It’s a situation we’ve seen many times before. A salon website built and then left to its devices, never to be updated. We get it. A social media page is much easier to manage than an actual website. Who has the time to build a site and update it regularly when you can create a following for your hairstyling services through your social media networks? But did you know that most clients look for your website and your salon through search engines? A non-existent, or worse, outdated website can hurt your ability to attract new clients more than you think.


Your hair salon web site is your digital representation. With the right kind of tools, you can create an online space that will perfectly reflect your salon’s image. Here are other reasons why your beauty business requires a website.

1. Turn loyal clients out of website traffic

Hairdressing salon websites on Strikingly use their space to collect email address and contact information from visitors. By adding a section inviting users to sign up for their newsletter, business owners can send subscribers discount vouchers and other exclusive promos via email. If you want to expand your clientele, running campaigns like this could turn your site traffic into quality leads.

2. Website traffic data supports social media campaigns


Hair salon websites can also be a good source of traffic data that will potentially power your social media marketing campaigns. Strikingly’s integrated site analytics tool gives you an overview of your site’s visitors, where they are coming from, their age and device. You can also add Google Analytics for a more granular look into your site’s performance and get more streamlined data for more targeted Facebook ads.

3. Salon websites complete your online image

Adding your social media accounts on your hair salon website and enabling social share features allow you to create a more cohesive online image. Website visitors can be directed to your Facebook page if they want to chat with you, for instance, or you can even answer their questions through a chatbot on your site. Social share capabilities allow users to share your content with their network, thereby increasing your reach.

Beauty salon websites that use the same color palette as the salon’s social media pages also helps create brand recognition. Social media followers can easily identify your account and your brand in a sea of similar posts by selecting a consistent color scheme across all your online platforms.

4. Use your salon website to display positive reviews and Instagram feeds

Extend the features of Strikingly’s salon web templates by adding a social stream section that lets you display your Facebook and Instagram feed to your website. This helps keep your site content updated every time you update your social media pages. This minimizes the need to create new content on your website every so often.

You can also add a section to display positive reviews and client testimonials. These types of content are the best way to advertise your expertise. Show off glowing recommendations from clients so potential visitors are made aware of how good a hairstylist you are.

5. Having updated content and a mobile friendly website can get you on top of Google searches

Everyone knows that Google is the current go-to for answers to queries on virtually anything you can think of. This includes hair salon recommendations. Google has the ability to drive traffic to your website. More traffic means more chances of booking potential clients.

Strikingly’s salon websites templates are mobile responsive so by just having a website with this platform, you’ve already fulfilled one important ranking factor. Having quality and well-optimized content on your website along with backlinks from reputable websites are what you need to work on next.