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During Christmas and new year’s eve, you start looking at opportunities to improve your seasonal promotions, which boosts the eCommerce sales. According to a report from Consumer News Business Channel (CNBC), holiday spending expectancy was at 5% more in 2019. If you don’t have the appropriate marketing strategies at your disposal during this time, there is a chance that you will lose out on extra revenue.

If you have made up your mind about seasonal marketing, you must know that it will do your online business a world of good. Firstly, it will bring the desired spotlight onto your brand, which will attract a wide range of audiences. It also allows your customers to shop the same product from you compared to your competitors because they can’t refuse your offered deal. In this article, we will share the best examples and strategies that you can use to create your promotions effectively.

Examples for Creating Promotions

1. Gamification

Gamification can be implemented through e-sports as everyone loves playing games on different kinds of platforms. As a result, gamification could be one of the seasonal marketing ideas you may consider. Including online games as part of your seasonal promotions will give your audience something unique and attractive to prioritize. If they can find joy within your brand, there is a huge possibility that they will come to your platform again. Moreover, they might make it through the conversion funnel and think about purchasing the online game from your eCommerce store.

e-sports gaming website

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If you build a seasonal game on Strikingly, it will be a great idea to boost your eCommerce sales and user engagement. The more your customers get into the mood for holidays and excitement, the better chance you will see your revenue rise. If you want to build a gaming website on Strikingly, you can purchase the domain from Strikingly starting from $24.95 (depending upon the kind of gaming platform that you want to create).

2. Leverage Psychology

If you want to attract audiences to buy from you instead of your competitors, leverage psychology could prove to be a fundamental idea for seasonal promotions. Even though most marketers aren’t psychologists, that doesn’t mean that they are unaware of psychological practices to get to their desired financial targets. Regardless of the strategy they implement, they want the best for their eCommerce website.

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One of the ways to engage your audience is to create some sort of urgency within your promotions. As this urgency is seasonal, it will make the customers understand that they have to buy a product as soon as possible if they are interested in it. You can use different discount offers or a countdown on your social media pages and the website. Moreover, you can send emails to your audience to remind them about the seasonal offer with a call to action that brings the customer back to your website’s landing page.

3. Seasonal Social Proof

In the world of eCommerce, user engagement is critical. If the customers don’t find value within your products or the website content, all your hard work related to seasonal promotions will go down the drain. If you want to ensure that your customers make their way through the sales funnel, you must develop seasonal marketing best practices. According to a report by Nielson, an astonishing 92% of visitors come to a website via earned media rather than traditional advertising. These customers are usually families and friends. You can use it for your benefit by displaying seasonal social evidence on your website and social media accounts.

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You can easily collect all the testimonials and feedbacks who have spoken highly about your products and content. Some feedback will just be there for trolling purposes, so make sure to completely eradicate them from your website as they may harm your brand image. If the relevant audience finds positive feedback from your customers, they will likely follow the same wavelength.

Best Strategies Regarding Promotions

1. Create an Email List

Creating an email list is one of the things that you should do in your pursuit of seasonal promotions. First, create a professional email address, which will enable the customers to trust your emails. If you have a lot of emails on your subscribers’ list, you are likely publishing content on different kinds of platforms to attract further audiences.

To make it even better, there will be a few people who would prefer to receive your emails and updates. You can tell the audience about your holiday promotions, recently displayed products, and the incoming brand events in your marketing emails. The best way of creating an email list is to establish a sign-up form on your landing page. Strikingly enables you to do that by creating a sign-up form on your landing page easily.

2. Develop a Website

A brand without a website is like a fish without water. Nowadays, you will not find a single brand on the internet that doesn’t have a website associated with it. Therefore, you shouldn’t think twice and build a brand website to showcase your seasonal promotions.

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A brand website will support your holiday promotions and help give a professional appearance to your online business. It will also enable your customers to have complete details about your background, current products, and services. Once you have completed the registration on Strikingly, you can check out all the innovative features required to build an effective website for your brand. All you need to do is select the best template for your business, and then your customization skills will do the rest.

3. Work on SEO

Once you have developed your website, you must implement the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices to ensure that your website gets recognized on the search engines, such as Google. When you create seasonal promotions on your website, ensure that you use the best possible keywords in the promotional content. You must write clear descriptions about your website and your seasonal marketing offers so that the Google bot recognizes them correctly. Even though your social media channels will be there to support promotional offers, but your website will be the focal point of your entire marketing campaign.

4. Create a YouTube Channel

There is nothing better for your seasonal promotions than opening a YouTube channel. In the earlier days, only a few marketers would pay attention to the importance of a YouTube channel or any mainstream media. With time passing by, marketers have understood that if they want to conduct holiday promotions effectively, they must own a YouTube channel at all costs.

create youtube channel

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It totally depends upon your own thinking about how you run your YouTube channel. You can showcase yourself in the video where you describe the trending seasonal offers and the offers you are giving to your customers. Or, you can create video animations that display the seasonal offers you are willing to give. If you have just started a YouTube channel, you can tell other YouTube influencers to talk about your seasonal offers, which may bring the audience to your channel.

5. Build a Brand Community

If you develop an online brand community, it is another alternative for promoting your seasonal offers. The importance of seasonal promotions can be seen because it has a great say in your brand’s reputation. For those who don’t know what a brand community is, it is a platform where different consumers and users interact and discuss the products and services of a particular brand.

The customers have open venues to give their feedback about the seasonal offers that the website owner is providing. One good thing about this platform is that customers can resolve each other’s issues about the brand. The brand community on Strikingly goes by “Idea Forum”. Different customers join to share their experiences and ideas about us and web development.


Seasonal promotions are not like the cup of tea that you have every day. They have a specific time, and for that, you have to be mentally ready as a marketing person. If you can promote your seasonal offers successfully, it will only bode well for your brand image. The most important thing you should consider is that the common denominator regarding all of your promotional channels is your website. Therefore, you must pay strict attention to it and keep it up-to-date.

If you are still looking to build a professional website for your business, Strikingly is here to tick all of your boxes. Make sure that you visit Strikingly today and get down to work to build an excellent website for your brand. If everything goes according to the plan, your business website will be active within a couple of hours.