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Twitter, which has more than 145 million active users every day, and ought to be included in your marketing plan. It is the fifth most well-liked social media platform, and it offers a wealth of customer insights and chances to develop your brand, increase sales, and win fans. However, with 500 million tweets sent every day, you must be strategic and astute to capture (and keep) your audience's attention. Do you feel intimidated by this fast-paced network? We have everything you need to create a Twitter marketing strategy that produces results.

How to Use Twitter for Marketing?

It's no surprise that Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms. Every day, 400 million tweets are generated on the site, which 50 percent of Americans see. Twitter is a great tool for your business. True, Twitter can be used to help your business grow rather than just tweeting your feelings or stocking your friends. There are numerous reasons why talking on Twitter can help you grow your business.

Here are some of the ways Twitter can help your business:

1. Create a Community/Involvement

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Twitter is an excellent tool for building a community among current and prospective customers. You can really get to know your customers and build a stronger relationship with them by consistently tweeting about relevant topics. The most effective way to accomplish this is to find a topic that interests your customer base and start a conversation about it. Furthermore, it might aid in your professional recognition.

2. Market Authority

Engaging on Twitter allows you to share your knowledge and demonstrate your expertise. This can help your company gain authority in your industry. Twitter enables your customers to ask you any questions they may have about your product. It can also be a helpful tool for generating guest opportunities.

3. Increase Your Twitter followers

Using Twitter marketing is one of the best ways to increase your followers. Here are some examples:

  • organizing regular Twitter chats
  • interacting with those in your sphere
  • hosting contests and giveaways

All of the factors mentioned above make it easier for people to find you, so the more you tweet you send, the more followers you will gain.

4. Gather Useful Information

Twitter is an excellent tool for quickly gathering tips, ideas, and information from your customers. It can provide a platform for your customers to express their concerns or appreciation and ultimately inspire your business. It is also an excellent way to learn about your competitors and network with other professionals in your field.

5. Promotion of the Brand

With Twitter becoming more popular, it is an excellent opportunity for you to build relationships with others on the internet. If you know that your customers are drawn to another synergistic business, approach them for a sponsorship. This can be an excellent way for you to promote your company and products.

How to Implement a Twitter Marketing Strategy For Business

Here are seven great Twitter marketing ideas.

a. Make Use of Hashtags

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What do hashtags actually mean? When using social media, users can expect to find searchable words or phrases with which they can identify. Using hashtags in Twitter marketing, increases the visibility and discoverability of your posts, even if you don't have a lot of Twitter followers. Most active Twitter users are familiar with all of the popular hashtags in a specific niche at any given time.

When hashtags like #MeToo and #ThrowbackThursday became popular, people began searching for and viewing posts tagged with these terms. Even if they didn't follow each other on Twitter, they could find and see each other's tweets with these hashtags.

Many brands capitalize on the value of hashtags and latch onto trending topics at any given time to reach large Twitter audiences. You can also create your hashtags to draw your Twitter audience's attention to your products, services, or events. A good piece of Twitter marketing advice is only to use hashtags that sound relevant to what you offer. If the hashtags you use aren't relevant to your products or services, they won't be able to convert or sell for you. They would prefer to confuse your audience. However, if you use relevant hashtags, your audience will understand your message and consider purchasing from your brand.

You can also use hashtags directly related to the type of content you most frequently share. For example, if you frequently write about starting a new business, you can include the hashtag #entrepreneurship in your posts.

However, using too many hashtags is also not recommended. If you constantly use hashtags in your posts, they may appear spammy. Give people complete statements to read and only include one hashtag at the beginning or end. Furthermore, when marketing on Twitter, keep an eye on the trending box, which can be found on your desktop's left side of your Twitter timeline. On mobile, it appears in the app's search tab. This trending box gives you ideas for what kind of content to share on Twitter that will be more likely to be discovered by other users then. However, once again, ensure that whatever you share is relevant to your brand.

b. Respond to Inquiries via Direct Messages

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Since the advent of the internet, the concept of direct messaging has evolved. It is a valuable method for troubleshooting problems, answering questions, and dealing with complaints. The same is true when using direct messaging for Twitter marketing. It is preferable to handle customer complaints and issues via DMs rather than responding to them on public posts in online communities and allowing everyone else to read the conversation.

You don't want other Twitter users to see that your customers are having problems with your products or services because they might start thinking less of your brand if they see that. Because DMs have no character limit, you can freely explain the solution to your customers in them. You are unrestricted in how much communication you have. It is critical for effective Twitter marketing to keep Twitter users satisfied with their interactions with you.

As a result, you must be open and welcoming to any user who DMs you with a question or problem. You should allow anyone to DM you, especially if you use Twitter for business purposes. Check the box next to 'Receive direct messages from anyone in your 'Privacy Settings.'

c. Make Use of Photos, GIFs, and Polls

Twitter allows you to include up to four images in a single post. Some users design graphics and include them in their tweets. GIFs can also be used in tweets. The more of these you employ, the more engaged your followers will be with your posts. Making a poll is a fun way to engage users while doing Twitter marketing.

  • Click 'Compose,' then 'Add Poll.' The poll button features a horizontal graph image
  • In the 'Compose' field, enter your poll question
  • Fill in the 'Choice' fields with your responses or answer options. Each question can have up to four answers, each of which can have up to 25 characters

In the default settings, your poll will be active for 24 hours.

d. Utilize Live Tweets

Start using live tweets as part of your Twitter marketing if you want to make a topic popular on Twitter. Live-tweeting is commonly used to provide your reactions to an event as it occurs. Live-tweeting occurs when you tweet a live response to an entertainment event, such as the Oscars or a piece of breaking news. You can also do it in reverse. Throw an event, create a hashtag, and instruct attendees to use the new hashtag to tweet about it live. Their tweets will be in response to your original event tweet.

Many brands use this technique as part of their Twitter marketing strategy.

e. Take Part in Twitter Chats

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Hosting a Twitter chat on topics relevant to their products or services is another way brands use and implement a Twitter marketing strategy. This is a simple way to start a conversation about your products, but it requires you to have a large enough customer and follower base to begin with.

f. Communicate with Influencers

To see positive results from your Twitter marketing efforts, you must interact with the right people on the platform. You must interact with your customers and keep them happy. You must also focus on others, particularly those with a large following on the platform, and act as influencers to promote your brand further.

g. Promote on Twitter

The last, but not least method of Twitter marketing is to run paid advertisements on the platform. Twitter offers several advertising options, which are listed below.

  • boosted tweets
  • boosted accounts
  • boosted trends

Keep an eye on the budget you set aside for implementing your Twitter marketing strategy. Advertisements can be expensive if they are not targeted correctly. You should also link your Twitter account to your brand's website. Strikingly encourages users to integrate their websites built on our platform with their social media accounts and pages regularly. This maintains their overall marketing strategy and helps to drive traffic back and forth between their marketing platforms.

To Summarize

Even the best marketers are overwhelmed by the daily tweeting frequencies on Twitter, despite its numerous benefits. However, making the most of this social media platform is critical. To take advantage of Twitter's business potential, marketers are working hard. Because of Twitter's lightning-fast speed in making posts trend, they have a chance to become an overnight sensation. However, the one tweet that goes viral requires months of consistent effort. All you need is a proper Twitter marketing strategy to make your business a huge success.

Strikingly's tools and features make it simple to integrate your website with any external site or platform you desire. You can integrate your Twitter account by placing a Twitter icon on any web page, configuring your website's social feed, or even including a link to your Twitter profile in your footer. You should also include a link to your website on your Twitter profile so your followers can visit it.