Get Inspiration From These Successful Brands And Build Your Own

Your business’s brand represents all that the company is and all that it has to offer. The most successful brands lead global businesses to be recognized immediately by virtually anyone in the world. Once you see any part of the brands of those successful businesses, you immediately know what their main products are and what they are known for.

The top and most successful business in the world right now is Apple. They have been at the forefront of the business of technology for years now. And they did not attain that success by being complacent in their endeavors. Because even when they were already gaining popularity, they did not stop innovating and coming up with strategic marketing strategies for their brand. This is something you must keep in mind. Building a brand involves continuous work and dedication.

Believe it or not, Apple and all other successful brands also started like you. Not many people knew about them. But because of the amount of work and dedication they gave into building a globally known brand paved the way for them to be even more successful than they imagined. This just really translates to the fact: You can too!

In creating a brand for your business, there are many things you should consider. There’s no one definite process on how to create a brand, but there are some key elements that you should remember. The best and most successful brands all have certain things in common. And in this article, we will be telling you all about those key elements, why they’re important, and how you can use them in building a brand of your own.

How To Brand Your Business Successfully?

1. Know Your “Why”

Brand Mission

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The first thing you should know about building a brand is the answer to the question, “why?”. Why did you start your business? Why did you come up with an idea about a product or service? Why do you want to build this business and this brand? That is, find your purpose, your mission, and your vision. You need to have this solid foundation because it is the cornerstone of your business and your brand. All the successful brands have this in the bag from the very start. Knowing your “why” makes you understand more what you want your business to represent, and having an answer for it helps you connect with your customers more. The answer to your “why” is your brand promise. It is what your customers can expect from you. Your brand can only be successful if you can always keep this promise and maintain what you have set out your business and brand to be.

2. Earn the Loyalty of Your Customers

Customer Loyalty

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Customer loyalty is perhaps one of the most important things that you will ever have to earn if you ever want to become one of the most successful brands in existence. A successful business will not be one without loyal customers. This requires critical elements in building a brand, a brand position, and good customer service. In entering the business industry, it matters that you know exactly who your customers are. Since your business inception, you should already have a niche market in mind. This can help you narrow down the concepts and ideas you can use to create a brand of your own that will best appeal to your customers. You then back this up with a good understanding of what your customers need and want. You have to not just build a brand around the knowledge of your niche market. You also need to reinforce to them what makes your business and your brand something to rely on now and in the future. You have to establish a genuine relationship with them not to stray away from supporting your business.

3. Highlight Your Key Values and Strengths

Key Values and Strengths

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While humility is not a bad thing, both for a business owner and their business, it is essential also to know where your strengths lie and what your fundamental values are going into the journey of creating a brand of your own. Another key element that all successful brands have in common is a brand personality. They have a particular set of characteristics that they represent and illustrate within and outside their organization. This character is what helps their customers set them apart from their competitors. By knowing your key values and strengths, you can brand your business with these qualities. If you are successful in this aspect, your customers can immediately associate these characteristics with your brand even without you outright saying it. This makes your customers see the humanity in your brand and makes it easier for you to reach out and connect with them.

4. Have a Story And Message to Tell

Brand Story

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Your brand story is another one of the key elements you need in building a brand for your business. Your brand story is not just the story of how you came up with your brand and business. It is what introduces you to the world. It narrates to your customers who you are and what you stand up for. Your brand story should be authentic, relatable, and focused on the truth and sanctity of your business and your brand. Having a good brand story makes your customers understand your business more and entices them to support your business and brand. All the successful brand stories you would read would tug at your heart and excite you to be a part of that brand. Your brand story not only pulls customers your way it also gives you a sense of credibility and value. By sharing your story and your message, you start building a brand that can be a genuine part of your customers’ lives.

5. Get a Good Brand Logo and Tagline Out

Brand Logo and Tagline

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Of course, while all of the elements as mentioned earlier are vital, it is not enough. Words without actions, or in this case, images, can be confusing and quickly forgotten. All the successful brands the world knows about are associated with a specific image, symbol, or catchphrase. This refers to the tangible key element in building a brand. You have to think of a particular logo to go with your brand name. This includes a specific color scheme, font style, and symbol. You can also add a particular tagline that you use in all your advertisements. This allows your customers to have an image in their minds when they think of your brand. It will enable them to associate an item with your brand immediately as soon as they see these symbols. If you successfully create a brand image for your business, you arm your business with the armor to be successful.

6. Integrate Your Brand in All Business Activities

Social Feed

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Your brand is something that represents your business. The most successful brands are present anywhere and everywhere. All of their activities are splashed with their brand. Each of the products, promotional activities, and advertisements that each successful business produces is filled to the brim with their brand. You should take note not to forget to do the same with your brand and your products. All of your business activities should have your brand in them. But aside from the physical brand logos and names branded onto your products, you should also remember that the activities you do must also be true to your brand purpose, personality, and story. That is, all your social events, your business activities, and your social media interactions should all be consistent with your brand. Consistency is the key to building a brand that can be part of the most successful brands. You have to maintain the identity that you establish at the very start and stay on top of it for the years to come.

Top 10 Global Brands

These globally successful brands are among the top 50 in the whole world. Here we have given you a list of one successful business in each category in the list of the most successful brands in the world. Take a look into them and get the inspiration you need as you start creating a brand of your own.

1. Apple (Technology)


2. Coca-Cola (Food & Beverage)


3. Mcdonalds (Restaurants)


4. Disney (Entertainment)


5. Toyota (Automotive)


6. Nike (Apparel)


7. JPMorgan Chase & Co (Financial Services)

JPMorgan Chase & Co

8. Ikea (Retail)


9. Accenture (Business Services)


10. Pampers (Consumer Packaged Goods)


These 10 global and most successful brands were once just a startup business like you. Now they accumulate the most significant wealth among all the successful companies in the world. You have what it takes to be like them, or maybe be even bigger than them. You have the background knowledge, the tips and tricks, the inspiration, and the resources. It will be a long journey from here on out, but true success always comes with enough hard work and perseverance. Be inspired by these successful brands and create one of your own. Strikingly can help you build a website to hold and promote your brand. Sign up now and let Strikingly help you conquer the world!