What You Need To Create The Best Travel Website

Traveling is something that almost everyone aspires to do in their lives. And travel websites are one good way to start this adventure. A travel website is an innovative, creative, and fun tool to use whether you want to invite people to travel with your company or whether you want to document your travels and encourage others to take the same path. This article will tell you all about travel websites, how to build a travel website, and some inspirational travel websites you can use.

Travel Website Overview

A travel website inspires adventure, wonder, and joy. Whether you are eyeing to create a travel website or a travel agency website, your site visitors should leave feeling inspired to pack their bags and get going. It should push people to want to travel and should spark curiosity about the place or places you are endorsing. It should get them excited to be there and get to experience the same things you did. What makes travel websites amazing is their capability to bring people - their site visitors, exactly where they’ve been while also making sure that some mystery is left for them to discover for themselves.

How To Make a Travel Website?

  1. Set Your Destination. Know your niche market and what you want to focus on.
  2. Define Your Transportation. Decide on a theme for your website and decide what other social media platforms you want to use.
  3. Create Magic With Your Hands. Start creating your content and filling up your bags - website and social media accounts!

What do You need to Create a Travel Website?

1. Photos

It is necessary to include photos on your website as they can emphasize the places, foods, and other important tourist information you want your readers to visualize. The foundation of any travel website is the gallery of images that their site visitors will see. Without high-quality and well-organized photos, it will be harder for your site visitors to get a sense of the place or places that you are endorsing. While words have a way of igniting their imagination, travel websites won’t really be all that enticing and useful without images of the scenery, the community, the culture, and the food. These images will help them be more excited about experiencing it firsthand.

2. Videos

While images are truly necessary for any travel website, it is also helpful to add videos to your travel website. Videos are a much more detailed and personalized way of communicating to your site visitors. The sound of the videos helps you appeal more to the senses of the adventurous travelers that are visiting your site. Seeing what you offer on your tours in action will entice them even more to see it with their own eyes, breathe in the same air, hear the natural and beautiful sounds of the community, smell the fragrance of the local and exotic foods they have yet to taste and feel the weather and culture of the place on their own skin.

3. Description

Description of the places you visit is vital in creating your travel website. It helps that you give them an image in their head. Given that you already have images and videos, you have to be creative in how you would describe them without seeming redundant. Give them a much more sensual description. It needs not be long, and it can even be just the name of the place or the circumstances shown. It will all depend on how you want to portray your destinations. However, travel websites almost always have to give descriptions about their endorsed destinations so that interested adventurers can look for further information about them on their own.

4. Narrative

Narratives differ from descriptions. They are narrations of real-life experiences. These narratives highlight in travel websites how it actually feels to be there. Usually, you can use and write blogs for these narratives. Your travel website will benefit from hosting blogs and narrations of your adventures. This will heighten your site visitors’ desire to join you and experience the adventure. It will not only give them an image of what it would actually be like to go to your destinations, but it will also help them gain a much better understanding of how much fun and impactful the adventure you are offering or narrating is.

5. Maps and Guides

Maps and guides are necessary for travel websites because most people like to plan it out by themselves. Therefore, your travel website will really attract more visitors or tourists if it features original descriptions and instructions of where to go, how to go there, and what kind of local businesses and communities they might encounter. Your website should be a guide in itself. It should not only make your site visitors feel like they are in for a one-of-a-kind experience and adventure, but also make them feel that by the end of the day, they can find their way home. It will also give them an estimation of the duration they will have to prepare themselves for.

6. Food Menus

Food is and will always be a staple element for any travel adventures and thus, for any travel website. It is important to include a list of restaurants, shops, or eating spots they can visit or pass through during their travels. Many people look forward to getting their taste buds satisfied with each adventure they take. No one enjoys traveling on an empty stomach after all. Thus, the best travel websites feature different food spots and even menus of the kinds of food that they will encounter on their trip. It is best that you do your best to do the same.

7. Manual of Fun

Another very important element that you must not forget to put on your website is a list of the fun and adventurous things and activities that they can do on the tour. Apart from the destinations and the food stops along the way, travel websites are most useful and known for highlighting all the activities that tourists can do on their adventure galore. As you create a travel website of your own, include a list of these activities and the things that they need to make the experience worthwhile.

