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Nowadays, almost every website owner understands the importance of responsive eCommerce websites. With time, we are reaching a point where it will be impossible for us to keep up with the innovative resolutions and devices in web design and creativity. Making a website for each and every resolution would bring problems not just within your eCommerce website but also your computer.

Nowadays, almost half of internet usage takes place through mobile versions of eCommerce websites. Desktops come second to the mobile version, with internet usage of around 43%. The remainder of the percentage is associated with tablets, which doesn’t have much importance in the market today. The majority of the people access the websites on their mobile phones. Therefore, the website owners have the utmost responsibility of ensuring a good mobile website experience.

Why Do you Need a Website That is Responsive?

With the increasing statistic of mobile users in the digital world, organizations around the world need to establish a mobile version of their websites. Without the mobile version, your company won’t be that appealing, and you will lose a large chunk of traffic due to this incompetence. So why do you need a responsive website? For your understanding, we have shared some of the factors that contribute to its importance.

1. Number of Mobile Users

One of the biggest reasons behind the importance of responsive eCommerce websites is the increasing number of mobile users in the digital market. Today, 51.12% of the website traffic comes from visitors’ mobile phones, which is 3% more than what it was in 2020. The way things are going, it looks increasingly likely that this statistic will go up further at the end of 2021.

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The increased number of mobile users has also increased the efforts of Strikingly to maintain an ideal user experience for mobile users. This is extremely important in the eCommerce industry, where an online platform is crucial for the welfare of a business. Even though creating a professional website has never been this easier with Strikingly, maintaining a successful business requires hard work. After all, numerous mobile users may also turn out to be online shoppers.

2. Shopping on Mobile Devices

As we know that more than half of the earth’s population has a mobile phone associated with it, but have you noticed that how much of this population are also massive advocates of online shopping? In fact, in 2017, it was reported that 1.7 billion around the world do online shopping. This figure may rise up to 2.15 billion at the end of 2021. This shows the importance of responsive eCommerce websites.

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When you build an online store, you must ensure that your website is responsive to meet the demands of the public doing online shopping. With the increased number of online purchases, you must have a proactive approach to ensure that your customers have a positive perspective about your online store. As online purchases continue to increase, a responsive design isn’t just a requirement; it is necessary for your business now.

3. Search Engines

Responsive web design is one of the biggest talking points in the eCommerce industry for quite some time now. It seems that even search engine optimizers around the world feel that a responsive design is crucial to a high score of search engine optimization (SEO) for a website. Have you ever wondered about the reason behind this importance?

Most internet search engines favor responsive eCommerce websites. As they can respond quickly and be smoothly accessed by customers, the search engines prioritize them over other website categories. The search engines in this regard include Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They prefer those websites that have a good user experience. Easy accessibility and improved readability are two of the features that a responsive design brings to a customer. They also have substantial input in your website’s SEO.

4. Power of Social Media

Most businesses around the world understand the importance of social media. Regardless of the type of business they own, they always put their social media handles on their websites to contact them. You should follow the same wavelength and ensure social media integration on your platform. Social media has become more important for a business’ welfare than ever before. For the advertisement of your responsive eCommerce website, you must have at least one social media channel.

The most talked-about habits for mobile users are text messages, voice recording, gaming, etc. However, no one has thought that social networking is also under the same umbrella. Therefore, when you promote your responsive website, make sure to add promotional content alongside it. A great number of visitors coming to your platform originate from mobiles. Therefore, a responsive design will be key to ensuring a positive perspective from them.

5. User Experience

One of the key benefits of responsive eCommerce website design is that it improves user experience. As we have told you about the increasing number of mobile users in the digital world, it has also resulted in an increased number of complaints from mobile users. These mobile users complain about the particular features that are not optimized for mobile phones. These frustrations may make it difficult for you to handle your client’s expectations.

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Strikingly ensures a great user experience for modern website models as well as premium website models. All of the website templates found in Strikingly’s collection are responsive on multiple versions. Its user-centric design methodology enables the website owners to customize their website according to user activity and the respective device. Moreover, they look at the screen resolution and the displayed information to ensure that the visitors regard that website highly.

6. Cost Savings

If we talk about the return on investment (ROI), responsive web design is always one step ahead of the strategy in which you have to build two different versions of the same website. If we elaborate, if you want to build an adaptive design of a responsive eCommerce website, you will have to consider the static layouts that are built-in for six common screen widths.

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This means that by going for an adaptive design, you will have a lot of work on the table. You have to make changes to all the layouts of your platform whenever you go for an update, such as adding a blog post, new product launches, discounts, etc. If you go for two separate websites of the same version, you will be going through the same storyline. You will have to invest highly in keeping both of the versions up-to-date and in working order. Depending on the type of eCommerce website you own, you may consume thousands of US dollars.

Responsive design ticks all the boxes for a website owner. You will have to invest little in giving the same kind of user experience as you will be in two different desktop versions of the same website.

7. Improved Site Speed

It is not a secret that a responsive website also has an ideal website speed. When you establish a responsive eCommerce website, every penny and second counts. This phrase isn’t just applicable in the business world, but time actually holds a lot of importance for a business website. Responsive design doesn’t just give you quality content, but it also improves the website speed. Therefore, your website will experience a very low bounce rate.

If your website takes a long time to load, your customers will not wait for that long. They will hardly wait for a couple of seconds before moving on to another relatable website. When you build a business website, make sure to conduct website speed optimization to check its efficiency.

8. Improved Conversion Rate

One of the biggest benefits of responsive eCommerce website designs is that it improves the conversion rate. The increased conversion rate results from a healthy user experience due to changes made to the website’s overall design. Responsive design will be able to tick all the boxes for a high-quality online shopping experience. Therefore, your customers will be able to enjoy efficient browsing, improved usability, and readability. Therefore, make your customers happy and see consistency in your platform’s conversion rate.


The reasons to establish a responsive eCommerce website, alongside a responsive eCommerce web design, are not the only ones contributing to an evolving mobile environment. Responsive platforms help in a healthy user experience. However, it is not the solution for every desktop or computer. With the innovative technological advancements around the corner, you should effectively work on new products, services, and applications to improve the user experience.

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If you rely on a stupendous platform, such as Strikingly, there is not a chance that your platform will go in the wrong direction. Apart from making your website responsive, we have a collection of high-quality templates for you to choose from. If you want any kind of help in this regard, our Happiness Officers are here to help. You can go to our chat support, which is available 24/7. Head over to Strikingly today and create your responsive website for free.