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Are you someone who has a passion for make-up and hairdos? Do you dream of having your own space where you can flaunt your hairstyles and make-up tutorials? Then, learning these helpful steps in creating a salon website might be the best weapon for you.

Why Create a Salon Website?

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Running a salon is every beautician’s dream. Who wouldn't have their own space where they can freely share their skills, right? But here’s our pro tip: running your salon website is even better.

Why? We, in Strikingly, got you the best answers.

1. Gains Customer Trust

Clients play the most crucial role in gaining the recognition you’ve been wanting. Their feedback on your performance can help a lot in getting more customers for your salon business. Creating a website for your salon can help you build a stronger connection with your customer. Having your salon website enables you to show customers how your salon business is currently doing easily. You can post updates, blogs, share videos and promos on your salon website, which can quickly get your viewer’s attention. Once they see that you are actively participating in the online community, they will immediately have that impression of you being dedicated to providing them the utmost service. Generally, learning how to create a salon website gives you the chance to show your target market that you are not afraid of showing transparency.

2. Easy Appointment Setting

Most consumers nowadays live a hectic life. This makes them want to purchase products/services which they can get easily and quickly. Having a website for your salon can help you gather more customers who seek an immediate response. By building a salon website, potential customers can easily reach out to you whenever they have concerns regarding your services. A salon website can help you manage your time and availability by simply posting on your salon website homepage. You can let customers pick the time and date they want to go to your shop easily. Learning how to create a salon website also saves you from customer complaints due to overlapping schedules.

3. Stay on Track

The world of business continuously grows as time goes by. This is evident through the rise of various platforms which offer digital marketing services. With the pandemic still on the rise, it is only essential for business strategies to adjust in this kind of marketing. From virtual shopping applications to online food delivery websites, everything is almost evolving. This also applies to the beauty and fashion industry, specifically the salon business. Many salon owners and even freelancers are setting up their game to the next level by entering the world of eCommerce. Everyone is doing their best to ensure that their customers are satisfied with the kind of service they receive. If you genuinely want that recognition from your clients, why not grab the chance of leveling things up right?

What to Put on Your Salon Website?

Now that you’ve learned the benefits you can get from mastering how to create a salon website, what should you put on it? Well, worry no more cause we in Strikingly sorted it all out for you.

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Below are the top elements you should never miss when learning the steps in creating a salon website.

1. About Me Page

What’s the best way to start a salon website? By introducing yourself. Customers find it extra appealing if businesses know how to showcase themselves. When learning how to create a salon website, never forget to include an About Me page. An About Me page is a whole website page that contains your company and what it does. You can include headshots of you as the owner and your team’s. In some cases, businesses also include their mission, vision, company goals, photos, company logo, and even statements from team members.

Adding an About Me page on your salon website helps give a pleasant first impression to your website visitors. It makes potential customers see that people in your teamwork together passionately and possess a positive character that they would love.

2. High-Quality Photos

Photos make any salon website more eye-pleasing. Adding high-quality photos to your salon website is one aspect you should never miss. When creating your website for the salon, consider investing in the professional services of a photographer to take photos of your shop. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can simply take decent photos using your phone and upload them on your salon website. Adding photos on your salon website makes it easier for your potential customers to know what happens when someone transacts with you. You can post photos of your salon, your workers in-action, and before and after snippets of your previous clients (with their consent of course!).

Posting these high-quality photos makes it easier for clients to trust you and your services. At the same time, you are also slowly building a place where you can easily turn back time on memories to keep you inspired when working. Sounds awesome, right?

3. Add a Logo

Having a unique identity is another essential element you should include when learning to create a salon website. What’s one thing to do? Design your logo!

Logos are specially designed signature stamps of a business. Customers easily identify a business by simply looking at its name and design. When you start designing a website for a salon, always make sure that you include a logo. You can put this on your website header and even use it as a favicon easily—just like how our users do it in their Strikingly website!

4. Your Services

A salon website isn’t complete without a services page. A services page is simply a dedicated website page for all your services. Here, your audience should easily browse the list of the services your business can offer them. You can also include the price range and other information they will need when transacting with you.

