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A gathering is never complete without good food and beverages. What you serve to your guests easily becomes the highlight of a hosted event and could either make or break the day. People will be associating the host’s party with the food that was served, and it is crucial to get the catering specifications done correctly and satisfy your clients’ requests for you to attract more leads.

A food catering service is one of the top priorities in every social event. Aside from ensuring that what you serve goes with the party’s theme, they always make sure that they’re fresh and cooked at the right temperature and time. Not to mention that you have to think of everybody’s safety. If someone gets sick during or after the event, it’s easy to blame your catering service. Although when you do a fantastic job, people will be asking for your contact information so make sure you have your business calling card ready - and the food doesn’t count. This is when catering websites come in handy. You have to include it on both traditional and digital cards for your potential clients to check out later. You can also maximize convenience by showing them your catering web site from your mobile device.

Why are catering websites a must-have for food businesses?

  • Unlike restaurant businesses that receive foot traffic, caterers usually do not have physical stores where people can just come in and try their food to up the ante when it comes to advertising and marketing their services. You have to work harder in promoting your catering website.
  • You are not just selling the taste of your food, you are also selling its overall presentation. Aside from the science and art of cooking, you have to advertise your service itself - the caterers. You have to design your catering website in a way that highlights the chef’s culinary talent and reflects the reliability of the brand. Choose the right catering website design that is aligned with the theme of your service.
  • Catering websites are the modern-day caterers business cards. Your new, as well as repeat customers, will refer to it, whenever they are organizing an event.
  • As a caterer, you don’t have to worry about how to advertise your catering business, thanks to catering websites. Once you launch a website for your business, you can easily promote it by sharing your website’s link on social media.
  • Through catering websites, you can manage your business more efficiently. Your clients can book your service with a single click without having to come over to your physical office or call you at a time when you are available. You will get a notification when a potential client sends an inquiry or order, and you can reply at a time convenient to you.
  • Today’s clients are short of time and want to access all necessary information about service within no time. When a prospective customer wants to know the menu that you offer and the cost, going through the traditional communication channels is too slow for a millennial customer. You can solve this problem using catering websites where menus and rate charts can be downloaded.
  • Catering websites can help customers to make an informed decision while choosing the right caterer for their needs. Your website will be the single source of information for all their queries. Clients can get correct details regarding fees, safety measures, delivery, etc., without depending on word of mouth.
  • In the post-covid world, people go to the internet even to buy their daily milk and groceries. When they are organizing a big event inviting a huge number of friends and relatives, they are sure to do some online research before finalizing the caterer. The food industry cannot do without catering websites in this era.

Build a Strikingly website for catering

catering websites

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In the past, designing a website was a task left to professionals. The industry has come a long way, and website builders have been created to simplify website development. Even small business owners can afford to have their own professional online space at a lower cost. With Strikingly’s catering website templates and integrated site design tools, it is possible to create beautiful websites that can promote your business effectively. Gone are the days when you need to learn to code just to start your own website. Strikingly is continuously developing its program to fit website builder users’ needs and the advancements of technology, and you can read more about our most recent updates here.

Be it any business website, SEO is of utmost importance. Catering websites are not exceptions. The good news is that Strikingly automatically bumps up your site’s SEO ranking through its custom URL feature.

Identify your catering website’s features

Before you get to building your site, you need to determine the kind of features your food website will have. This goes back to your objectives for making a catering web site. Are you going to use it as an online brochure? Do you want to give potential clients a way to book your services through your website? Do you want to communicate with them in real-time?

Charting out your catering website’s features will help you select the right template and plugins to use during development. This will also guide you on your site’s layout and functionality.

Your catering website must be organized. A well-thought-out and executed site will give your potential clients a great experience and amp up your chances of getting chosen to cater to their upcoming events.

Go over your media assets

The best catering websites feature a great collection of digital media assets that help them promote their brand. You need to have sets of high-quality images and videos that show off your culinary skills as well as your management abilities. Having high-quality media files on your catering website will compromise its performance. Still, with the right website builder, your site will be able to handle those files while carrying out all of its functionalities.

Adding a portfolio gallery of the events you have catered for can make your website look more professional and reliable. Make sure to pick a few professionally shot photos from each event. Ask permission from the host and the photographer if you need to grab some digital output from them.

If you don’t have it yet, invest in an excellent promotional video for your business. This will give the impression that you have been working in the industry and that you are serious about what you do. If you want to incorporate many pictures onto your website, check out our top tips here.

Branding is important when promoting your business. If you have the budget for it, get a graphic designer to design a logo for your catering website. Your logo will help people remember you. Ensure that you have it on your business card, your promotional posters and video, your uniforms, and on your website pages.

Request for testimonials from previous clients

catering websites

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Reviews and testimonials are the best forms of advertising that your catering business can have. Potential customers are more likely to engage in your services if you come highly recommended. Go back to successful events that you have worked on in the past and ask your previous clients for reviews to add to your website.

Add sections to your catering website templates that are devoted to reviews to highlight this content. You can choose from a variety of testimonial forms. You can opt to have them in texts, screenshots, and individual or compiled videos. Remember that the choice you make will impact your website’s performance, thus affecting your audience experience.

You can also add your Facebook feed to your site to display user reviews from your social media pages on your website. It is also recommended that you add blogs to your catering website. Having blogs linked to your site will help you reach more audiences. Take advantage of features that will connect your platforms.

Add a section for your menu

catering websites

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Make sure to include your complete menu on your catering website so clients will have options to consider. Having professionally taken photos of each dish on your menu will encourage your clients to browse through it. Visuals are always important for your catering website. Include pricing and be very transparent with costing to help customers determine whether your services are within their budget. If you have set meals or packages, still include pictures of them so your clients can weigh in their budget for several people for that amount of food. Provide a detailed and precise description of your inclusions through an excellent website copy that hones in on the quantity and quality of the food you can serve.

Make sure your service description is easy to understand. Your potential clients might turn to other caterers if your messaging is too confusing — post about your collaborations with different event venues or discount promos. If you have discounts on a particular function room or from another collaborator, make a post about it and publish it on your catering web site where your viewers can easily see it. It would be great for your business to include information like these and it will surely attract more clients while also fostering excellent business relations.

Don’t forget your contact details

catering websites

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Finally, don’t forget to add your contact details. Give your customers an easy way to contact you. One option is to integrate your social media pages. Make it easier to get people on to your other accounts in just a few clicks. Manage your platforms well and make sure they are all updated with your projects and promotions. You can also add a Facebook messenger plugin or a live chat box so you can address inquiries in real-time. Set a time in your daily schedule when you are available to answer instantly, so your clients know when to visit your page and get some quick replies.

Of course, do not forget to add your contact details where it is easy to find on the website itself. Ideally, your mobile number and email address should appear on every page of your catering website - but not obnoxiously. If you have a physical office that they can visit, make sure to add this to your site and a map to direct customers. Never leave your clients wondering how to get in touch with you.

Strikingly has helped thousands of business owners and freelancers promote what they do and get more bookings. With our top-notch customer service, you can ping us directly at to help you sort out all issues at the drop of a hat.

Building your own website has never been easier, and you can get your catering web site up and running in no time. No matter what type of business you run, having an online platform where people can contact you to avail of your products and services is essential to your business. Sign up with Strikingly for free and pick the best catering website templates for you.