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In today’s day and age, it is practically impossible to run a business without having a prominent online standing to go with it. Especially with the increase in globalization in the past few years and the Covid-19 pandemic driving many physical businesses and stores to shut down completely. Having a website for business, hence, is, as of today, not only essential but simply a survival tactic.

Having a website for your business helps bring in extra revenue if you run the website well enough. You need a website for your business to fulfill so many business processes that, due to system integration, cannot be done without the help of information systems making use of your website for business.

Furthermore, if you have a website for business, you can also use it to drive traffic toward other social media platforms linked to your businesses. This increases the marketing effectiveness of your social media platforms by a lot. And it can also work vice versa - you can generate traffic on your website for business through your already existing social media presence.

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If you wonder why your small business needs a website, then the answer to that question is that it makes your small business look more trustworthy and official. It ensures customers and gives them satisfaction regarding your business's authenticity and the brand you are trying to build.

No matter the size and existing success rate of your business, you need a website for your business. Any success you are already having will not be long-lasting without a website for business.

Similarly, any issues you are having regarding gaining success will be most likely solved if you have a website for business. Also, other than focusing on why your business needs a website, why not think of why not just build one? Mainly because it is so easy nowadays to build a website for business.

With the help of online website-builders, it is just a matter of mere minutes when you create a website for business. One of the most popular website-builders nowadays is Strikingly. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on building a website for business using Strikingly. And guess what the best part of it is? Strikingly is a code-free web development platform.

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This means that you need no prior knowledge regarding the matter of coding or website building to get to a point of having a website for your business. Continue reading below to find out more on the matter!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create a Website on Strikingly

Continue reading below to get the details on how to create a website for business using Strikingly because, as we have said earlier, you need a website for your business no matter what.

1. Create an Account on Strikingly

This step is exactly as simple as it sounds. You need to go to the Strikingly website and create a free account. If you already have an account, log in to start making a website for business.

2. Select a Template

A template is what determines the layout and interface structure of your website for business. Strikingly provides you with a diverse selection of templates to choose from. Once you have chosen your template, you are given the option to customize it according to your tastes and needs. Some of the customizable factors include the following.

  • The fonts
  • Navigation buttons
  • Margins
  • Color schemes

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3. Name Your Website

The need for having a website for your business comes from, the need to spread the name of your business far and wide. That is why make sure to name the website for business directly after your business’ name. If you change it or make it unrecognizable, it will defeat the purpose of you having a website for your business.

In most cases, the name of a website or business matches the brand name. If you are creating a website for business, you must have thought of your brand name already. The first priority of every organization is to name their domain and website the same as their brand name. And if that name is precise and relevant to the products and services being offered by the business, it is easily remembered and recalled by the audience.

4. Decide on the Content

Make sure you do not overcomplicate your website too much. The whole point of building it on Strikingly is that you can keep it pristine and simple all at the same time. So, before you start adding content to your website, you should decide what content you want to add.

You definitely need a website for your business, but only if it works in your favor. So, skip the unnecessary content and add the essential things in the right places.

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Strikingly itself has a straightforward interface as a website-builder. We provide you with the drag and drop feature that makes it very simple to add various content components to your website for business. You can pick images from your device using your cursor and drop them onto your web page. You can also click on any text area and make changes or add to the text.

Thus if you have already selected your template and its layout, then adding content should be no problem. And if your content is pre-planned, it will be an even more simplified process for sure.

To make adding content easier, we give you the option to create different sections on your website. For instance, you can add a ‘Simple Blog’ section to publish any articles or blog posts. You can also create a ‘Contact Form’ section to add a form to ask the audience to get in touch with you by providing their basic details. We also have a ‘Simple Store’ feature that allows you to sell physical products or digital downloads directly from your website for business.

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5. Use the Footer

Strikingly gives you the option of adding additional navigation buttons to the website's footer. This helps give your website a more professional and put-together look than it would otherwise have. Even though using the footer is not very necessary, it is recommended. So, if you want to fully use Strikingly’s capability, you should give the footer a try, without a doubt.

One good way of optimizing the purpose of your footer is to add social media icons to it and link them to the respective social media pages. This will help you integrate all your marketing channels with each other. It might also drive traffic from your social media accounts to your website for business.

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6. Do Not Forget to Add the Domain

Once you are done adding the domain to the website you build for your business on Strikingly, you are pretty much done then. Strikingly gives you two options regarding the domains. One of them is that you can purchase a new domain for up to 11 years through Strikingly itself. The other option available to you on Strikingly regarding the domain of the website you build is to transfer a domain you already own onto this website. To use the latter option, you need to upgrade to one of our paid plans.

Whichever option you pick should work just fine as long as it is relevant to your business, your brand, and the purpose of your website for business.

7. Work on the On-Site SEO

Building a website is one thing but marketing it to enhance its search engine optimization is another. Your on-site SEO must be all set so that your audience can discover its URL in the search engines.

On Strikingly, we provide various tools that can help you optimize your on-page SEO. Insert a precise site description in your site’s settings, and be sure to use all the relevant keywords in the content throughout the site. The more thorough your keyword research is, the better would it work out in terms of the SEO for your website for business.

Now that you know how to create a website for business do not delay the process any further. Take advantage of the tools and features we offer at Strikingly and build a comprehensive, feature-rich, responsive, and professional-looking site. Since you have already read about the process and features we provide, it will not take you more than a couple of hours to get your website for business up and running.

Our platform is built with a focus on your ease of use. We are always here to give you our technical and other support in your journey to develop and maintain a website for business efficiently.