’. As we mentioned before, it is almost exclusively used to promote new launches. Whether it is an entire business or just a new product, or a product line. If you look at a coming soon landing page template, you will notice it looks more like an incomplete or empty webpage. And no, you are not mistaken. That is actually what a coming soon page is supposed to look like.

A coming soon landing page is a web page that is supposed to provoke a certain curiosity and anticipation in people by providing them with minimal amounts of information. The best coming soon landing page makes people want to know more because they feel like they basically know nothing. A coming soon landing page gives away just a singular major detail of whatever is to ‘come soon’ and that is all. The rest of the process is just an automatic domino effect of this action.

When Should You Use a Coming Soon Landing Page?

A coming soon landing page is a specific promotional tactic and cannot be used anytime. You need to be sure that there is a need to create a coming soon landing page because a coming soon page is practically useless if used at the wrong time. Or even if used for the wrong kind of product launch.

However, old and already successful businesses often underestimate the power of a well-thought-out coming soon landing page template. Just because their business already has a huge market for old products absolutely does not guarantee any new products they wish to introduce into the market. That is why old and new businesses alike need to utilize the potential of promoting their new launches with the help of a coming soon landing page.

Some examples of instances when using a coming soon landing page is essential may be as follows.

  • When launching a new flavor for a snack
  • Introducing a new scent for a perfume brand
  • Coming up with a complementary product line for your business
  • Sales, discount deals and offers on special events, times and days
  • Introducing a new and innovated version of an already existing product
  • Fixes to customer complaints and bug in your existing product

If you notice, all these are important stages in the lifespan of a business. This shows that a coming soon page has great value for a business that uses it properly.

sample templates available on Strikingly for building coming soon pages

Image taken from Strikingly

4 Benefits of Having a Coming Soon Landing Page

For you to properly gauge why you should create a coming soon page, you should be aware of some of the most common benefits that come with it. Read below to learn about these benefits!

1. First Impression

Even though your product or business may be new, the coming soon landing page template is mostly just a blank web page with a few words on it; it gives out the first impression. First impression of what, you may ask? First impression of what the product or business stands for. What feeling you want to convey to your potential customers. A simple semblance of colors and patterns can draw customers towards your business without even knowing the specifications of the product they are already considering buying.

If the website you are using is built on Strikingly, our appealing and responsive templates will already give a professional and smooth look to your web pages. Your coming soon page will look neat even before you add any content elements to it. The best part is it is easy to add content to a web page that’s built on Strikingly. This makes your job a lot more convenient, as compared to having to write all the code just to create a simple coming soon landing page.

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2. Quick Subscriptions

A coming soon landing page also helps build an emailing list before your business even starts. And what is special about this email list is that it is made of people who have willingly given their emails to you. All you have to do is add a subscribe button in a prominent location on your coming soon landing page. Chances are anyone who visits your web page will subscribe just out of sheer curiosity to know what the product or business being promoted is even about. And since they will have subscribed, when you send out emails to them, they will not end up in their spam folder to be wasted away.

email subscription form on a website that promotes film direction services

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Even though a coming soon page is usually quite lean and straightforward, the marketing emails that you send out can be fancy and thorough. For instance, if your website is built on Strikingly, you can create beautiful newsletters with catchy headlines, with added images and buttons to grab the attention of your email subscribers.

3. Launch Date and Time Information

Out of the limited information provided on a coming soon landing page, the date and time of launch are one of them. This makes it clear and official where and when interested customers need to be at the launch time. This, in turn, increases the chances of high sales at launch, which means getting a successful launch label and reputation. This reputation can then be carried on to advertise the success of your new product or business as well.

Businesses particular about their new product launches often use a coming soon page as part of their integrated marketing strategy. This means they promote the upcoming product on their website through this page dedicated to it and make brand announcements about it on their social media pages. This helps build up hype around the launch event. The more hype you create, the more you can get people excited about the product available in the market.

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4. Google Ranking

If your coming soon landing page is visited enough, it will get a high ranking in google search before the actual product is even launched. This will help your business appear as an automatic form of advertisement after the launch. Whenever someone searches for a topic similar to your website, chances will be high that your website appears as one of the top results for them in their google search.

However, to rank your coming soon page high in search results, you need to be thorough in your keyword research. Keyword research means finding out about the specific keywords or phrases that users enter into search engines to get information on a particular topic. Sometimes, people optimize their web page for the most popular and commonly used keywords. This is not always a good idea because the more common a keyword is, the more competitive it will be, thus challenging to rank for.

related search items for keyword research

The benefit of using a coming soon landing page is that it is relatively easier to make it rank higher in search engines since it has minimum content on it. There will be a limited number of keywords that it can possibly be optimized for.

Build a website here on Strikingly today if you don’t have one already, build a website on Strikingly today, and add a coming soon page to it while you prepare your site fully with all the content you want to add to attract visitors. It usually doesn’t take longer than a few hours for our users to add all the initial content to their website. This is because our editor is super user-friendly and doesn’t let you get stuck in any technical stuff as you are busy building your content.

Creating a website on Strikingly is a fun experience, and adding a coming soon landing page to it can be part of the fun.