How To Come Up With A Brand Name

Thinking of a great brand name can be stressful and daunting. With millions of brand names out there, you might end up thinking of a business name that’s already been taken by one or two. To say, whether you’re thinking of how to come up with a brand name this very minute, having the best business name idea is the most basic and crucial element when it comes to starting up a business. Aside from the products and services you offer, another key to a successful business is to make a lasting impression with your brand name alone.

When starting a business, an exceptional company name can either make or break your career. That is why thinking about a brand name meticulously can save you from flopping in the market.

Since a brand name sticks with the company from the very start to the last days of your business days, you don’t want something too general yet too specific and obvious. You’ve got to give them some kind of mystery to know more about the products you sell and the services you offer just by looking at your store name.

For a person, their name is what links them to their identity and character. In fact, it is an important word for them to feel their existence. A person’s name, especially when it’s well thought out and unique, distinguishes them from the thousands of faces you encounter.

The same can be said in terms of cooking up the best brand names as this conveys its true identity in the form of words. The moment they see or hear your company name, they can associate something with it.

Humans are driven by feelings. We sell the lifestyle and the feeling in order to keep up with the standards of people when it comes to their purchasing capabilities.

With your brand name, people can associate a specific experience that your brand name can give, and it’s best to make it a long-lasting imprint on their lives. For example, when you hear the word Nike, one thing that pops inside our heads is a shoe company manufacturing quality shoes fit for anyone. You see, you don’t even need to introduce or describe Nike to what it does and what field it specializes in because an experience is imprinted already on its name.

Basically, your brand name helps you connect with your customers more. Customers nowadays buy the experience, and emotions drive customer’s purchasing behavior, so you need to get your customers hooked into buying your product, merchandise, or service with your brand name.

Your brand name should amplify the emotional investment that customers tend to build upon seeing or hearing your company name. And if your brand name can associate an experience with your customers, chances are you would get higher sales and be the talk of the town in no time.

How to choose a good brand/business name

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1. Name of owner

Instead of looking for tips and hacks on how to come up with a brand name on the internet, the name of the owner, can also be the name of your spouse, daughter, or even your dog can save you time from turning the internet upside down.

This is the first option a business owner thinks of when thinking of a brand name especially when their business structure is a sole proprietorship and when they are breaking new grounds.

Having your company named after yourself gives a more personal since you, or your name to be exact, is the face of the brand. On the other hand, you can use an eponymous name if you and other members of the company agree to it.

Be wary and avoid labeling your company when your name is too generic and average. Remember that our main goal is to make your business sound unique so people will have no problem remembering you. You’re competing with thousands of companies out there, as well as competing against domain names, so do your research and have a knack to always have a backup plan.

2. Relate product or service

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People tend to buy the experience more than the product these days. With experience always a deciding factor for customers, it’s important to evoke an emotional response just by seeing or hearing your business name. This is another great choice when looking for the best options on how to come up with a brand name since you’re selling the experiences accumulated in your brand name. In this way, they can easily identify and relate to the products and services you can offer.

Likewise, your brand name must be able to convey your goal and communicate your product and service to your customers attentively.

In order to further answer your question on how to come up with a brand name, you need to reinforce your value and insights through your store name alone.

3. Make up a word

There is possibly a chance that the thousands of words printed in the dictionary didn’t tingle your tastebuds when formulating the perfect brand name for your business. Instead of scouring the internet for ways on how to come up with a brand name, you chose to just make up a word.

One thing about Google is that it makes it easier for people to remember due to the fact that it’s not in the books and has an ambitious stance that one can incorporate with the business’ product or service.

Making up words can be tricky, so using the sound of language can be used in helping you find the best company name. Try using alliterations since it gives your made-up word a smooth pronunciation, something that can just roll off the tongue.

4. Brainstorm

If all things seem to fail, brainstorming might end your search on how to come up with a brand name. Sometimes, a little help from other people’s perspectives and creative juices would do the job for you in creating the best brand name.

Since we all value things differently, you can gather information from your brainstorming session which can be either conducted with your fellow business partners or even with your family or close friends, to concoct the perfect brand name for your business.

Open forums and collaborations can give you new views and fresher perspectives which will help you generate innovative ideas.

With the words you accumulated during the brainstorming session, you can reinforce in your brand name the view of people that would most likely benefit from it.

Tools that can help you generate a brand/business name

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In some instances, you might have captured the greatest brand name in your head that captures your company’s overall purpose and goal, but on second thought, you found out that that name has already been registered as a domain, or worse, a company now possesses rights to that specific brand name.

But fret now since you don’t need to spend multitudes of time on the internet. Your hunt is over because these are a few tips on how to come up with a brand name for your starting business—ultimately, these secret hacks on how to come up with a brand name are so accessible that you can use to lookup for brand names any time you’re on the web.

