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Like many of the past decade's business niches, music was a source of entertainment for people. Many musicians create quality websites because they feel it is the best way to sell music online. Apart from that, a quality music website also adds to its online presence. They use multiple web features and services to generate revenue from their passion. If you are one of these people, the good news is that making money through music isn’t as difficult today as it was before.

When you think about selling music online, there are multiple factors that you could be thinking about, such as the perfect time to sell music and the individual tasks involved in this procedure. After all, task management is critical, even when it comes to passion. Many musicians tend to create an online space for themselves and showcase their love for music. In this article, we will give guidelines about the best ways you can showcase your passion for music and share it with a worldwide audience.

Tips to Sell Online Music

1) Tell Your Story

Nowadays, the best way to sell your music is through a brand website. The reason is not that it gives your customers any financial benefits, but it helps you to tell them a story about your success and the reasons for pursuing this career. Just like is the case with Twitter and some of the other social media platforms, there won’t be any limitations on character. You can talk about the highs and lows of your storyline, mainly referring to the awards and certificates you have had along the way. The more credible your story is, the better your chances of selling music online to your customers.

personal music website
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If you look at the landing page of Benny Walker’s website on Strikingly, it tends to do the same. It catches the attention of its target audience through a compelling storyline and leaves the rest to its website presentation factors and navigation elements. You can have a website section dedicated to your storyline where you can describe your background in detail.

2) Rely on Top Website Builder

If you want to sell your music online, you must choose Strikingly as the website builder for developing your music website. Many people worldwide have a passion for music, but they cannot sell for one reason or the other. However, they are unable to sell music online because they don’t have any idea about music, but because they haven’t done their homework on a website building platform.

strikingly music website
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Strikingly has already produced some of the best music websites in the world, which you can check on our platform. You can integrate and create a list of all the digital products on your music website, bring the attention of your customer base towards it, and see a surge in your online sales. You can choose a website template from our given collection and customize it per your creative ideas and your music brand. Moreover, Strikingly will provide you with all the necessary features to ensure that your music website is productive.

3) Know the Place to Sell Music

If you want to know how to sell your music online, you must have an idea about the timing and the place for making it possible. If you consider the best places for selling your online music, it could be an overwhelming approach because there are many options on the table for beginners and pro musicians. If you don’t have an idea, two options are available for selling music online, i.e., building your website or taking advantage of established retail stores, such as Apple Music or iTunes.

Spotify seems to be the biggest music platform in terms of everything. It gives you an insight into the daily music trends, makes you listen to your favorite songs, and creates a playlist. Apart from that, YouTube is the biggest streaming platform, as you can conduct online concerts to let the world know about your music. You can offer subscription packages for all the customers who want to be involved.

4) Know the Time to Promote Music

This is crucial because when musicians create a new album or song, they release it immediately into the market without any second thoughts. Even though some are accustomed to this idea, we suggest you be slightly more conservative. If you want to know how to sell music online, you must have an idea about its timing just like the place that we initially discussed.

music concert schedule
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If you are a music band, you can talk to the other band members to discuss the best time to release the music. You can even do an online collaboration with some of your fans and ask them about the best time for releasing the music album. You can even pull off a surprise by releasing your music album at one of the scheduled concerts. When you sell your music, you must take the opinion of everyone within your team and outside the team.

5) Payment Gateway

If you want to sell your music efficiently, you must have your payment gateways working. When it comes to the payment gateways, you cannot just have a single payment option and expect the entirety of your customers to submit their payments through it. For example, the people living in India and Pakistan may be unable to pay in dollars or pounds. Therefore, you can give them the option of paying per their currency.

multiple payment gateway
Image taken from Strikingly

If you have only a single payment option, you will only be able to attract customers within your own country or countries with the same currency as you. Strikingly provides multiple payment gateways so you can sell music online effectively. As a result, regardless of where your customers are located, they can submit their payments as per their country’s currency.

6) Prioritize Feedback

Even in the music world, online reviews are extremely important for your presence in the music world. As we have explained, you can involve customers or followers in your plans by taking note of their feedback. As it is likely that they are not just listening to your songs, you can ask them about the best possible times to sell music online.

If you have recently launched a new music album, you can ask them to submit their reviews about it. If they like your album, you can display their reviews in the review section of your music website. Just like with many other business niches, you can make a lot of money and attract numerous viewers by displaying positive reviews on your music website. Once you have established a positive reputation within the public eye, you must maintain it because it only takes a few wrong actions to obliterate it.

7) Social Media Integration

Social media integration is probably the best way to sell music online these days. As every business these days is connected with social media, you can take advantage of multiple social media platforms to increase your online presence. Recently, Twitter has provided its users with a feature of online space, which allows an individual to host an online space with numerous guests. You can take advantage of this feature and create your online presence as a musician.

When you have established a music website on Strikingly, we will give you the option of integrating your social media activity on the website. As a result, your viewers can look at your social media activity without leaving the website and coming on that particular social media platform.

Sell Digital Download Products

If you want to sell digital products, such as music files, you have good news coming from Strikingly. Strikingly is a free website builder that allows users (under Pro Plan or above) to sell digital products. Before you plan to sell music online, you must already register your custom domain. After completing the registration of your respective domain, make sure that you go through the following steps:

  1. Integrate your payment options
  2. Select product type (you must select “Digital Download” for music files)
  3. Upload your digital file
  4. Manage your orders and generate the download link

sell digital products
Image taken from Strikingly

It is essential to note that the download link appears 72 hours after purchasing the product and it is unique for every individual. As a result, the customers won’t be able to share links or their relatives.


Regardless of country, beliefs, or age, music is one of the common denominators among people. From a kid aged 12 to an adult aged 70, everyone is fond of different types of music. However, digital technology has evolved so much in the past few years that you can make money from this passion. When you surf the Internet today, many platforms encourage you to sell music online and build your online presence.

It doesn’t matter if you are Elton John or a nobody on a random footpath. You can make money out of music if you have the ambition to do so. What better way to make that happen than relying on an effective website builder like Strikingly? If you are involved in some deadlock regarding your music website development, you can talk to our Happiness Officers. By creating an effective music website on Strikingly, you can sell your music to the desired audience and give them plenty of reasons to be entertained.