Have you ever been in a position of making people understand how to use hashtags to those people whose only relationship with the world is through a telephone? The internet language has changed considerably over the past decade as social media has indeed taken control of proceedings. In social media, a hashtag has become pivotal in its evolution.

A few decades ago, all you had was a telephone button to interact with a broader audience. Now, you can use social media links to interact with people for personal or business purposes. No wonder you see almost everyone having a social media account these days. A hashtag has the potential to be incredibly valuable to your business. This article will share the best hashtag strategies and how you can integrate those strategies on Strikingly.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is categorized with a hash sign (“#”) followed by a keyword. You can use hashtags to organize your content on social media. At times, they indeed can be annoying if overused. Therefore, you must do effective keyword research to find the best possible keyword to integrate as a hashtag on your social media platforms.

what is hashtag

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Considering the hashtag usage across the board, there are many reasons for you to incorporate them into your business plans. As ridiculous as it sounds, a few veterans in the digital industry disregard the importance of a hashtag. As they know their marketing life before Instagram and Twitter, they feel that a hashtag is nothing more than a query written in a search box. Unfortunately, they don’t know that a hashtag can expand your content beyond just those people who follow you. Instead, your content will reach out to anyone interested in that keyword.

Best Strategies for Using a Hashtag

1. Content of Influencers

The best strategy for analyzing hashtags for business is competitor analysis. You can look at the keywords used by people of the same niche. If you cannot have a clear idea, you can visualize the keywords used by the biggest influencers in the world.

You can go through various usernames that you admire on your social media account and look for the most commonly-used hashtag associated with each account. If you find any relevant hashtag, you can add it to your list. By using the relevant hashtag, you will give a chance to rejuvenate the traffic on your post.

2. Research

As you will have a vast collection of words in your keyword research, you can choose the right keywords for your hashtag marketing strategies. While you are doing this exercise repeatedly, make sure that you have noted the results of your cycle. The more expansive the circle, the popular your hashtags will be.

For example, if you conduct research on #socialmedia, you will likely generate results like Twitter, Facebook, marketing, etc. You can use the best keywords out of this collection for your marketing strategy. It is important to note that not every hashtag will benefit your strategy. However, it is still good to see those keywords you have not considered previously.

3. Best Hashtag

If you want to use hashtags for business, popularity and volume are two critical denominators in the value of your prescribed keywords. For example, if the hashtag #tennis is involved in more posts than the hashtag #football, it means that the status of #tennis is excellent. However, it is essential to not use those keywords that are overused. Remember, if the hashtag is overused, there is no reason for you to use that keyword because it will be almost impossible for you to ensure that your content reaches a broader audience.

best hashtag research

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The best form of social media marketing is using that hashtag, which is almost synonymous on social media, to deliver your message on your social media account. There will be a huge possibility that your content will become viral. However, if the status of a particular hashtag is great, you can use that keyword as well. You can also do the competitor analysis by checking the keywords business owners use under the same niche.

Use Hashtag on Strikingly

Now that you know about hashtag usage’s best strategies, it is vital to incorporate them into your business plans. First and foremost, you need to rely on a high-quality website builder, such as Strikingly. Strikingly will enable you to spread your content to wider audiences. We have shared a guide of how Strikingly will allow you to use a hashtag to distribute your content for your better understanding.

1. Create your Account

Once you have decided to rely on Strikingly, you need to create your account on that website builder and go through all the collections of websites made on our platform. Choose one out of the collection of our pre-made templates and personalize them via your choice of fonts and colors. Moreover, you can create your own logo to give an identity to your online business.

After customizing the template as per your preferences, you can look at the kind of website content other website owners have displayed and their strategies to promote it. It is more than likely that they have promoted their content using hashtags. Once you have identified the right productivity strategies, it will only be a matter of time before you express your individuality with freedom.

2. Upload your Work

The second most important thing about using hashtags is your work. If you upload high-quality website content, it is more than likely that you will generate a lot of viewership. If you want to upload images, you can create a gallery section on Strikingly and display some of your best work. If you’re going to upload blog posts, you can use the blog section and upload some of the best blogs you have written.

upload your work

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If you are using the gallery section, it could be quite tempting to display all of your photographs at once. However, you must be pragmatic and select only some of your best works to give an idea to your visitors about the kind of niche you are associated with. It will only add good value to your website if you display various images, such as landscapes, portraits, events, etc. If you have a lot of photos to upload, you can create multiple gallery sections to add photographs of each genre.

3. Tell us About Yourself

It is no good just displaying high-quality website content if you don’t tell anything about yourself. You may have all the things at your disposal for hashtag marketing, but you may feel that you are not generating a high amount of website traffic. It is down to the fact that you don’t have an “About Us” section on your website. In that section, you must give a background about yourself and your credentials. You must tell the audience about your business and your services.

About us

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If your “About Us” section is articulate and attractive, it will create an interest for your visitors. Once your customers’ interest develops, your hashtags will do the rest. You may even add your social media links in this section. Strikingly has the function of social connectors that allows you to link your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts easily.

4. Earn Through your Hardwork

If you include a simple store section on your platform, you will be able to sell digital copies of your work. You can integrate a simple payment mechanism to earn from using hashtags, such as PayPal or Stripe, by providing your email address. As Paypal is arguably the biggest platform for international payments, Strikingly has a feature of adding it to your website.

paypal payment mechanism

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Paypal on Strikingly will be beneficial in providing customer experience as they feel secure while buying products from your online store. By adding a Paypal button to your website, you make it convenient for your customers to complete their online purchases in a matter of clicks. By trusting your payment methods, they will regard the shopping experience of your online store very highly.


There are numerous kinds of hashtags that you will come across, depending upon the product and the situation. For example, if you are looking for a hashtag related to photography, you will see keywords, such as “Nature”, “Beauty”, “Shades”, etc. If you cannot generate any hashtag ideas in your field, you can consult with the experts today.

You can also look at the keywords used by your competitors or brands for the same material. After considering them, you can decide whether those keywords fit your organization or not. Strikingly is one massive advocate of hashtag marketing. If you want to create an online presence for your online store, come to our live chat now. Our Happiness Officers are looking forward to interacting with you.