Nail salon website

Pretty. Polished. Playful. At the end of our fingers are tiny canvases that just make life a little more fun. Coloring our nails or just simply keeping them clean is a simple yet amusing act of grooming. And these days, looking good and feeling good are very essential (even if we're mostly staying at home!)

At the heart of every nail salon is the need to refine the way we present ourselves - from the shiny gloss of our hair down to the style of our fingernails. Our nails serve as the final touch on our overall look. And without decent nail treatment, we might compromise a bit of our self-confidence.

Nail salons fill our nail treatment needs and more. Other nail salons offer more than simple manicures and pedicures, they also offer the exquisite craft of nail art.

Applying fun, bright colors on our nails just adds that needed flair for a youthful look. So most nail salons are now in the mood for promoting basic nail services, as well as nail painting techniques that pin them at the top of the competition.

But just like our fingertips, competing across thousands of nail salon websites is like a war on a slope - get too close at the edge and you'll risk dropping to the bottom of the pit. You wouldn't want that, don't you? So for your nail salon website, you need a website builder that you can trust, you can customize, and you can optimize up to its full potential.

Don't sweat about your nail salon website design because Strikingly has many website templates for you to choose from. But there are still a couple of steps you need to follow to make your nail salon website before you can even say - Nailed it!

Go Beyond the Beautiful

The best nail salon websites have one thing in common: they know how to make you feel beautiful. Have you ever browsed through a nail salon website's gallery and thought to yourself, "Wow! How Gorgeous!".

Leveraging on the concept of beauty and grooming is perhaps one of the best social capitals a nail salon website has. And it goes beyond the boundaries of femininity too, as everyone in the world needs proper nail treatment on a regular basis.

Dolce website

Image taken from Strikingly product

So what does going beyond the beautiful mean on a nail salon website? A nail shop website is all visual presentation, but you shouldn't limit it to just that. We're talking about structure, site navigation, accessibility, convenience, responsiveness, and organization of information. Too much? Let's break it down.

Look at the image above and think about what values that nail salon website represent. The background is a clean, pale white broken only by hints of green on some words. To the right, there's a plant, nothing too fancy, but what does it usually symbolize?

If you answered "Natural" or "Organic", then you're correct. Just by looking at Dolce's homepage, it's very easy to tell that their brand is all about the organic treatment and natural approaches to grooming.

  • Site Navigation

Another thing we mentioned is site navigation. Basically what that means is that everyone visiting your site should know where to go and how to get there.

Think of site navigation as a compass. The direction must be clear and visible. You can refer back to the previous image and see how easy it is to spot the menus. It's placed right at the top of the page, in big, bold, black letters, making it easy to see and to click through.

  • Responsiveness

Next, we mentioned responsiveness. Nail spa websites design are often filled with high-quality images to showcase nail treatment services. A nail salon website, just like any type of website out there, should also be made to adapt to a responsive interface.

Think about the many types of devices out there. We have laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be for your visitors if your nail salon website only works properly on one type of device?

Your nail salon website shouldn't just be beautiful, it must also be responsive enough to adapt to different types of devices.

  • Organization of Information

Look through different nail salon websites examples on the internet. A lot of nail salon websites are not built on visuals alone. Many websites also flourish in terms of written content, so it's important to organize information in a way that is useful for the visitors.

Feedback form

Image taken from Strikingly product

On the image above, you can see how a map is integrated into the page. This helps in making information about the location and address of your nail salon much easier to visualize.

On the left of the page, there is the "Contact Us" form. This is one of the most integral sections of your nail salon website and may even be the page where customers spend the most time in.

There is a clear call-to-action phrase above and a form field that allows visitors to send-in their personal information and message. The contact us page is also essential in terms of converting visitors into potential customers.

Newsletter signup

Image taken from Strikingly product

Another example is this sign-up form to receive newsletters. If you're planning to publish relevant content or blogs on your nail salon website, then you can ask your customers to sign-up for your newsletter. Just make sure to provide a clear call-to-action statement.

Organizing information shouldn't only be concentrated on the information you provide on your website, but also in terms of exhanging data and communicating between your customers.

Building Your Nail Salon Website With Strikingly

Now that you're aware of the fundamentals of creating a stellar nail salon website, it's time to dive into the web development process. It's normal to feel intimidated by the technical terms and jargon when creating a site, but we have great news for you.

Strikingly serves as a free salon website builder for entrepreneurs in the nail salon business. It provides all the tools and functions business owners need to launch a nail salon website.

The best thing about Strikingly is that it also goes beyond the beautiful. Strikingly doesn't only provide tools that allow users to customize the style and layout of the site, but also gives a robust web structure that is adaptable and responsive across various devices.

To start creating your nail salon website, just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a Template

Did we already mention that Strikingly has a wide array of website template selection? The great thing about this website builder is that it shortens the process of developing a nail salon website by giving users pre-built templates.

You can select any of Strikingly's nail salon website templates and start from there.

Nail salon website template

Image taken from Strikingly product

To apply some customizations, you can edit your chosen template using the left-side menu. As you can see from the image above, the template is already divided into different sections, corresponding to each page on the website.

You can "Add New Section" or "Add New Page", whichever is necessary for you. You also have the choice to add external links to your website.

At the top of the menu, you can see four square panels: Style, Add Store, Audience, and Settings. For all matters concerning the visual appearance of your nail salon website, just select style and change settings based on your preferences.

If you're working on your homepage, you can choose to add a background image to highlight your services. Just click on "Background" at the top-right corner and select "Upload Image".

You can also add your own logo to the page and add as much text as you like. You can change the font and the font style of your text to get a contrast on the background image.

Once you're happy with your homepage, you can move to the other sections of your website.

  1. Add Your Services

Nail salon websites are incomplete without a comprehensive display of services.

Strikingly Product Page

Image taken from Strikingly product

To add services, go to "Store" from the left-side menu. Then select "Products".

As you can see from the image above, you have the option to select product types such as Physical, Service, and Digital Download. Choose Service.

You can now add different services on your nail salon website. Just add a photo as an example of the service, give it a remarkable product name, a good photo, and of course, a well-detailed description.

Once you're done adding all your services to your website, you can go back to the pages you've made and see if there are any errors in design or spelling.

Once you're totally satisfied, just hit "Publish", and your nail salon website is good to go.

Running a nail salon isn't just about being beautiful but going beyond it. Once you've learned everything that makes a website unique, you can apply that during your web development process to get successful results. With Strikingly, it's easy to nail these concepts and keep them running for a long time.