Art Portfolio Website

If you want to build your brand online, one of the most common ways of doing that is by creating an art portfolio website. If you want to know about the benefits of these websites, you can check out many of the art portfolio examples on Strikingly. You can showcase your best work and attract related customers by building a portfolio website. This also has an impact on your SEO ranking. If you have a talent or skill about something, you must have a certain audience to make your work valuable.

You can follow your passion by building art portfolio websites while generating extravagant revenue. With agents, fellow artists, and a strong fan following, you will be able to display your work to a worldwide audience. Strikingly enables you to build portfolio websites within a couple of clicks. By creating this website, you can add beautiful pieces to your CV.

What is an Art Portfolio Website?

If you want to make a name for yourself in artwork, it is essential to know what art portfolio websites are. These websites are defined as a marketing tool through which artists attract many followers via their work. On an art website, the users display the best artwork created by them and ensure that the target audience recognizes their hard work. If necessary, they also upload some of the files in a hard form on the website.

art portfolio examples

Image taken from Strikingly

These portfolio websites aren’t just a collection of the best artworks. They are also versatile business and marketing assets. By displaying their best artwork, the users can attract new audiences, improve their search engine optimization (SEO) ranking, and build a strong fan following. They will attract new audiences and retain the current ones. Strikingly is one of the website builders who strongly favor creating an online presence via art websites.

Best Strategies to Create a Portfolio Website

1. Choose a Domain

When you decide to create an online art portfolio website, it starts by choosing a domain. Domain names are one of the most critical things in making your website work to its full capacity. If you want to know what the domain name actually is, it is the same as the name of your portfolio website. Without an appropriate domain, it will become too complicated for you to make your website work.

strikingly website domain

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By choosing a top-quality website builder like Strikingly, you can make your dream come true. After completing the registration on Strikingly, you will come under the free plan of our platform. In the free plan, you will be eligible for one custom domain worth $24.95. This value can change depending upon the kind of domain that you buy. If you have a monthly plan or want to purchase more than one domain, you must pay for the domains per year.

2. Choose a Website Template

Once you are done with the website domain, the next step for you is choosing a website template for your art portfolio website. Looking at the artist portfolio examples on Strikingly, you will see many beautiful website templates chosen by our users. One important thing to note is that these website templates are mobile-friendly. Therefore, you will not just be able to attract website traffic from the website’s desktop version but also from the mobile version.

strikingly website template

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As we all know that mobile users have increased in the past few years, Strikingly had a proactive approach. We have ensured that the users can change from desktop to mobile version of a website as per their will. Once you choose a website template out of our collection, you can customize it to your ability. Once you have published the website, Strikingly will take less than 48 hours to make your website live.

3. Add Catchy Title

You cannot make your online art portfolio website memorable without adding a catchy title. It is one of the most significant aspects of making your website a source of attraction for your audience. Some users consider the brand name the same as the website name, while others try to be more creative in describing their art website. However, it is essential to note that you shouldn’t make it too long; otherwise, you will lose website traffic.

By making your website title lengthy, people will find it difficult to remember your website name. Consequently, you will miss out on a chance of converting your customers into repeat customers. You won’t find many online users remembering every notable character in your website name. Strikingly makes it easy to choose a website name for your portfolio website. By registering your customized domain name, you will give a professional look to your website.

4. Add Best Work

One thing you must remember is that the best art portfolio websites do not contain all the artwork they have created. They choose to have a pragmatic approach and select the best ones out of their collection. After their analysis, they publish the best versions of their work on the portfolio website. Most online users won’t have the time to go through each of your artworks. Therefore, you must be cautious and display only your best works.

add best work

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Your best works should highlight the ideology and niche that you practice. If you still have a lot of wonderful pieces despite choosing your best versions, you can consider dividing them in the form of categories. If necessary, you can add multiple gallery sections to your website to make your work organized. You simply cannot have all your works in one section and feel that your users will go through them.

5. Add Blogs

Many users would disagree, but adding blogs can also be pivotal in making your art portfolio website popular. There are a few art portfolio examples on Strikingly in which website makers have included blogs to add to their online presence. Blogs are not just about adding website content to your platform. They are also about giving your users reasons to stay on your website longer.

Strikingly believes that you can make your website attractive and professional by adding blogs. Through Strikingly’s website editor, you can click on “add new section” before adding a new blog to your website. You can implement innovative SEO strategies to improve your Google ranking on those blogs.

6. Include Social Media Accounts

social media accounts

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Just like many other website categories, art portfolio websites also encourage website makers to integrate social media accounts. In today's digital world, social media integration is necessary to improve the fan following of a particular website. You can create a bridge for your website traffic to move from the website to the social media account by including social media icons. You must make sure that you add all of your social media accounts to give yourself the maximum chance of increasing online followers. Strikingly enables its users to integrate social media platforms on a website in the form of icons.

7. SEO

If you think that just by adding website content and displaying your best work, you will be able to get to your objective, you couldn’t be more wrong. You must have effective SEO strategies to ensure that the worldwide audience recognizes the effort you have put in. If you look at the artist portfolio website examples here on Strikingly, they have plans to improve their Google ranking.

Therefore, the users don’t remain stagnant with their SEO strategies on their art portfolio website. They ensure that they keep their website content up to date so that Google keeps recognizing it continuously. Strikingly also provides its users with an SEO checklist, which enables them to keep hold of some important factors of a website, such as title tags, meta-descriptions, etc. If you upgrade your subscription plans on Strikingly, more advanced features on the SEO checklist will be unlocked.


If you want to make an online presence, you can do that by creating an art portfolio website. If you are a formidable artist and have plenty of great works to show to the worldwide public, you can do that by creating an online platform. You no longer have to just put them in your home and wait for a few people to see them. Digital media has changed in the last decade and made it easy for people to make their mark.

Strikingly is the best website builder today for you to create a free portfolio website. You can go through many portfolio examples on Strikingly and use their strategies. If you are hesitant to create a portfolio website, you can consult with our Happiness Officers today. So without wasting any further time, start publishing your best artworks on your Strikingly website and showcase your hidden talent to the related audience.