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Online gaming has become a popular activity nowadays. Everyone is playing some form of internet-based game either on Android, iOS, PC, or consoles, and the hype doesn’t seem to have any plans of stopping anytime soon. Together with these online games come some tightly knit gaming communities and gaming clans. Many of these gaming communities are building their own clan websites to show their enthusiasm and passion for their games.


Anyone can build their own webpage with their own clan web designs. You don’t need superior web development skills to make a clan web site. Strikingly’s collection of clan web designs and templates are pre-designed to accommodate the content requirements of gaming clan websites. The platform will equip you with the right kind of tools that can get your clan websites up for free. Zealmania (pictured above) is a good example of the kind of website you can build on Strikingly.

Before you start choosing and building your clan web designs - just like before fighting any raid boss in games, you need to be prepared with the right equipment, tools, and knowledge.

What are gaming clan websites for?

Gaming clan websites is an umbrella term that refers to all forms of niche resources dedicated to gaming clans and guilds, gaming fans, communities, game servers, web developers, and game reviews.

  • Gaming Websites for News and Information

A lot of times, gaming clan websites are used to deliver news and information about the game, gameplays, events, and other important topics. A lot of clan websites have walkthroughs and playthroughs about the latest updates of the game. Some game developers make their own websites to show how they make the game, what their plans are for the game, and how they respond to the communities playing the game.

Gaming websites for news and information range from small sites managed by a single person to huge websites by bigger teams. These gaming websites are essential for all kinds of games - may it be small independent games or large triple A games.

  • Representing an individual gamer or a team

Gaming clan websites can represent a single gamer with his or her community, or a whole team and their community. A lot of times, guilds have their own unique website with a unique clan web design representing what they stand for. Having a website as a gamer - whether professional or enthusiast - can be very helpful to showcase your gaming skills and yourself to attract viewers and maybe even sponsors. Having a professionally made website would increase those chances even more.

Some gaming websites are even portfolios of playthroughs of professional or enthusiast gamers. You can check out some pointers for creating a portfolio website here in case you want to make your gaming website a portfolio.

  • Community Forum and Guild Pages

Guilds, clans, and other forms of communities communicate in many forms. Most engage their communications in Discord. But the best guilds, clans and communities have their own clan websites with very catchy clan web designs to showcase their guild events and leaderboards.

A lot of MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) have clan wars, guild battles and guild raids. They can post news about their most recent achievements in their websites. Leaderboards of top damagers or top scorers of recent events can also be posted in the landing page.

Gaming communities are just more fun when there is a proper gaming clan website showcasing everyone’s achievements and game events, you can even make a forum to build an online community to increase your web engagement.

Did you know that with Strikingly, you don’t need to be extremely knowledgeable about coding and web designing because Strikingly provides the simplest of tools to assist you in web design? However, here is a beginner’s guide to intuitive web design to help you understand the process.

  • Merchandise for Gaming Clans

Most of the time, gaming clans earn profit by releasing exclusive merchandise. Together with the rest of the gaming clan website, a merchandise page through e-commerce is very common. Gaming clans can sell merch ranging from hoodies and t-shirts to water bottles and even gaming chairs. The merch usually reflects the brand of the gaming clan, which is then reflected in the clan web design of the gaming clan website.

If you wanna know some tips in integrating e-commerce to your website, read about it here.

How do I start my own gaming clan website?

  • Select a gaming website builder

Using a website builder simplifies the development of your own gaming website. With the right platform, you don’t have to worry about writing additional code to make your site functional. The site builder gets you started with all the tools you need to create content and add features according to the type of clan web designs you intend to create.

If you’re starting a site purely as a hobby, it is only understandable that you want to spend more time but less money on this pursuit. With Strikingly, it is possible to build a fully functional and free clan website with a very appealing clan web design, letting you dip your toes into website management and development without the heavy monetary investment.

You can read this article on choosing a free website creator for startups as jumping off point to choose your platform.

  • Determine what type of clan website you want to build

Once you have decided on a website builder, the next step in creating clan websites is identifying what type of site you are building in the first place. As mentioned above, there are different types of sites and content under this niche topic. You can create a gaming blog, a personal website if you’re a gamer, a game streaming site, a game guide and walkthrough website, or even a members only forum for like-minded gaming fans. Determine what you want to focus on because your choice of clan web design template will depend on the type of content you intend to put up.

  • Choose a website name or register a domain

With a gaming clan website, you can have fun when it comes to choosing domains or website names. The rule of thumb is to assign a domain name that describes what your website is about. However, if you check out many gaming websites, you will probably notice that they are being more creative and less descriptive in their choices of names. Choose a name that represents your content well but will catch people’s attention.


For a minimal fee, you can register your own custom domain or start with a free domain hosted by Strikingly. Acez Gaming went for the latter and chose to get a co-brand domain. But this doesn’t mean you are limited in your choice of names. You can still get the website name that you want as long as it has not been taken by another gamer or gaming group on this platform.

If you want to know more about domains, you can read an article about owning your domain here.

  • Start building your content

Finally, you can start working on your clan web design. Add vibrant and high quality images to attract your target audience. Make your website appear more legit and professional by creating your own branding and logo. Add a favicon to reinforce your brand.

The most important thing to remember when you make a clan website is that your website will be representing you - much like a digital calling card.

A very important part of your clan web design is the landing page. It will be the first thing to catch people’s attention. Here are a few landing page design ideas that can help you. After deciding about your landing page, you can work on the sections where the rest of your content will be on.

The content of your website will be crucial. Read about an Essential Guide to Writing Compelling Website Copy.

For instance, you can add a forum section if you want to build a means of communication and information exchange for your guild or clan. Add links to your game server or create a section for blogs if you’re looking to write regular articles on certain topics of the games you’re playing. Make sure to put up rules for your members so you can easily manage your clan. If you want to showcase your gaming VODs or playthroughs, make sure you set up a solid and responsive media page where your clan can easily check out your content. And lastly but most important of all, have fun building your own gaming website.

  • Link your Social Media

Lastly, it is very important to link your social media accounts - may it be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok - to your gaming website. In today’s digital era, it is common for brands to have several online spaces, and this makes you reach your community or viewers more quickly.

Communication is very essential in gaming communities no matter what kind of game is played. It is very common for members of this community to share their social media with each other. Hence it is very beneficial for you to link your social media to your gaming clan website.

To know more about the importance of Social Media integration to your website, read an article about the Key Reasons Why You Should Add Social Media and Twitter Feed on Website.

Take on the gaming world by storm with powerful clan web designs by Strikingly.