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Shopping is a luxury. For some of us, it is one way of removing all the stress in our bodies. Visiting shops to get the items we desire gives us the satisfaction of pampering ourselves after a long, tiring week. As a shopper, you’d surely want to have the best shopping experience. Besides having a set of good quality product choices, the next thing you’d seek is a fast, reliable, and amazing customer experience from your chosen business.

The integration of modern technology has played an important role in the field of eCommerce. Businesses can now market their products and services to their chosen market through conducting digital services. With just one click, they can instantly give the best customer service which consumers seek.

Using techniques in giving the best customer shopping experience is essential in the field of eCommerce. With tight competition surrounding, you must know how to make yourself shine among the crowd. You have to equip yourself with the right set of weapons to win the battle. If you want to get that gold, you have to work hard for it. How to do that? By using smart retailing strategies.

But first, what is smart retail? How does it work? Can it really help me and my business reach our set of goals?

No need to worry because Strikingly gives you the best ideas in this blog.

What is smart retail?

Smart retail can be defined as the process of combining technology with your marketing strategy. It is a way of putting all genius technologies and using them as a tool in giving your consumers a more significant, smarter, and faster shopping experience. Companies also use smart retail solutions online in ensuring a safer shopping experience for their market, especially during times like this where going out is dangerous with a pandemic on the roll.

Smart retailing is one asset for any business. Not only can it speed up company revenue, but also help the firm to continue growing and adapt to our rapidly changing world. With technologies plus market demands being on constant changes, it is only a must for a business to be flexible, and continue expanding with the help of smart retail.


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Top smart retail technologies to upgrade your online shop experience

When you do smart retail, you also have to deal with the different smart retail technologies existing. It is important to know what are the best ones to use to help you perform well. You have to be keen on understanding each smart retail technologies present and find the best-suited one for your business.

To give you a better view of how smart retail technologies work, Strikingly listed them down for you. Keep in mind that you are doing retail solutions online to lessen the burden of doing your marketing strategies, not to add more reasons for you getting stressed out. So, choose the best one.

  1. Augmented Reality Shopping

Augmented Reality Shopping is one of the most used and well-known among smart retail technologies. With AR Shopping, different types of interactive devices and navigation are installed within a store to give a better shopping experience for every customer. Consumers are always curious about everything that they see making the use of AR seem like a “bait” for them to go and try your products. Not only does it add more excitement for every shopper upon entering the store, but also makes both marketing and increasing sales easily done.

The use of augmented reality systems became more in demand due to precautionary measures implemented against COVID-19. Even before the pandemic started, several brands have already embraced the beauty which AR-type of smart retail technologies has. Among these brands are American Apparel, Lacoste, Uniqlo, and IKEA.

  1. Cashier-Free stores

If there is one great thing that technology gave us, it's the invention of robotic devices. Robots are designed to function as a human company. They are primarily made to help individuals finish their work easily, in a shorter period of time. Tons of stores nowadays are using robots in providing services to their customers. From sending emails, coupons, system-generated emails, and even giving full virtual assistance to them, there is an intended robot that can do all of them.

Customer chat bots have also been one of the biggest hacks invented for any type of website. By designing one for your online shop, customers can easily get the information they need from you. Messaging has also been more preferred than calls by many consumers when it comes to asking for basic questions making chatbots highly in-demand for every website type.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Aside from robots, Artificial Intelligence, or simply AI, has also made drastic changes in the world of eCommerce. By mastering it, AI can help you do smart retail the right way. From doing demand forecasts, making smart retailing decisions, and building stronger connections towards your market, AI is one best answers.

One best example of this is Google Analytics. This is one retail solution online that is equipped with an “Analytic Intelligence” feature, which helps users in analyzing their websites data. It can even help you by giving insights on every change happening on your website, and how you can use every opportunity present. It can also give you notifications about your competitors, help you optimize websites, view conversion probabilities, and create smarter online shop goals.

Strikingly allows its users to use Google Analytics on Strikingly website. Upon enabling this feature, you can now easily monitor site activities on your online shop and get comprehensive website traffic reports without breaking too much sweat.


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The beauty of mobile retail solutions

Aside from all the smart technologies examples mentioned above, there is one best option that is suited for everyone, no matter what type of business you have.

Mobile retailing has become one of the fastest-growing modes of retailing used by many businesses. Why not? Almost everyone nowadays has their own smartphones and tablets which they use every day. Mobile phones can help us do tasks easily including online shopping and purchasing services. From food delivery to online schooling, it truly does the job.

Mobile retail solutions can offer any business a lot of benefits. How? Strikingly has the three best answers for you.

  • Easy store access. Everyone uses their phones every single chance they get. May it be playing games, sending messages, watching online videos, and even just simply scrolling on social media accounts. Using mobile retail solutions can help you access your store wherever you are, anytime you want. You can easily post updates on your online shop as well as answer customer queries without spending too much time in opening your website. You can even design your own website mobile application and use it for a more user-friendly approach. In just one click, customers can easily land on your website without having trouble opening their laptops and computers.
  • Attracts customers. Customers instantly fall in love with an online shop that has a smooth flow of navigation. Besides having good customer service, clients also seek convenience, especially when connecting with your online shop.

With mobile retail solutions, you can attract more customers and even convert them into your loyal online shop consumers. Once they find that your online shop can be accessed no matter where they are, anytime they wish, they will surely love it because who doesn’t want a smooth transaction, right?

  • Builds enhanced marketing channel. Another hidden gem of mobile retail solutions is that they can serve as a bridge towards creating a new marketing channel for your online shop. The invention of iBeacons, or sensors that help in interacting with nearby mobile devices has made a more reliable and personalized shopping experienced. Signals on mobile devices can deliver various deals as well as promotions, which can then combine an actual retail store to the world of online shopping. It also has the power to provide push notifications that can be used to remind users that they left an item on their online shop cart and haven’t checked out yet. These mobile signals also become a tool for them to get notified when new products are posted on the online shop they are following.


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How to do smart retail solutions with Strikingly Simple Store

Strikingly is one website builder that encourages growth with its users. It offers various techniques on how online shop owners can level up in the world of eCommerce. Among these features is Strikingly's Simple Store.


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Simple Store allows users to set up their online shop to lessen their stress in marketing their business. It is a section that Strikingly users can add to their created website which allows them to post pictures of their products and services offered, sell digital products, set up a mode of payment and shipping options, and manage all your orders, in just one platform. The best part about this? Simple Store is mobile-optimized which means your customers can shop with comfort regardless of the type of device they use. Just amazing right?


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