Integrating Jotform with Strikingly

Have you ever needed to get information from several sources and collate it into one central location? If so, you'll know that this can take a lot of time and effort if you do it manually, not to mention leaving you open to all kinds of human error.

This is where JotForm comes in. It is an online form-builder service that allows anyone to create forms, polls, or surveys and integrate them into their website.

Strikingly is one of the most popular website builders in the market today. Its ease of use and flexibility has led to its adoption by more than 50K businesses and users.

Strikingly integrates with a variety of third-party services, including JotForm. This blog explains how you can integrate Strikingly with the JotForm platform. Read on to learn more!

What Is JotForm?

JotForm is a tool that allows you to create and build online forms. It offers a range of form types, including lead generation, surveys and polls, and contact information.

The platform also offers integrations with various apps and tools, such as Zapier, Active Campaign, MailChimp, and Salesforce.

JotForm is free to use. However, it has paid plans if you want to use its service regularly.

The free version has a few limitations, such as the number of form submissions you can receive and the number of custom form examples.

How to Integrate JotForm With a Strikingly Website

Silent Auction Bid Form

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1. Open the JotForm you want to add to the Strikingly website.

2. Click on the “Publish” tab in the JotForm top menu. (It’ll open the menu for Embed, Quick Share, Assign Form, Platforms, PDF, and Email.)

3. Select “Embed” and copy your JotForm’s code snippet. (The Embed submenu will display your JotForm’s source code. Copy the code and use it to embed your form in an iframe.

4. Open your Strikingly website.

5. Select add a new section and click on the "Advanced" option.

6. Click on “App Store and HTML.” (It’ll create a new section that allows you to create your HTML code or app.)

Strikingly AppStore

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7. Select "HTML." (It'll allow you to write a code or, in your situation, paste your JotForm's code snippet.)

Strikingly Appstore

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8. Lastly, paste the copied JotForm code snippet. The JotForm will be added to your professional website.

How To Use The Strikingly In-Product Form Builder

The Strikingly website builder has all the tools you need to create a complete website. Among the tools is the Striking in-product form builder, which offers various forms.

The in-product form builder will save you a lot of time, so it's best to learn how to use it. Follow these instructions.

1. Signup up or log in on Strikingly

2. Open your Strikingly website

3. Go to the editor panel, select "Contact & Forms," and choose the form you wish to add. There is a "Contact form, "Sign up form," and "Custom Form."

Strikingly Contact & Forms

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Adding a Contact Form

1. Open your Strikingly website and click on “Add New Section.”

2. Select "Contacts & Forms," then click "Contact Form."

Custom Form

Image taken from Strikingly website

3. Click on “Add Map” to add your location’s map.

4. Move your mouse pointer over the map and click on “Edit.”

Adding a Signup Form

1. Open your Strikingly website and click on “Add New Section.”

2. Select "Sign Up Form."

(Note that the standard signup form has two fields, name and email. But you can rename them to your liking.)

Reasons Why You Should Add JotForm to Your Website

Do you have a Strikingly website, and are you looking for a way to create online forms and get customer feedback?

If so, there are many different options in the market. You can choose from a variety of website form builders as well as other online form services. Each one will offer something unique to your website.

The important thing is that you find the best for your business website. According to a JotForm review, it is one of the best and most used platforms in this category. Here are some reasons you should use it with your Strikingly website.

1. Easy to Use and Fully Customizable

If you want customers to fill out forms on your site, you should make them easy to use. With JotForm templates, you are sure that the forms on your Strikingly business website will be both easy to use and fully customizable.

The intuitive user interface makes it easy for novices and experts to create custom form examples in almost no time. You can also choose from several different layout options to make the forms fit with the design of your site.

Lastly, you can easily select the fields to include on the custom form template.

2. Data Security is a Top Priority

When it comes to user data and security, one of the first things you should consider is who will access your information. You want to be sure that your blog website data is only being accessed by the right people and in the right ways.