8. Transportation

How they go about the tour and how they go around the destinations that you offer are vital for most tourists. Travel websites usually mention what kind of transportation methods are available to tourists. Your travel website must be the same as it would really encourage your site visitors to join you. This will also help you be more inclusive to all types of site visitors as the listed transportation methods can really help them be more informed about the places and if they can accommodate everyone. You have to consider that not all of these tourists are the same - some might prefer to walk, to ride cars or motorcycles while others might need special accommodations in travel to get around. Thus, putting it on your travel website will really help them plan things out.

9. Accommodations

Accommodations are vital in any travel website. Tourists always look for the home that they would go to at the end of the day. Whether this might be a tent in the middle of the woods or a fancy hotel in the middle of the city, prepare your site visitors for what they are in for. Similar to the premise of the transportation methods, putting the type of accommodations that the tour and adventure will cater to will help interested travelers to decide more carefully if they really want to or if they really can partake in it and more importantly if it fits their budget.

10. Tips and Tricks

Lastly, as a special addition, you can put some tips and tricks on your travel website. Take note that this is not a requirement for travel websites like the rest of the things enumerated. However, it can really help you be more accommodating and seem inviting to your site visitors. Your tips and tricks can range from simple things like what to wear on certain days and destinations to more adventurous things such as the time that they must allot on certain activities and spots.

Travel Websites To Inspire You

1. Five14 Nepal

Five14 Nepal Travel Site

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Five14 Nepal is a travel website that is dedicated to making your dreams of adventure travel come true. Nepal is home to the highest mountain in the world and in addition, it is also home to such a rich and diverse culture as well as many other beautiful places, landmarks, and adventurous activities and expeditions. They feature the different avenues and activities that Nepal offers tourists. It also brings awareness to the fact that there are communities of women and children in Nepal who are vulnerable to exploitation. They also act as a travel agency website since you can book adventures with them. They even offer a chance for you to customize your own Nepal adventure.

2. Free Bangkok Walks

Free Bangkok Walks Site

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Free Bangkok Walks is a travel website that features Bangkok and the many communities and places you can visit and walk through there. It has a schedule for two kinds of free tours that you can join in. These tours feature visits to religious places, local communities, and local food and drinks tasting. You just have to fill out a form 48 hours in advance of the scheduled tour and you are good to go. You can also fill up this custom form if you want a customized special paid tour for you and your friends. It can be a walking tour, a canal tour, a street foods tour, or any kind of tour that you want. This travel agency website also holds a place for the agency’s community care project which tourists can donate through them.

3. Grass Routes

Grass Routes Co. SIte

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Grass Routes Company is a national award-winning community-based rural tourism enterprise. It is a travel website that focuses on India and all it offers. It is a travel website that focuses to guide tourists to know and explore the real and genuine India - its beautiful and diverse culture and communities. They offer tours that tackle Indian History, feature the real and true-to-the-roots Indian art forms, and get to see and experience the authentic lifestyles and experiences of the Indian people. As a travel agency website, they have left a contact form that you can fill up to connect with them or follow any of their social media accounts or you can just directly send them an email or message in the contact information they have on their site. They also give photographers and bloggers the opportunity to collaborate with them.

4. Nekacheya Travel & Tours


Neka Tours Site

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Nekacheya Travel & Tours is a travel agency website that offers adventurers to soar and travel in and around Zambia and all its national parks and heritage sites. This travel website features photographs of the wildlife park, talks about the adventures, and the safaris that you can see and experience. They are determined to showcase how beautiful and rich Zambia is. They’ve added blogs to their website that tell different stories about adventures in Zambia. And at the end of the website, you can send them your contact details and a message on what kind of tours, safaris, and packages you would like to avail. They have also put Google Maps on their website so that you can easily find your way to them.

5. Winston World Tour

Winston World Tours

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

This travel website is all about featuring the “most cosmopolitan city in South America”, Buenos Aires. Winston World Tours tells you all about the art, music, culture, dance, restaurants, and scenery that you can visit in Buenos Aires. They are currently inviting people to join their upcoming tours by contacting them via the email address and contact information they left on their website. They provide on this travel website specific details about the tour and what you might need to enjoy the trip. It also specifies the exact locations that the tour will visit and feature. And by the end of their website, they invite you to subscribe to their newsletter so you can follow them along on their trip.

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