The single most important tool in creating a website is a computer. We say this quite boldly in spite of the existence of numerous website builder software that claim to be the only thing you need. You can’t run any software or work a site builder without a computer. If you ask professional web developers which one they prefer working in - a Mac or a Windows computer - prepare yourself for a heated debate. But since you’re using a website builder to get your site up, your choice of operating system shouldn’t matter so much.

Most free website builder software will work on both Mac and Windows. There’s no need for you to switch to a different system and one is not necessarily better than the other as far as website building software is concerned. When you’re using a platform that allows you to get your website up without writing code, the computer’s operating system doesn’t matter.

Here are some of the most popular website creation software that would work on most computers.


strikingly website builder software

In terms of ease of use, Strikingly is a frontrunner in the free website builder software department. This platform is ideal for beginners and individuals who do not have design or programming background but are looking to build professional-looking sites. Building a website on Strikingly takes a few minutes with its user-friendly site editor and collection of mobile responsive and modern templates. Start with a free account and scale up as you expand your business. Free users are also able to use Strikingly’s ecommerce platform, Simple Store, without added cost. They can also update their website and even create a new one while on the go using the new Strikingly iOS app or Android Strikingly App.


wix website builder software

Wix is another popular website creation software that you can use on both Windows and Mac. This platform enables users to create fully-functional websites and features AI technology to make it simple for beginners to get started. The same technology creates the website after the user submits the content to the platform. Users can create basic websites on mobile-ready templates on a free account. It has ecommerce integration available but you will need to subscribe to a paid account to access this.


ucraft website builder software

uCraft is a powerful ecommerce solution that allows you to create websites using a Mac or Windows PC. It features a wide array of payment gateways, tax and shipping customization options. It does have a limited number of templates but the ones that are in its collection are modern-looking and versatile enough to cover most industries. Just like the other web creation software on this list, uCraft doesn’t require programming know-how to get your website up but it would come in handy for customizing your site’s design. You will need to sign up for a paid subscription to be able to build a full-featured site with blogging and ecommerce capabilities. A free account will allow you to create a basic site and unlimited bandwidth but not much else.


mobirise website builder software

Here is another free website software that would work well on both Windows and Mac. Mobirise works much like It is a website builder that you need to install in your computer to get started. It is a free platform but you will need to get paid website and domain hosting either separately or as part of a kit that costs US$169. It doesn’t offer much in terms of themes and extensions but you do get the ability to create mobile-responsive and fully functional websites from this software without writing code or knowing web design.