It is especially important in situations where you're gathering sensitive information. JotForm offers total data protection. Its servers use the highest level of security and will not share data with anyone except when legally required.

In addition, they use SSL encryption to protect data as it travels across the web.

3. Forms are Responsive

One of the first things you should consider is how well the form works across all devices. You want to ensure that everyone can easily access and fill out your forms regardless of the device they are on.

JotForm is fully responsive. No matter what device your Strikingly website visitors are on, the JotForm templates will resize to fit their screen and work perfectly.

4. Great for Gathering Contact Information

According to a Jotform review, it is great for collecting your users' contact information. Create forms that ask for everything from emails to full names and addresses.

It’s also possible to create a form that asks users to subscribe to your newsletter or email list. Create surveys to gather more information or find out what your visitors think.

There are endless options regarding the types of forms you can create with JotForm. You can even create a job application template.

5. Additional Features and Services

The best website form builder services will offer more than just easy-to-use forms for collecting information on your site. Jotform has various additional features and services you can take advantage of.

Some of these include integrating your forms with email marketing software, online surveys, online calculators, and more.

You can even create a high-quality lead-generation website with this form builder. This can be helpful for many different types of businesses. These are just a few of the many benefits you can enjoy by using Jotform.

Top Alternatives to Jotform

If you've looked into the apps available for creating online forms, you'll know that there are plenty to choose from. The market has options, each of which has some pros and cons.

This blog section comprehensively details the most popular alternatives to JotForm that you can use in your simple blog website. They include

1. DocuSign

DocuSign is a great option if you're looking for an all-in-one solution to managing forms and collecting customer information.

This cloud-based eSignature platform will allow your application to collect signatures and manage your business documents, including contracts, purchase orders, and more.

The design of DocuSign makes it particularly easy to create and manage forms for different purposes. That’s from business-to-business interactions to customer surveys, user testing, and more.

This service works well with several devices, which include computers, tablets, and phones. It’s also extremely easy to integrate with other tools and platforms, making it a great choice for larger organizations.

2. Google Forms

It is quite popular, and people love them because of its simplicity. This is a free service that allows you to create and manage online surveys, quizzes, and other types of forms.

It's a great option for individuals and businesses of all sizes, making it an excellent choice for SMBs. Google Forms is extremely easy to use, requiring no coding and relying on a point-and-click interface.

The tool can create single-page and multi-page forms and integrate them with other Google apps and third-party software.

There are, of course, a few limitations to Google Forms. The service generally focuses on one-off surveys and collecting information rather than creating forms for ongoing interaction.

This makes it less suitable for organizations with multiple users where data privacy might be an issue.

3. Instapage

If you’re looking to create landing pages, surveys, and quizzes, Instapage is the best choice. This WYSIWYG drag-and-drop builder allows you to create engaging and effective landing pages in just a few minutes with no coding.

Its drag-and-drop builder and wide range of features and functionality make Instapage a highly versatile solution. The service creates landing pages, lead generation forms, surveys, emails, and quizzes.

It also includes hosting, security, and analytics features, making it a great one-stop shop for businesses. Instapage is a great choice for businesses of all sizes, with options for individuals and companies.

4. LeadGenius

LeadGenius is specifically for lead generation and online surveys. It is an ideal choice for businesses that need to gather information from the audience.

It primarily focuses on marketers and businesses that want to collect leads efficiently, with a focus on targeting specific demographics.

LeadGenius is extremely easy to use, with a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create surveys in just a few minutes. The app can create a wide range of different surveys, including targeted surveys and questionnaires.

LeadGenius is for businesses to use in-house, making it well-suited for organizations with multiple employees. It’s also easy to integrate with other tools and services, making it a good choice for larger companies.


Choosing the right online form solution for your website is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Online forms are a great way to collect information, whether it’s feedback, data, or leads.

You can use them for different purposes to meet your organization’s specific needs. When selecting a platform, you’ll want to carefully consider its features and functionality to ensure it meets all your business website needs.

You'll also want to consider things like ease of use and scalability so that you can make the best possible use of the platform in the long term.