Discovering public relations

Maintaining a stable image is essential in the business world. For you to gather loyal customers and earn revenues, your reputation must be reliable and free of any scratches. Nowadays, getting involved in any dispute or scandals is one of every company/business’s biggest nightmare. Who would want to lose valued customers just because of false accusations right?

To maintain a clean reputation, and respond to unexpected disputes, you will be needing the guidance of the best PR. What does PR stand for? Strikingly will enlighten you in this whole blog.

What does PR mean?

PR, stands for public relations or public relationship. What is public relationship? Generally speaking, public relationships revolve around the process of taking care of a reputation. It involves managing smooth communication between a business/company and its public. This public may involve customers, the business’ employees, vendors, stockholders, media influencers, neighbors, and even government officials.PR also works in keeping the people updated regarding government-related events/activities, explain recently implied policies and also manage political campaigns.

Agencies offering PR services ensure that their clients have a strong brand reputation. They formulate strategies on making their client’s known in their designated industries. In simple words, PR has the capability to transform a business’ future into a brighter one. It is an essential tool every firm needs in having that exceptional power to face and overcome any obstacle that will arise.

How do PR professionals work?

PR professionals are like bridges. They are the ones who directly work to help business or individuals possess a positive reputation in the public eye through the use of various unpaid communications. These include traditional media, social media or personal face to face communications. Public relations professionals also serve as “superheroes” rescuing their clients during unexpected troubles that can massively affect their business.

Public relations professionals can also be named as our own storytellers. They design a well-structured story showcasing how clean a client’s reputation, business ideas, product/service, position/status or past accomplishments is. They make effective opportunities to reach the general public because PR professionals don't only seek to influence a paying customer, but everyone.

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What is PR meaning in business world?

Public relations marketing examples increase brand credibility. And increased brand credibility means increased opportunities to gain revenue. No matter what industry you are in line with, trust plays an important role in helping you achieve your goals. PR professionals help businesses remove the trust-gap between them and any potential customer. A business/company that uses PR practices to enhance their reputation are more likely to have a strong foundation of loyal customers. Through the PR’s strategic business story formulated and press releases, a company’s range resonates to a wider audience coverage.

The following are PR hacks and public relations event ideas you should try in spreading the good word:

  • Write and distribute press releases
  • Creating speeches
  • Write pitches (are less formal than press releases) regarding a business firm/client and then send them directly to a group of journalists.
  • Formulate and conduct special events strategically designed to reach wider audience coverage as well as traditional media assets
  • Perform thorough market research about the firm or the client
  • Expand business/company’s relations/connections through personal interactions or partnering as sponsors in special events
  • Creating writings and blogs intended for the business/client on online website
  • Formulate public relations strategies against unexpected disputes and crisis
  • Social media promoting and smart responses against negative comments in the online community.

Best public relations strategies to help you start one

Smart planning of PR strategies is one powerful asset for a business. Public relations use unpaid communication like local and regional traditional media, internet, various business networks and different community-consumer relationships.

Within public relations are several public relations strategies and public relations marketing examples for communicating effectively with the public. Among them are listed down by Strikingly for you.

  1. Media partners – This strategy involves working with and through various media outlets to share news and collected information about your business/company or client, the product/service it offers, or any latest happening about the business/company.
  2. Partnerships/Sponsorships – On this type of strategy, the PR helps in making a way for companies/clients to provide financial support for a specific event, a team, or various organization in exchange for being recognized and increased reputation.
  3. Internal communications – Internal communications deal with communicating with the employees and vendors using tools like print-out newsletters, social media websites, and even conducting town meetings/gatherings to spread the latest and important business event.
  4. Hosting and conducting special events – This strategy is among the most exciting ones. This involves hosting or supporting specific public events that highlights information about the business. Fun runs, expos, pageants, tradeshows and any competition events could be used in making people aware of your business’s existence.
  5. Premiums – Premium is one public relations strategy wherein the company produces customized products featuring the company’s name or logo and is being given to the public. This helps in developing heightened awareness and build curiosities about your business towards people.

Social media – Almost everyone nowadays have a social media account. Formulating a strategy involving social media use like managing outgoing and incoming messages via personal blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram is one effective way of making the public aware of the business’ existence. It does not only possess a goal of increasing awareness and positive perception, but is also easier to do.

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PR vs. Advertising

There are various instances where people mistaken public relations as an act of advertising a specific business/company. Well, we can’t be blamed because these two are somehow alike in many aspects. But in order to avoid further misconceptions, Strikingly is here to clear things up for you.

Just like as mentioned earlier, PR is a process which mainly focuses on sharing positive information about a specific business/company through the use of various platforms which do not require any payment nor subscription. Such platforms may either be a social media account, or through the traditional press releases made with various magazines and newspapers. PR professionals work to strategically create an effective planning of sharing and disseminating the right information through the right platforms, towards the right group of people.

Advertising on the other hand, is one marketing style for many businesses/companies which uses paying services. Such services may include space for a media, website and even controlling the message it is trying to convey. Basically, advertising involves spending a sum of money to get your brand/company more recognized.

Now that you’ve come this far in discovering what lies beneath public relations, what should you do next? Well, if you are someone who engages in this field (or someone who plans to in the future), better equip yourself with the right steps to take in making things go smooth right?

With that, Strikingly gives you additional tips in dealing with public relations.

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Why create a PR website?

Being a public relations professional is one privilege these days. Many business companies and even solo business enthusiasts are seeking to have their own PR which they can rely on for all their public relations needs. If you plan to engage in this field, it is only best for you to have your own mode of communicating with any potential client. You should have an effective tool to use in reaching out to your clients, and for them to communicate with you easily as well. One way to do that, is through creating and designing your own PR website.

Why? Strikingly had the best response on why you should create one.

If you are someone who is just starting in the field of public relations, creating your own website is a must-have step. Having your own customized PR website enables you to market yourself as a professional. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills and talents as a public relations enthusiast.

Through having a website, it is easier for you to gather a sufficient amount of audiences. You can create a PR website which also serves as your personal portfolio. Upload your personal background, past experiences, and even share your thoughts and insights through blog posts on your own site. After successfully creating one, you can just share the link of your website to the target audience for them to be aware of your existence. Or better yet, directly link your other accounts to make things lighter to handle.

Aside from opening more opportunities, a PR website also plays an important role in giving you a more convenient way of providing service to your clients. Once you already have one, they can easily contact you through your website if they have questions or concerns regarding public relations. Through this, communicating becomes a lot easier that it is specifically during these days where meet-ups and appointments are hard to do due to the pandemic.

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Build your PR website with Strikingly!

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