With us in Strikingly, you can easily add sections for your salon website and display all the services you are offering. You can even add a pricing table easily and set up an online payment method for your clients. Amazing, isn’t it?

5. Call-To-Actions

Call-to-Action buttons are essential for every website. These are buttons placed on your salon website pages that tell website viewers what action to do. Some examples for these are “Buy Now”,” Book Now”, “Join Now”, and “Sign Up”. The Booking Section is one main component of your salon website. This will serve as the bridge that will connect you to your potential customer. Adding a “Book Now” button can make it easier for your viewers to connect with you and set up an appointment immediately. When creating your website for salon, ensure that your call-to-action buttons, specifically the “Book Now” button, are placed on the areas where your clients can easily see it.

Call to Actions are often linked to another connection webpage on your salon website, which tells your audience what further action they can take. CTA buttons not only help in making navigation clear for potential customers but also aids in pushing website viewers down the sales funnel.

6. Contact Information

Your contact information is another essential in making your salon website more functional. When making your website for salon, always dedicate a page for your contact information. Include all relevant contact data like contact numbers, email addresses, social media accounts, and even an attached Google map location of your physical shop. By doing this, potential clients can easily reach out to you whenever they need something.

Easy Steps in Creating a Salon Website with Us!

Strikingly is among the few website builders that offer the best website building solutions at an affordable set of prices. You can even start your free website and upgrade it whenever you want. We also have various features you can get when you start today, from free website themes to reliable, one-chat away customer support. We all have that in Strikingly!

To help you get started, here’s a quick guide on how you can start creating your salon website with us.

1. Pick Your Template

Themes and templates play an essential role in making your salon website more gorgeous. When making your salon website, only pick the template that best suits you and your business. Keep it simple and avoid overdesigned layouts. Most clients love it when a website design is simple yet charismatic.

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After signing up for a free account, Strikingly will redirect you to our free collection of website templates. This is now your time to choose the website theme which captures your heart. Select your template, and start customizing. Add your website name, some captions, your business logo, and photos.

2. Choose a Domain

Your salon website URL is one important factor in ensuring discoverability among website users. If you want to have the best domain, make sure that it conveys your brand and can be easily understood by your clients. The best domains are usually made up of short words, creatively combined letters, and easily read.

With us in Strikingly, you can easily create your own domain, and connect it to your Strikingly website. We also accept domain transfers.

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3. Add Sections

After you’re done deciding on your salon website template and domain, customize your website with sections. We in Strikingly allow our users to manage their websites and design however they want. They can add a section by selecting from our various options like contact form, sign up form, features list, pricing table, gallery, blog, and many others. They can even turn their webpage into a Simple Store by just selecting the Simple Store Section option.

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4. Make it Mobile-Optimized

Mobile optimization is one powerful weapon any salon website can have. Nowadays, people spend most of their time browsing their phones and even using them as their main object. Mobile phones play an important part in buying food, purchasing products, and even booking salon appointments. When learning how to create a website for salon, always make sure that you also know how to make your salon website mobile-friendly. Doing this step does not only help your clients but also helps you easily manage your website through your phone wherever you are.

One of the most notable features we give our users is the capability to optimize their content to make their website mobile-friendly. They can easily switch from desktop view to mobile view by selecting the Phone toggle in the editor toolbar. And within seconds, they can now access and organize their website content and see how it would look when viewed on mobile devices.

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After learning the important ideas to include on your salon website, it’s now time for you to make the most important decision—choosing the best website builder.

Website builders are the ones responsible for making your dream website come to life. They are the one who gives you everything you need to host an awesome salon website. There are a ton of website builders which you can choose from. Each has its uniqueness, which can either help you reach your dreams or, sadly, give you the opposite. With us in Strikingly, we only assure you nothing but happiness and company—Happiness in achieving your goals as a business owner without having that much trouble. And a reliable company that will guide you on making things work easily on your salon website.

Want to learn more about eCommerce and website building? Chat with us today!