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Enter the digital era where being a content creator is becoming more and more popular. What was once an industry reserved for those who have gone into film school and took the formal education necessary, these days it’s not that difficult. Almost anyone with a camera and an internet connection can make a video with them in it and upload it online. This process is called vlogging, where you create a video about yourself where you talk about food, games, travel destinations, makeup, fitness, mental health (almost anything under the sun, really) and upload it online.

The most popular avenue to upload your reaction video is via Youtube, however, some people go the extra mile and proceed to make their own website and subsequently upload their videos there as well. Before we get into it, let’s talk about what a reaction video really is, the reasons for making one yourself, and how making money online via these videos are gaining popularity.

What Is a Reaction Video?

If you’ve ever watched a video on Youtube that features someone doing a product review or livestreaming to a video or a game, then you’ve already watched a reaction video. A reaction video is a video recording of a person or a group of people reacting to something. In some cases, the people involved are unaware that they are being recorded. One example is prank videos that take up a good portion of the humor genre, where those being pranked don’t know that they’re being filmed.

You might wonder when did reaction videos became a thing. And although the phenomenon grew more popularity during the quarantine, it actually all started way back in 2007 according to The New York Times Magazine, where one absurd video made other people react to it and post their reactions online. Since then, more genres started to pop up and the rise of reality TV continues to grow.

Reaction Video Ideas to Try

  • Video games: With people spending more time at home, there has also been a rise of the gaming industry’s popularity. One reaction video to try is filming yourself playing the video game.This serves as a walk-through for viewers who want to play the game but either don’t have the time to or don’t have the means to play the actual game. If the game is of the horror genre, viewers may also want to feel like they’re playing the game with a companion (you).
  • Music videos: Remember back in the days where you waited for MTV’s top 10 to watch your favorite song’s music video? Well in the age of the internet, music videos uploaded online are a dime a dozen. You can choose to react to your favorite artist’s music videos if you want to show them your support or you want to suggest ways you think they might have been done better. Either way, your favorite musician might just notice you and the time you took to creation a reaction video for their work of art.
  • Video comments: If you’re already a vlogger, you would want to interact as much as possible to your audience to maximize engagement. This includes replying to their comments on your video. Sometimes, however, we know how absurd the comment section can be. Be it your own upload or others’, creating a reaction video to video comments can be a good source of entertainment for viewers.
  • Reaction videos: That’s right, reacting to reaction videos are also a unique source of content. Sort of like an inception, reacting to others’ videos can be amusing. It’s also a way to voice out your opinions regarding what it is they’re reacting to, if your views differ and you want to express your own. You can also use this to collaborate with other vloggers within your niche.
  • Different challenges: One of the most entertaining things to watch are video challenges. Sometimes, though, they can be pretty intense. For example, you can challenge another person to eat extremely spicy food, and you subsequently react to how they took the challenge. Another example is challenging someone to see whoever can keep their eyes open without blinking. These types of videos can be really funny and entertaining to watch.
  • TV Shows: We all are a sucker for good TV. Whether it’s a series or a reality show, commenting on a TV show can always garner views for your video. Other people who are also fans of the show or those who are looking to see what to watch next will find your reaction video helpful and entertaining as well.
  • Movie Trailers: This reaction video is going to help you discuss ideas with other people in the industry. Since you are technically in the world of film as well, reacting to movie trailers can help connect you to other people in the industry.

Why Make Reaction Videos

Aside from an avenue to build your brand and following, making money online is possible by uploading a reaction video. It could be that one of your videos get viral and you can call it a day, or you can make several reaction videos regularly, stick to that niche, and have a target audience that will subscribe to your reactions for the years to come. Did you know that young ones nowadays see being an influencer (usually a Youtuber) as a real job? That’s because, as mentioned, making money online by uploading great quality content in the form of written word or videos can be really lucrative. In fact, according to, the most famous video influences can rake in as much as $18 million dollars like Jeffree Star or $21.5 million dollars like Jake Paul.

Why Do People Watch Reaction Videos

The reason why reaction videos are so popular is because they allow people to live vicariously through other people’s experiences. It is a way to recapture the primary experience without actually having to be in it. Since human beings are social creatures, a reaction video is also a way to relate to other people and connect with them by sharing an experience in the form of video. A reaction video makes you feel that you have a shared moment with the person reacting, and they are designed to capture human emotions such as surprise, awe, happiness, and even fear. Perhaps one reason people watch these types of videos as well is because they bleed authenticity, in which people’s reactions are hard to fake — and authenticity is always welcomed.

How to Make Reaction Videos

  1. Choose your reaction video maker

To make reaction videos that are top quality, having a video maker software that is easy to use will help you in the process. Popular examples include iMovie, Sony Vegas Pro, or Final Cut Pro.

  1. Upload your video online

Having an online platform where you can showcase your work of art is vital to your success as a vlogger. Normally, people upload their videos to YouTube to start. However, if you’re a blogger and your main audience comes from your blog, then uploading your reaction videos to your website will be more sensible. New vloggers who don’t have their own video website can also choose to set one up to expand their reach and build their brand across different platforms as well.

  1. Curate your reaction video website

The key to an effective video website is the ease of its use for you, the vlogger, and for your audience, your target market. By using Strikingly, one the best web-builders in the market, your dreams of making a mark in the vlogging world is more than possible. This is because Strikingly helps you add videos to your website from different platforms without using any code.

By using Strikingly’s paid membership feature, you can upload videos to your website and make your content exclusive to your members. You can start by following these simple steps:

A. In your site editor and click “Add New Section” in the tab.

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B. Click “Image & Media” and select the “Gallery” section.

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C. Select the “Add Video” tab, insert your video URL, and click “Save”.

D. You can also choose to add your video to “Big Media” section or other sections that support the video element as well.

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  1. Update your website regularly

Make sure to be consistent in publishing your videos. Stick to a schedule where your viewers can expect when a new reaction video from you. This allows you to build your brand and have a loyal following. When you think you’re ready, you can even sell your own products or merchandise online using Strikingly’s simple store feature.

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If you’re still having second thoughts about making a reaction video as well as a website, remember that life is too short and it’s the chances you didn’t take that will leave you wondering in the future. There is nothing to lose in going after you dreams and who knows, you just might be the next influencer who makes it big in the world of vlogging. Let our team at Strikingly help you set your very own reaction video website now; chat one of your happiness officers.