Online gaming has become a popular activity nowadays. Everyone is playing some form of internet-based game or another and the hype doesn’t seem to have any plans of stopping anytime soon. This makes it a perfect opportunity to create your own clan web designs and build your own site dedicated for enthusiasts.



But you don’t need superior web development skills to put up your own clan web site. Strikingly’s collection of clan web templates are pre-designed to accommodate the content requirements of gaming community sites. The platform will equip you with the right kind of tools that can get your site up for free. Zealmania (pictured above) is a good example of the kind of website you can build on Strikingly.

What is a gaming clan website?

Gaming websites is an umbrella term that refers to all forms of niche resources dedicated to gaming clans and guilds, gaming fans, communities, servers and web developers, and game reviews. They are created to provide relevant information on this niche topic as well as provide support for enthusiasts.

1. Select a gaming website builder

Using a website builder simplifies the development of your own gaming website. With the right platform, you don’t have to worry about writing additional code to make your site functional. The site builder gets you started with all the tools you need to create content and add features according to the type of clan website you intend to create.

If you’re starting a site purely as a hobby, it’s only understandable that you want to spend a lot of time and less money on this pursuit. With Strikingly, it is possible to build a fully functional and free clan website, letting you dip your toes into website management without the heavy monetary investment.

2. Determine what type of clan website you want to build

Once you have decided on a website builder, the next step in creating clan websites is identifying what type of site you are building in the first place. As mentioned above, there are different types of sites and content under this niche topic. You can create a gaming blog, a personal website if you’re a gamer, a game streaming site or even a members only forum for like-minded gaming fans. Determine what you want to focus on because your choice of clan web template will depend on the type of content you intend to put up.

3. Choose a website name or register a domain

With a gaming clan website, you can have fun when it comes to choosing domains or website names. The rule of thumb is to assign a domain name that describes what your website is about but if you check out many gaming websites, you will probably notice that they are more creative and less descriptive in their choices of names.


Acez Gaming

For a minimal fee, you can register your own custom domain or start with a free domain hosted by Strikingly. Acez Gaming went for the latter and chose to get a co-brand domain. But this doesn’t mean you are limited in your choice of names. You can still get the website name that you want as long as it has not been taken by another gamer or gaming group on this platform.

4. Start building your content

Finally, you can start working on your clan website template. Add vibrant and high quality images to attract your target audience. Make your website more legit by creating your own branding and logo. Add a favicon to reinforce your brand.

Work on the sections where your content will sit. For instance, you can add a forum section if you want to build a community of gamers. Add links to your game server or create a section for blogs if you’re looking to write regular articles on this topic. Make sure to put up rules for your members so you can easily manage your clan. And most important of all, have fun building your gaming website.

Take on the gaming world by storm with a powerful clan web designs by Strikingly.