There are two major types of search engine optimization - on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The former is mainly composed of optimizing your website for your targeted keywords, making sure that they appear all over your content, and building a website that is search-friendly and user-friendly. Strikingly has integrated SEO tools that lets you optimize your site content for on-page ranking factors. Meanwhile, off-page SEO requires a lot more work. It has to do with building one quality website link after another to increase your website’s relevance and credibility. In this post, we’re going to cover website links, how they affect your site’s search engine placement and how to build quality backlinks.


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What is websites link?

Websites links or backlinks create a connection between two webpages. They literally link pages together so that when a user clicks on a text with a hyperlink attached, he is directed to the website address being linked.

In real life, people thrive on associations. Our reputation is based on the people we associate with and the people who choose to link with us. In the digital world, backlink sites work the same way. They are equivalent to votes of confidence on your site. When search engines find that your sites get a lot of quality backlinks, they get even more confident that your pages are offering relevant content. The more links that are willing to vouch for you, the better you look in the eyes of the search engines.

Website linking and SEO

Experts say that a good SEO strategy is composed of 30% on-page factors and 70% off-page factors. Building a good online reputation is crucial to web site linking, which probably explains why most SEO experts think that search engines may put a bigger weight on the kind of links that point back to your website.

Google has an E-A-T concept when it comes to determining the website content quality. Content has to be expert, authoritative and trustworthy. Websites that do not exhibit these qualities will typically have a lower ranking in search results lists even when they spend so much effort optimizing for on-page ranking factors. This is because Google and other search engines aim to provide expert and reliable content to its users.


Popular sites such as Wikipedia have thousands of pages linking back to it and these links help in keeping its pages on top of search engine results. This is because Wikipedia has established a reputation of serving trusted information among other websites.

How to hyperlink a website

There are a number of backlinking strategies you can implement to increase your site’s relevance in 2020. Creating quality content on your pages is a good way to start. Build your site as an authority in your niche and share your content through various social media networks and article submission sites.

Here is a good strategy for getting quality backlinks. You start by searching for linkworthy content. These are articles or content that receive quality backlinks. Content receiving backlinks will most likely have attracted engagement and social shares as well. Go over this article and update it, create something better. Make it longer or repurpose it by creating infographics or other types of content.

The next step is to go back to the linkworthy content that you used as a basis for your own content. Contact the websites linking back to it, let them know that you noticed they linked to a good piece of content then casually mention that you found a similar but more up to date post. Send them a link to your content and just leave them to decide if they will use it or not.