holiday marketing campaign

Usually, the behavior of the customers is unprecedented during the holiday period. However, it is also essential to look at these things from a business perspective. Hence, it is crucial to establish a creative holiday marketing campaign to manage the business revenue properly. A well-established marketing strategy can benefit from injecting a massive boost in online sales and retaining customers by providing ideal customer service.

It is not a secret that more than half of your expenditure during the holiday season is associated with purchasing gifts and related holiday products. An ideal holiday campaign will engage customers as they have done lots of analysis regarding the kind of product they want to buy or the services they wish to attain.

Strategies for a Marketing Campaign

With the right tactics and strategies, you can make your holiday season memorable through your brand. You cannot just go into the holiday season thinking that something is better than nothing. You simply cannot believe that if you cannot attract many audiences, some people will definitely come to your platform. This will result in negligence from your side, and soon, you will also fail to retain your loyal customers. Below, we have shared some of the most fundamental strategies for your holiday campaign.

1. Personalize your Website

The creative holiday marketing campaigns represent almost 30% of the annual online sales for all the businessmen. Thus, it gives an ideal boost in revenue for the business owners. Therefore, if you can personalize your website correctly, it can be suitable for your holiday campaign. For example, if you have a home page of a big incoming event, such as Christmas, or any carnival, it will result in a high level of engagement, which increases the user experience.

personalize your website

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You can add certain elements that give a unique identity to your website to make your website fresh, especially during holidays. During holidays, you can improve your marketing campaign by including the festive call to action (CTA). By involving them, you can ensure that your customers get into the shopping spirit straight away. Make sure that you use the right color for your CTA to generate the most transactions possible.

If we talk about personalization, Strikingly is a platform that comes very handy in this regard. We provide different kinds of templates with unique layouts and elements. Each of the templates has specific functions integrated within their template, which you can customize as per your need.

2. Reward VIP Customers

If you have Pro or VIP customers on a website, you cannot just keep them under the same umbrella as the other customers who just come to your platform for a little while. If you consider the best holiday marketing campaign examples, they reward their VIP customers early access before the campaign starts. You can follow the same wavelength by giving your loyal customers a similar kind of protocol. If you can give them a healthy discount on certain products, they will feel special. Moreover, you can send email campaigns with the discount rate to them.

If you want to be a VIP customer, Strikingly has subscription plans for you. A VIP Customer has a paid subscription of $49 per month. As a website owner, once you create paid membership on your site, your visitors can pay subscriptions regularly to become members. As a result, you can give special access to paid-only content to these respective customers. A paid membership is ideal for selling paid-only content or subscription product. You can create five tiers of a paid membership on a VIP plan and include around 2000 members.

3. Holiday Giveaways

Holiday giveaways are ideal holiday marketing campaign tips to create engagements with customers and reach out to new followers. Moreover, you can create hype about any up-and-coming event. Apart from that, if you can tell your customers to subscribe, like, or share your content, it will be an ideal brand management strategy to increase your engagements. By using promotions and giveaways, you can create interest and generate sales regarding your products or services.

4. Mobile Marketing Strategy

It is reported that around 61% of the incoming website traffic towards retail sales was from mobile phones. It means that most of your users prefer to go shopping for the products through their mobile phones. This makes mobile marketing one of the biggest holiday marketing campaign tips and increases the importance of making your platform available on mobile phones. You can consider the best mobile design inspirations to design your mobile app.

mobile marketing strategy

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By optimizing your mobile app during the holiday season, you can drive sales conversion and ensure an ideal customer experience. Moreover, you can continue to revamp your SEO strategy regarding mobiles and preview your incoming deals.

With Strikingly, you will have the option of making your marketing campaigns work across multiple devices. The reason is that the websites you build on Strikingly are responsive for both mobile and desktop users.

5. Video Marketing

Have you ever wondered if video marketing can also be one of the great holiday marketing campaign tips? If you don’t, consider it an option because there is nothing better than communicating your holiday message in the form of a video. A video website will enable you to market not just your subscription products but your overall brand.

the video marketing

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Recently, we have seen how the video campaigns have resulted in an increased average order value. In fact, numerous people have said that the paid advertisements on Facebook have made it easy to purchase the product. Therefore, it is essential to make videography part of your holiday campaign.

6. Partnership with Influencers

If you look at the most extensive holiday marketing campaign examples worldwide, the partnership with influencers is considered the most prioritized among the marketing strategies. Furthermore, it is seen that 17% of the organizations spend 50% of their marketing budget on their partnership with the influencers.

Many companies believe that influencers have more substantial input in a business as compared to the business owner. The influencers can create a buzz around social media regarding your brand. Other respective brands will also look into the content you post on your channels for the shopping events around the corner. Influencers can give exposure by reaching out to niche audiences that can be beneficial in an increased conversion rate. They will enable you to interact with new audiences and increase brand awareness.

7. Free Gifts

free puppy cards

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You can create a successful holiday marketing campaign by integrating free gifts within each purchase during the holiday season. It will be ideal for making the holiday season memorable and giving away stuff for free. It will make your customers feel special. You can also make good use of your customer experience by providing them with something that doesn’t bring any weightage to your shipping policy. For example, if there are no shipping costs with a product, the customer will most likely buy it.

8. User-Generated Content

As with any marketing campaign, content is crucial. It is vital to have user-generated content as part of your plans for a successful holiday marketing campaign. If you can create ideal product descriptions or descriptions regarding the services you will provide, your users will be influenced by it and willing to share it with their relatives. Your holiday campaign strategy is considered successful if the users start sharing your generated content with their friends and relatives.

user generated content

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Today, 85% of the customers tend to find user-generated content more influential than brand-promoting content. If you consider the content recommended by the shoppers, it improves your brand’s reputation and increases your online sales. For ideal user-generated content, you must make sure that you build your content around your selected channels and message your customers during different campaign stages. Moreover, you should have a main landing page that gives all the information regarding your seasonal offers.


Holidays are the best time to make a marketing plan, creating an emotional connection with your target audience. Once you do customer segmentation for a customized experience, it will make your campaigns easy to share. Moreover, you will ensure a successful holiday marketing campaign when you deliver the best deals that are consistent across all of your social media channels.

Having an ideal marketing strategy is an insurance policy for a successful holiday campaign. Moreover, if you have a perfect platform like Strikingly, it will increase your chances of making your campaign a success. Strikingly has multiple tools at its disposal to alter the style of your website. If you want to add sections to your holiday website, it will give a more visual look. Once you realize that the holidays are around the corner, you can head to Strikingly, register yourself, and create a website to deliver your campaigns. By doing this, you will be in a position to enjoy maximum success during the holiday season.