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If you love to organize things in general and have an excellent skill at it, you might be interested in becoming a personal assistant. As the name implies, a personal assistant offers services often related to administrative duties to independent entrepreneurs or business owners.

Why do business owners and entrepreneurs hire a personal assistant? Most of the time, business is growing fast, and the amount of tasks is increasing rapidly. Business owners often have to deal with trivial tasks, such as phone-calling, scheduling, making documents, etc. This is where you come in as a personal assistant. Hiring a personal assistant brings some benefits to the company. For example, companies do not have to provide a personal assistant with training, and hiring a personal assistant does not come with a cost. In short, business owners and entrepreneurs hire a personal assistant, such as yourself, to allow themselves to focus on the big picture of their business.

Today, business owners can find many choices where to find a personal assistant. Business owners can easily find a personal assistant online with the help of freelancing websites. Websites like Taskrabbit allow business owners to find personal assistants for hire easily. They can also find a personal assistant company, such as Concierge, to better help you find the right personal assistant.

You can also join freelance websites or enter a personal assistant company to increase your chances of being hired as a personal assistant. However, if you want to bring your career as a remote personal assistant even further, you definitely need a website. Having a personal assistant website can help you communicate your services and build a brand for yourself. You can also showcase your works and recommendations from your past co-workers further to boost your image as an accomplished personal assistant online.

Just as easy as a company to find a personal assistant to hire, you can easily create your own personal assistant website. You can easily find many website builders that offer templates, or ready-to-use website design, that you can use to create a personal assistant website for a price. Strikingly is the best website builder for convenience and accessibility for people who have little to no knowledge of website building. This article will guide you through creating your actual assistant website using Strikingly.

Follow these four simple steps if you are ready to start your journey as a personal assistant!

  1. Decide Your Niche

Personal assistants have a wide range of tasks. Your tasks often include administrative duties, and if you can do well in most of them, it is good for you. However, you still need to focus on several tasks that you can emphasize. You need to have a niche, or focus, of what you can do best.

Having a niche can be helpful. By having a niche, you can pour many of your efforts to focus on and develop a particular skill by taking courses or certification. You still need to polish your skills as a secretary in general, of course. However, you also need to pick a specialization if possible to help you build a brand and focus on a market. Once you have a niche and gain mastery in that niche, you can market your services better and, most importantly, can charge a higher rate for your services.

  1. Create Your Brand

If you want to become a successful remote personal assistant, you need more than just skills; you also need a brand. A brand is an image that others perceived as yourself. Your brand can be committed, energetic, inspirational, and so on. In short, it is a character that others believe to be you.

A brand is crucial for anyone who wants to be successful in business. In business, people often want to have connections or relations with people who can add value to themselves or their business. As a personal assistant, you need to show that you can do that through your brand. Having a personal assistant website can help you create a brand. With a website, you can put yourself and your story for the world to see.

To create a brand, you need a story. Your story as a personal assistant can come from your work experience and skills. As have been mentioned before, that having a niche can help create a brand. With a niche and mastery of that niche, you can craft your story as an experienced personal assistant who is an expert, for example, database management or organizing conferences. You can also use your work experience, which can help create a brand of someone who is a professional and has real experience in the industry. If possible, you always want a recommendation or positive review from either past clients or co-workers. The word of others can help give your potential clients the last push in deciding to hire you or not as a personal assistant.

GDC Consulting values

Image taken from Strikingly users’ website.

Let us take a look at the GDC Consulting brand. GDC Consulting provides consultation on the marketing sector, especially creating a brand. GDC Consulting has four values they believed in. They believe in doing meaningful actions, unity, values above all, and creativity. These elements are not just for show; it shows where the company stands. If you believe in what GDC Consulting believes, you will want to work with them and hire them to be your partner. This is the purpose of having a brand. People do not only buy your products or services but also the values and beliefs that you bring.

Take your time to create an idea for your brand. You can learn some marketing to help you understand what to do in creating a brand. You can also find another personal assistant online and learn from them.

  1. Choose a Template

Once you have prepared the materials, types of services you can offer, and your brand, it is time to create your personal assistant website.

Strikingly offers collections of templates that you can choose from to create your own personal assistant website. To make it even easier, you can browse the collections by category to focus on the category that matches your needs. However, you do not need to worry if you cannot find a template that matches your needs, as you can edit any template to fit your needs easily.

Collections of templates from Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly websites

  1. Add Crucial Elements

To make sure that your personal assistant website runs effectively, you need to have several elements in your website. These elements are the about, contact and sign-up, and services section.

Let us start by creating the about section. The about section is where you put your information about yourself and your past achievements, such as recommendations or positive reviews by past clients or co-workers or individual achievements in your career. The information about yourself is not just any information; it is the brand or the image of yourself that you have created. Sure, you can include details about yourself here and there, but the main point of the about section of your personal assistant website is about your experience, beliefs, and values.

SOW about section

Image taken from Strikingly users’ website

You can create the about section in several ways. You can use the text section, which is used in the SOW about section above. If you want to add pictures or visuals to your about section, you can use the content in rows or columns section. You can find out more about sections in our help center.

The next thing you need on your personal assistant website is your services offer. This is the section where you list and, if possible, explain all the services that you offer. When explaining the services, it is better to write what you have achieved in those services rather than explaining what the services are about. For example, if you offer scheduling as a service, you might want to tell the benefits a client can get and/or how many schedules you have managed and at how many companies, rather than telling what the services are about.

Ahsmith services list

Image taken from Strikingly users’ website

You can create the service section of your personal assistant website easily by using the feature list category. You can add icons, like what Ahsmith does in his website above, or pictures to make your service section more stunning. If you are using pictures in your personal assistant website, make sure to optimize the pictures, so it looks good on your website.

The last crucial element you need is the contact and sign-up section. This section is vital as this is where your client or potential clients can reach you for inquiry or a job. You can also gather your clients’ email and use it to send them a newsletter for updates on your site.

Connected Women contact section

Image taken from Strikingly users’ website

All templates by Strikingly come with a contact section. You can always add more things to your contact section, for example, Google Maps showing your location and your contact details (WhatsApp or telephone number). You can find out more about how the contact and sign-up form work in our help center.

You are now ready to start your journey to become one of the best personal assistants. Having a personal assistant website can help you to develop your career as a personal assistant. With a website, you can easily communicate with your potential clients and create a strong brand that can lead to more potential clients. Make sure to constantly update your website regularly, especially when you have accomplished a huge achievement or receive a positive review from a well-known client that can add something special to your brand and credibility.

Are you ready to lend a hand to many business owners? Start your brand today with Strikingly!