1. Namelix

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Spending time on the internet just to know how to come up with a brand name can be exhausting. Luckily, Namelix is here to offer you not just catchy company name ideas, but also logo designs while you’re at it.

Plus, you can choose the name length of your brand whether you want it 3-12 letters long. You can even select a name style varying from compound, foreign, rhyming words, and even misspellings. With these options, you can get a targeted list of brand names with a touch of customization whatever the way you want it.

Plus, layouts in this brand name generator are so nifty and unique that you’ll never need to worry about standing out in the crowd.

2. WebHostingGeeks

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You don’t really have to search the web on how to come up with a brand name since tools like WebHostingGeeks can help you with ease. You can generate a name for your product, blog, or business with these easy steps.

First, type in your keywords, then optimize your search by choosing your preferred extension to check its availability, placing your keywords, whether it’s at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end, and you can even set the domain length. Once all done, just click generate, and an array of brand name ideas would be displayed on your screen within the second.

Suggestions often vary from pre-/suffixes added to your keywords or generated brand names can be as random as they can get. With this, you almost have an unlimited supply of brand names in just simple clicks.

3. Freshbooks

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Freshbooks gives you a list of brand names based on what you input. You can select your industry to tailor the perfect brand name for your business, and they range from Creatives Marketing, Legal Services & Business Consulting, Trades & Home Services, and Information Technology.

After choosing your industry and typing in a keyword, “Kazaam!”, a fresh batch of brand names will be generated. If you’re not satisfied with the list of brand names, you can just go ahead and click “Show me more names” or “Go back and change keyword”.

4. Random Business Name Generator

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With just 5 words to describe your business, you can choose a brand name with specific modifications and combinations generated under the name suggestions tab in More so, you can just click on the “JUST GENERATE SOME RANDOM NAMES PLEASE!” button and let the site do the job for you.

Upon entering your keywords, you would be able to choose a brand name with the exact keywords, rhymes, added pre-/suffixes, and more, plus a checklist of top-level domains you want for your website. After choosing, you will be redirected to GoDaddy in order to move forward, and eventually, purchase your domain.

5. Wordlab

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In Wordlab, you can generate and choose from the 7,233,742 combinations of company name ideas to choose from. Just keep on clicking on the “Get Name” button and find what catches your attention.

An advantage in Wordlab is that you can join their community and post your business and brand names in mind in case you want other people’s suggestions in formulating your brand name in the making.

6. Getsocio

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This brand name generator brainstorms names for you in a matter of minutes. It can help you create unique and company names, as well as give you hundreds of suggestions and ideas for you and your business.

You can also head on and make a site all in the same place. Do note that when you make a site at Getsocio, your domain will end in instead of the standard extensions.

7. Hipster Business Name

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This brand name generator is so easy to use that you just need to click refresh in order to generate a different brand name. Not only that it mixes and matches different words or names every time, but you also have the luxury to use an already-made and customized logo.

Though you can’t incorporate your brand specificity, the brand names are so versatile that you don’t have to worry about finding a niche is in the market.

8. Fit Small Business

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If you really want a business name generator that takes it to a personal approach, then you don’t have to worry about finding ways on how to come up with a brand name because Fit Small Business has it all for you.

Aside from the fact that it gives you tips on how to come up with the perfect brand name for your business, it asks you a series of questions crucial for building up your company name. These questions consist of the services you provide or the goods you sell, as well as asking for the last name of the founders.

With this, this site is able to generate tons of company name ideas through the information you gave. On a side note, this brand name generator will give you results that are three to five words long.

9. Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

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If you’re looking for ways on how to come up with a business name that requires specifics, then the Business Name Generator is the one for you. In this business name generator, you can customize your search by choosing an option that fits your business since the brand name generator includes company name ideas falling under categories like a startup name generator, podcast name generator, and many more.

If you are planning to use GoDaddy for your business, you can also check if the domain generated is available on the said website builder by clicking on the button located under the “Generate” button.

10. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler Business Name Generator

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The advantage when using Domain Puzzler is that it allows you to create a domain name for your business in three ways. The first one is the Instant Search—it allows your domain to have the exact keyword that you want to appear on your site. Second is the Advanced tab where you can add keywords in the mix especially the ones you want to appear in your business name. The third is called the Wizard whereas you can match popular words with the keyword you want.

Time to launch

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With your ideas coming to life with the help of your new, unique, and exciting brand name, it’s time to launch and promote your business. With the sudden surge in ecommerce, you can have the advantage to score higher sales and brand awareness since the internet is the best marketplace to start. Building a website where you can showcase your products in a matter of minutes would do the job, plus lets you focus on the hardcore part of running a business.

With that, Strikingly can help you turn your dreams into reality. Strikingly is the best website builder on the web suited for anyone aspiring to create eye-catching, and user-friendly features, and yes, even if you don’t have any tech- experience, you can make a website that’s stylish, quick, and simple

Head on to Strikingly now for free and widen your audience for them to get to know more about your product.