After spending countless hours developing the perfect product, you now need to create a webpage to promote it and make it known to the world. You cannot leave this task to a one and done website builder. It’s important to take the time to build the site and the content to complement your digital marketing strategy.


At the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy is a great website and quality content. We have put together a few tactics on how to create web page content that will effectively promote your product or service in 2020.

1. Make your website navigation user-friendly

The key to attracting visitors to stick around is to create a positive user experience on your website. The first thing that you need to remember on how to create a webpage is to think of the person who will be browsing your website. Make your navigation easy for him or her to get around your webpage. Keep the menu items to a minimum so he or she doesn’t get confused by too many options.

Another tip on on how to create web page is to minimize the number of clicks or steps that a user has to do to complete a task on your website - be it signing up for a newsletter (shorter forms are recommended) or purchasing a product (express checkout and easy online payment transactions).

2. Create quality content

The best way to keep visitors and customers to come back to your site is by serving them quality content. Content covers both visuals and text. Always use high quality images all over your web page and if you have the budget for it, invest in professional photography to showcase the best in your products or services. With Strikingly, you can create web page free of charge so you can channel your marketing budget to other aspects of the site such as professional web copy or videos to engage your audience.

3. Encourage interaction

Use your webpage to facilitate healthy discussions on your industry by creating a forum and connecting your social media pages to your site. Encourage visitors to go to your page, participate in the comments or leave feedback about your brand. This is a good way to keep your ears on the ground and find out what your audience thinks about your product and find opportunities to improve your offerings. Create a webpage that makes it easy for them to leave a message. Strikingly has a chatbox feature that you can also add to your site so you can interact with your customers in real time.

4. Participate in forums

Aside from building your own community, participating in other similar forums and communities is another effective brand building strategy. While it’s considered poor form to always actively promote your brand on industry forums, you can leave links to your site in an unobtrusive way by adding it to your sign off. Make sure to offer relevant advice and helpful information as well. Establish yourself as an authority in your niche to make your brand appear more reliable and credible.

5. Optimize your web page


Finally, make sure your webpage is optimized for the search. Build your brand’s online visibility by optimizing your website content for the keywords or keyphrases your visitors use to find you online. With most online experiences starting off with search engines, you want to make sure that your site gets good search engine results placements.