Multiple Payment Gateways

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic came to the surface, online shopping has had massive strides in the digitized world. One of the biggest things that customers enjoy in online shopping is the usage of multiple payment gateways. Through different payment options, customers find it easy to identify and purchase eCommerce products in the comfort of their home sofa. Once they find a trustworthy eCommerce website, they build a strong relationship with that business owner.

With zero roadblocks along the way, they will enjoy the online shopping experience. As a business owner, you must have a proactive approach to business payments. You cannot have the mindset that displaying eCommerce products and their product descriptions is more than enough. If you don’t have an ideal payment procedure to back up your website images, the customers will not find your website trustworthy.

Benefits of Multiple Payment Options

1. Fewer Cart Abandonment Issues

We have seen many online stores facing issues in the last few years, such as shopping cart abandonment. When the businessmen disregard the importance of multiple payment gateways, the customers find themselves a mountain to climb. After putting different eCommerce products in their cart, they go to the checkout procedure, only to come back empty-handed.

When a business website doesn’t have multiple types of payment methods, the customers find it difficult to complete the payment procedure. There is a huge probability that your customers' payments will be accepted by offering multiple options. As there are numerous payment options online, you can accommodate a huge chunk of visitors due to their preference in payment methods.

2. Wider Reach

When your customers use multiple payment gateways, one of your business website's biggest benefits is that they won’t be the last ones to use your payment methods. By having numerous payment methods, you will allow yourself to attract a high number of website traffic to your website. Many countries worldwide have limitations when it comes to certain payment methods. Therefore, if you include numerous payment options, you will easily accommodate all customers despite their limitations. It also means that your customers can complete the payment procedure without worrying about their location.

3. Higher Customer Satisfaction Score

As discussed, the biggest benefactors from the multiple payment gateways are the customers. If they feel that the business owner has accommodated all payment gateways to ensure that every customer can conduct their payments, they will leave positive feedback on your website. As a business owner, you must think about all the different payment options your visitors can use. If the user goes into the checkout process and sees a couple of familiar payment options, you have already improved the user experience as per his/her eye.

improved customer feedback

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Similarly, if you have multiple payment options, you will decrease the risk of frustrating your customers. For example, suppose a customer identifies an eCommerce product that he/she has wanted for so long but cannot pay for it due to an outdated payment procedure. In that case, he can share a negative review on your website. Your online credibility can be at stake by sharing a negative online review. By having more than one payment option, your customers don’t have to adjust to the payment option available to them.

4. Brand Identity

As discussed in the previous point, having multiple payment gateways can generate positive customer feedback. As a businessman, you must also know that positive feedbacks play a huge role in your brand identity strategies. By having thousands of positive reviews based on different types of payment methods, you can take your brand personality to the next level. If you are stagnant with a singular payment option, you will dent your brand image.

One negative review is ten times more powerful than a handful of positive reviews in the online world. Therefore, if you receive negative reviews based on your payment methods, you know where the fault lies. So, you better not waste any time and include more than one payment option on your online store. If the customers see a couple of payment options they like, they won’t hesitate to trust your website and convert from visitors to buyers.

5. High Conversions

If your customers use multiple payment gateways, you will see a sharp rise in your website’s conversion rate. Having good statistics in the conversion rate department will see your business grow to considerable heights. For those who don’t know, conversion rate comes based on high trust given by the customers. If we talk about the checkout procedure, the trust can only be given to the businessmen if the payment options are reliable and not old-school.

By having more than one payment procedure, you will not only see huge website traffic coming on your platform, but you will see those customers talking to their family members and relatives about it. The more coverage you get from your customers, the higher your conversion rate. At the end of the day, it is not just about filling your pockets, it is also about creating a strong customer base.

Payment Options on Strikingly

1. PayPal

If you are willing to use multiple payment options on your Strikingly website, the first methodology on the roster is PayPal. In the international market, Paypal is probably the most common payment option. This is one of the few multiple payment gateways that allow customers to pay for their buyings without handing out their credit card information on your website. It is available worldwide, so you can consider it one of the best payment options today.

strikingly paypal app

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If you have established an eCommerce or a business website on Strikingly, it is important to have Paypal as part of the invoice procedure. This will help the customers in going through the buying procedure efficiently. Even if you are puzzled at whether or not you will have customers worldwide, it is important to keep yourself prepared and accomodating. Paypal is one of those payment gateways that will make life easy.

2. Stripe

In the world of eCommerce, it is important to have different payment methods as part of your business plans. It isn’t just about publishing new eCommerce products on your business website as a businessman. After all, you won’t be doing any favors to your website traffic if you bring them to your website and lose them based on your payment procedure. One of the ways through which you can improve their satisfaction score is by including multiple payment gateways.

stripe payment gateway

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Stripe is one of those online platforms specifically created to meet the demands of an online business. If you are a freelancer, Stripe can prove the best payment option for you. All you need to do is create an account and include your credit card details, and you will be eligible to send or receive payments. Even though this app hasn’t accommodated customers from every country globally, it is still one of the most trusted payment options out there.

3. Square

Like Paypal and Stripe, Square is one of the best multiple payment gateways you can include in your online store today. It is said to be a credit card and point-of-system (POS) processing software that many entrepreneurs trust. You have to create your own Square account, including your credit card details, and connect it with your Strikingly website. Its registration process is very similar to Stripe, which we discussed earlier.

square payment gateway

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Even though Paypal is the most common payment gateway in the online world, it doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to that payment facility only. There can be a situation in which Paypal gets shut down in your country or your country stops getting Paypal services. So instead of being reactive, make sure that you create an account on Square to have a backup plan in case Paypal stops working. Square allows you to accept credit and debit card payments simultaneously.


When you own a business website, it isn’t just about sharing your mission statement, displaying eCommerce products, and sharing product information. Any business website is incomplete without different payment options. The payment procedure is a crucial aspect of your online store and must be taken seriously by your technical staff. If your customers experience problems in this aspect, they will walk away from your website, but they will also instruct others to refrain from your platform. This will harm your online credibility on a larger scale.

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Multiple payment gateways are one of the most crucial features of your online store. If you are having any issues related to developing a business website, make sure that you contact our Happiness Officers, who are available 24/7 for your queries. So, create your business websites today and incorporate the best payment options as part of your working plans.