Ever imagined yourself walking on the runway for world-famous brands like Burberry, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Victoria's Secret?

Or become the brand ambassador or what they call the “face” of big brands like Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, Nike, Adidas, and many more?

Well, yes you could! But you’ve got to work hard for it. You have to go to auditions and castings just like Joey Tribianni in the famous sitcom FRIENDS.

After how many failed and successful auditions for a theater production, commercials, and even the STD infomercial, he was able to land a permanent role as a well-renowned neurosurgeon in a soap opera entitled “Days of Our Lives”.

It’s not easy to land permanent jobs and huge gigs like those. Most of the time, it takes years and a lot of experience to be considered. But don’t get discouraged. A lot of models have gone through so much but because of their perseverance, determination, and hard work, they were able to reach their goals and far beyond that!

What’s common in them is that they usually started early. Some started when they were 2 years old, like Gigi Hadid. Some started in their teens like Kendall Jenner.

You can do the same. If you plan on embarking on that same path, you should start building your modeling portfolio now. You must have a collection of photos that showcase your abilities in modeling. Or videos that display your talent in conveying different emotions in different situations.

Typically, a model portfolio is set up like an album. You can place in your portfolio for modeling the photographs of the campaigns you have modeled in or your pictures in pictorials you have done for brands. You need to include a few important shots though.

The following shots must be present in your modeling portfolio for agents and clients to be able to assess well if you are the perfect model for them and their brand:

  1. Beauty shot - the purpose of this shot is for agencies or clients to see you in your simplest form—no heavy makeup and styling. That being said, this photo is a shot of your face starting from your shoulders and then up.

2. Full-Length Body Shot - of course, this photo will showcase your body’s shape and proportions. Enabling clients to determine which clothes will look good on you, especially, if you will be modeling for a clothing brand. Fitting clothes like jeans and a shirt will do just fine. Stay away from clothes that are too loose and avoid layering. Be confident and flaunt your body whatever shape or size may it be!

3. High fashion shot and commercial shot - these kinds of shots will exhibit your abilities to express yourself. This will be a good reference for agencies and clients who are looking for someone fit for modeling in an editorial or a tv commercial or catalog. So compared to the beauty shot and full-length body shot, you can be more creative in making this photograph.

You can create scenes depicting the situation you are in explaining the expression on your face or wear clothes that are extraordinary just like the ones you see in fashion magazines. Whatever you do, try to incorporate your personality in them and make them yours. Keep the original. That will help you stand out!

There are other shots that you can include in your modeling portfolio. You can also update them from time to time as you continue to learn the ropes in the modeling industry.

Now that technology has advanced, people have been taking more advantage of the things they can do with it. That includes having to do and finish their jobs with the use of their gadgets like tablets, laptops, and computers even when they are somewhere else other than in their office.

With that ability, modeling agencies and clients have also been able to continue searching for their perfect model through the internet. It gave them more options and opportunities. They have been able to tap models from other countries to do modeling for them and their brands. They weren’t the only ones who benefitted from this. People from other countries aspiring to become models were able to reach their dreams.


You can be one of them as well! Your choices don’t have to be limited by the location you are in. You don’t have to wait for a modeling agency to sponsor your trip to another country just to model. You can go to them and show them what you got with the use of a digital modeling portfolio!

What is a digital modeling portfolio?

A digital modeling portfolio is a website purposely made to showcase your modeling potential and skills. Like an ordinary modeling portfolio, it is composed of the works you have done, or if you are still starting, the essential shots that were discussed previously.

It’s your online modeling portfolio.

How to create a modeling portfolio online?

The internet can help you in a million ways to achieve your dream of becoming a model. You can use different social media platforms to promote yourself and show your modeling skills either through videos or photographs.

One way to effectively and professionally show modeling agencies and potential clients your personality, talents, abilities, and skills is through a digital modeling portfolio.

To start creating your digital modeling portfolio, you can follow these steps:

  1. Determine what you want

To be able to create a more effective online modeling portfolio, you have to determine first what kind of modeling you want to enter. Is it commercial modeling? Do you want to be in television commercials and showing off your acting skills? And saying lines like “Ichiban, lipstick for men” just like Joey Tribianni in a Japanese commercial featured in FRIENDS?

Or you might want to flaunt your long legs and perfectly toned body on a runway wearing a swimsuit or a pair of beach shorts?

Or maybe you want to be on the cover of a magazine? Posing in front of the camera in different outfits?

Or you could be all of those!

It is important though that you determine what field in modeling you want to focus on so that your digital modeling portfolio will be able to highlight that. Your potential employers will also appreciate that because they will easily determine your field of expertise, whether it be in the runway, editorial, or tv commercials.

2. Schedule a photoshoot with a professional photographer

Of course, you got to have good shots in your portfolio. Yes, you can use your new smartphone to get those but it is better to have a professional do it for you. In that way, he will be able to guide you in your shots.

However, you cannot just put that responsibility on him. You have to do your research and practice. Plan what kind of shots you want to have. Prepare the outfits you also want to wear in your shots. You can then relay them to the photographer so you two can be in sync during the shoot. Making it easier for both of you.


There’s another advantage of booking a professional photographer too. It will act as a practice for you since if you get booked for modeling, you will have to work with different people. And that can be uncomfortable. So being able to work with someone who you don’t know personally can help you get a jump start in this career. Also, you might be able to impress them with your modeling skills and probably recommend you to modeling agencies or clients they know.

By the way, if you can, book a professional makeup artist and hairstylist too. They can help you get the look that you want in your photos. And with their experience, they can give you tips and advice on how to go about your look.

3. Website builder

Now after your photoshoot and when you get your pictures, pick out those that you think will work best in your modeling portfolio. At the same time, search for a website builder that can help you build your online modeling portfolio.

Strikingly has created templates suited for modeling portfolios. These templates can help you make your online modeling portfolio effective and attractive. Go and check them out!

If you have found the right website builder for you, look for a website template that can work well with the theme or appearance you are going for. Choose a template that can highlight your work. They do not have to be elaborate. Simple ones can work well as it will not grab the spotlight from your photos.

4. Social media handles

You can add your social media handles to act as an additional part of your modeling portfolio. You can also add a little “about me” blog to introduce yourself and somehow show clients your personality even if you haven’t seen each other in person.

5. Contact information

Of course, don't ever forget to add your contact information. No matter how well you have made your digital modeling portfolio, it will be of no use if your contact information is not there. You might even lose an opportunity because of that. So don't ever forget, alright?

So those are only some of the steps you can take to start your digital modeling portfolio. Go, and start now. Scan the templates that Strikingly has made available for you and make a name for yourself in the modeling industry!