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Website makers are all the talk nowadays. The emergence of code-free websites especially has made it so that anyone can make a website for their own personal use or business. And the best part of it all is that you do not even have to invest money in building a website for yourself. Finding a free site builder is no longer a difficult task. A simple Google search can prove the availability of a plethora of different options for free website builders. All you have to do is select the one you think will provide you with the most ease and convenience, and you are good to go!

A free website maker is the perfect tool for you to achieve an online presence and spread the message of your brand further. A free site builder saves you time and effort and allows you to explore your creative limits. If you can find the best free website builder for yourself, it is just a matter of minutes before you have a fully-functional website up and running for whatever purpose you wish. That is why the concept of a free website builder is not only so well-known in today’s day and age but also preferred by people with occupations of a vast spectrum.

coffee business website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

The best free website, no doubt, is one that lets you build your own website with your own domain. It is a win-win situation as the free site builder receives traffic onto their website as it is used more and more and the people visiting are also gaining so much from their simple visit. Free website builders nowadays also require no prior experience in the case of website building or coding of any kind. They have built-in and predetermined templates for you to choose from and customize to get your website up and running.

Of course, since the emergence of the concept of a free website maker, many people and businesses have jumped onto the bandwagon and have free website builders up and running for you. There is a long list to choose from and much to consider before you do so. That is precisely why today we will be dedicating this article to telling you all about free website builders so you can choose the best free website builder - the free website maker that best suits your needs and the needs of your brand or business.

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Top 10 Best Free Website Builders in 2022

Below is a detailed list of all the free website builders where you can choose the free site builder that you deem as the best free website for yourself.

1. Strikingly

Strikingly landing page

Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly is a free site builder that allows you to develop a website within minutes. The process is smooth and simple as it can be. To get access to all the templates and other options and tools you need to create the website, you must make a free account on the website. Creating an account hardly takes a full minute, and you are good to go right after that. If you have already used Strikingly as your choice of free site builder in the past, you can use the same details you used to log in.

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Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Strikingly is 100% code-free and you do not need to worry about having any programming knowledge in order to make use of Strikingly’s full potential. Neither do you need to get someone’s help or assistance to use this free website maker to make a website for you. Strikingly even offers you to get a custom domain that you can own for up to 11 years. Additionally, if you already own a domain, Strikingly lets you transfer this domain to the website that you make with the help of Strikingly. This is a clear indication of how Strikingly lets you be in full control of the workings of your website if you use this free website maker.

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Image taken from Strikingly user’s website.

There are several compulsory and unique features that Strikingly lets you use on your template of choice. Some of these features are listed below to give you a better idea regarding this free website builder:

  • About Me page option
  • Contact details insertion options
  • Mobile optimization
  • Color palettes for template customization
  • Blog section option
  • Portfolio layouts

Landing page of a website built on Strikingly promoting a social change cause

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

2. Wix

Wix landing page

Image taken from Wix

Wix is very well-known for being a very convenient free site builder. One thing that stands out about Wix compared to other free website builders is that it provides specialized tools to make your own company logo. This means that even if you are coming into the website-making situation without a logo for your brand, this free website maker will help you make and establish that as well.

Wix also has very competent customer support, ensuring a smooth ride when you set out to make your own website. Wix Bookings is another feature unique specifically to this website. It helps to drive conversions and promote higher profitability for your brand.

3. Weebly

Weebly landing page

Image taken from Weebly

Weebly is a free website maker, known for the flexibility that it provides in its design options. Even though it does offer predetermined templates, the magic you can do on them with the help of customization tools is absolutely unreal. The way to pick your domain on Weebly is also a smooth and short process, unlike it is for most other website builders.

The blogging functions and incorporated eCommerce options offered by Weebly ensure that whatever website you build can take its own unique path in the market. Driving conversions is super easy when using Weebly as the eCommerce integration is a state of the art and hassle-free to build into your site.

4. Jimdo

Jimdo landing page

Image taken from Jimdo

Jimdo is a website that lets you build a website without code. However, what is different from other such websites is that it also gives you the options to sharpen and make use of your HTML and CSS skills if you wish to for customization. Almost all the features on this site are available in the cost-free version.

The Jimdo customer support option also helps to work through any issues you may encounter while building your website without wasting much time on it. The customer support is responsive and helpful towards the diverse needs of the website users.

5. Ucraft

Ucraft landing page

Image taken from Ucraft

What sets Ucraft apart from other similar websites out there allows for the construction of multilingual websites. That too in a matter of just a few minutes! Additionally, the SEO tools provided by the website support all the languages you wish to include on your website using the multilingual website feature. This means no one language will hold an advantage over the other.

This free website maker also specializes in the creation of blogging websites. The option to add different categories and support them using tags is something innovative that gives the blogging websites made on Ucraft a social media look. This helps to build the brand image of anyone who uses Ucraft to make their blogging website.

6. SimpleSite

 SimpleSite landing page

Image taken from SimpleSite

Simplesite has recently become known for the ease of mobile phone optimization it provides for any and all websites created using its tools. You do not need to worry about the responsiveness of your website if you create it through this free website maker.

Moreover, SimpleSite also specializes in creating eCommerce stores by providing all the necessary tools needed to do so. Whether it be the option to edit product images or add shipping information. SimpleSite is well-versed in helping your online store be up and running in just a few minutes.

7. GoDaddy

GoDaddy landing page

Image taken from GoDaddy

GoDaddy has come to be known for its excellence in website loading speed. Any website built with the help of GoDaddy tends to load faster and more smoothly than other websites. Even if the internet connection being used is mere of average speed itself.

Optimal customer support and domain features are also included in GoDaddy's specialties. Both factors help to increase the ease of usability of the website to make any type of website you wish to with this free website maker.

8. Webflow

Webflow landing page

Image taken from Webflow

Webflow is known to provide you with the perfect tools to ensure outstanding responsiveness for your website. This free website maker is also known to allow editing through CSS code and customization through the usage of CSS filters to predetermined templates and layouts.

Another unique feature of Webflow is that it allows you to import and export code from elsewhere onto this site. This way, if you have a particular coding in mind that you want to use for your website but do not want to write it, especially at that time, you may simply import it.

9. Site123

Site123 landing page

Image taken from Site123

Site123 is a free website maker known to have a very user-friendly interface. Of course, this means that building your website through this website builder is really easy, but it also means that any viewer simply viewing the website you build will also be in for a very smooth ride. That too, even if they are not particularly tech-savvy.

10. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Image taken from Adobe Creative Cloud

The thing that stands out most about this website builder is that it lets you make and post videos onto your website from within the website. You do not need to separately film any promotional videos to later post onto your site. You can simply film them on the spot while adding content to your site without using up the memory on your computer.

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