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Technology has become more and more integral to our daily life. Today, it is hard to even do our daily tasks or job without having contact with technology. With technology, we can do our job more effectively and efficiently, connect, or simply have fun. It is hard to imagine how one can live without a smartphone or computer these days.

Technology has also made it easier for us to share technology itself. You can easily find DIY tutorials on YouTube that tell you how to fix something, such as a laptop or smartphone. Some websites are dedicated to sharing work on the latest cutting on technology, such as GitHub, where some big technology companies share their software code. This allows technology to grow even faster.

Another way to share technology is by having a website. Today, if there is a new technology or software developed, you can expect a website for that. Having a website can help you communicate the technology you are developing and possibly make money out of it. A website also helps that technology or software gain some online presence since it can be much easier.

To do that, however, you need more than just a website; you need a striking website. With lots of tech websites on the internet, you need to have a tech website design that can make your website stand out. You can learn from some of the best tech websites and note what they do right on their website. You can also learn some of the best practices about creating great tech websites, such as having user-friendly navigation, responsive design, and so on.

Most importantly, you need to build your website with the right tools. You can find many website builders that can help you create tech websites in a minute. You can even find one that allows you to create one for free. However, as you need your tech websites to stand out above the crowd, investing in a paid website builder is a good idea -- Strikingly the best-paid website builder when you want a simple yet striking technology websites design.

Are you ready to make the world a better world through technology? Follow these three simple steps to create your tech websites!

  1. Plan Your Website

Planning is crucial if you want a stunning website. You need to plan several things for your website: brand, visual, and contact details. Planning is essential since it can help you create coherent stories and visuals for your website. For example, you can decide the combination of colors for your website, decide the layout of your website to have user-friendly navigation, and so on.

Let us talk about brands first. A brand is an image or feeling you want your audiences to think about or feel when they see or hear your product. Look at Apple, for example. Apple is a technology company that produces cutting-edge technology such as smartphones and laptops. However, Apple is not only about its product. Apple is about the spirit of innovation that they instill in their product. The story of Apple is about creativity and human ingenuity to make the world become a better place. It just happened that Apple produces gadgets and stuff. Look or create the story behind your technology. What is your technology aspires to be?

To create a brand, you can try to tell your own story. If, for example, you make an app that helps people to travel, you can share your experience about facing inconvenience when traveling by yourself. Or maybe you want to make traveling a fun experience for everyone, even for people who have just started it as a hobby. What is important is that there are emotions and missions in your brand.


Image taken from Strikingly user's website

Let us take a look at IMAD, an online course company. As an online course, IMAD focuses on sharing the knowledge of modern application development. They offer lessons in creating a website, managing databases, building mobile applications, and so on. At first glance, IMAD provides the opportunity for people who want to learn more about IT in general and find a new job. However, for IMAD, knowing IT is more than getting a new job; it is about empowerment. They believe that IT, which is changing the world around us, is not just in the hand of the few. They believe that with the basic knowledge of application development people can take part in shaping their future. This brand statement makes IMAD more than just a company that offers online courses, but a company that tries to change the world for the better.

Next is visuals. You need high-quality images, especially images of your products, and icons to get the best result for your website. Make sure to check the license of the visuals that you are going to use to avoid any legality issues.

Last but not least, you need to prepare some contact details. As your technology becomes more and more famous, you need to make sure that your audiences can reach you easily.

Planning all of this can be hard, but you do not need to be afraid. There are many tech company websites that you can learn from to plan your website. Take a look at some of the best tech websites and study how they build their websites. There is no reason for you to not learn from the best in the industry after all.

Once you have all the materials you need, it is time to start building your website.

  1. Choose a Template

With Strikingly, you can easily create your website by using templates. You can find many categories of templates to help you find the right one easier. You can also find websites that are created by other Strikingly users and use them as a template.

Collections of Templates

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When it comes to choosing your technology website's design, you need to make sure that the design is mobile-friendly. Why? Because more than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile in 2021. By having a mobile-first design, your website will be more likely to turn a visitor into a customer. Fortunately, templates in Strikingly are optimized for mobile-first design. You can easily switch between the desktop and mobile version when you edit your tech websites with Strikingly.

Strikingly Section

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  1. Build Your Tech Websites

To make your tech websites a success story, you need several things on your websites. In general, tech websites have a section that tells what the product is about, its specification, and its features in a concise manner. They add visuals and text together nicely to create a strong image of a brand.

Let us start with the brand. Usually, the brand, or the about section, of your product is placed at the top of the page. Why? Because you need to convince your visitors to be interested and read more about your products. This is one element of user-friendly navigation that you can apply to your website.

Little Helper About Section

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The next thing you need on your site is your product. You can put your product before or after your brand section. The most important thing is to put it at the top. Similar to the brand, you need to tell people as quickly as possible about your product. You can put visuals of your product here and make sure to optimize them before to get the best results. Do not forget to add some CTAs (Call to Actions) in the product page asking visitors to download or buy your product. Many best tech product websites have great CTAs that can easily convert visitors into customers.

Globe Hop Product section

Image taken from Strikingly user's website

Once you have your audience’s attention, it is time to tell them more about your product. Here you can either tell the features or the specifications of your product. Similar to the product section, you can combine visuals, such as images or icons, to help you deliver information about your products.

Globe Hop Feature section

Image taken from Strikingly user's website

You can easily create the section shown above by using the feature section. Strikingly offers you two kinds of feature sections; rows and columns. You can find more explanations about adding and deleting sections on our help center.

Once you have the brand and the product section complete, you need a section that allows your audiences to reach you easily; the contact section. You can add many things in your contact section such as your company’s address, social media links, emails, and phone number. Make sure to update your contact if there are any changes so that your customers can reach you without any problem.

StartUp Youth Contact Section

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That is that. You now have your own tech websites. It is easy to create and looks beautiful. You can always step up your game by continuing to learn from others and updating and editing your website as many times as you need.

Technology, without any doubt, will become more and more an integral part of our daily life. Sharing your ideas or tech product is one way to contribute to making a better society. You can find many places, like forums or websites dedicated to software development, to share them. You can also create your own tech website and do website branding for your product. With a website, you can easily communicate your product, its features, and its specifications. You can also use your website as a hub for customer support for your customers.

Are you ready to share your passion for technology with the world? Create your tech websites today with Strikingly!