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You won’t find it surprising that most of the website traffic comes from mobile phones rather than computer desktops. It is much easier for a user to browse the internet from his/her mobile phone. After all, you would rather open the browser in an instant rather than waste all your time turning on your computer before accessing your prescribed browser. Therefore, it is important for online businesses today to build a mobile website.

Owning a mobile site would mean that you have a responsive site at your disposal. You can go through it smoothly from your mobile phone, just like browsing it from your laptop. Even though many companies recognized the importance of mobile phones a few decades ago, little attention was paid to mobile-optimized websites. Recently, brands and businesses have started to create mobile-friendly websites to satisfy their customers.

What is a Mobile-Optimized Website?

If you ask top-quality entrepreneurs worldwide, they would say that a mobile optimized website is defined as the shrunk version of a desktop-friendly website. A mobile site isn’t just fitting for small screens, but it brings several other benefits to the table. The biggest reason for optimizing the websites in mobile versions is that website visitors' priorities are different from what it was before.

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With every year, it looks like the website traffic coming from mobile phones exceeds the website traffic coming from desktops. Therefore, you need to have an approach that doesn’t make your online business disregard the importance of these mobile users. Strikingly provides you with the best approach concerning these customers. We enable our users to switch between both the desktop and mobile versions as per their liking.

Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly Website

1. Quality Browsing Experience

A mobile site ensures a quality browsing experience for all users worldwide. This enables you to improve your website conversion rate. A high conversion rate would mean that no longer your visitors are getting frustrated by factors such as slow downloading speed or unclear texts when they visit your website. Therefore, they can open your website even if they have turned off your computer or planning to work from home. They no longer have to wait for the website updates by sitting on their desks for a long time.

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If you are looking for a website builder for making a mobile website design, you don’t need to look any further than Strikingly. It is a robust platform that helps you in creating responsive sites quickly. Before you create your website, make sure that you purchase your domain. Strikingly offers a domain (starting from $24.95) in the first year if you have signed up for any of our yearly plans. If you have any existing domain at your disposal, you can also link that to your website.

2. High Website Traffic

As we have said before, most website traffic comes from mobile phones rather than computers or laptops. Due to this trend, we can safely say that desktop computers are no longer the benchmark in the information and technology (IT) industry. Nowadays, mobile devices account for more than half of the website traffic worldwide. According to a report, 54.8% of website traffic came from mobile devices in 2021.

If we go by this statistic, likely, the new generation may not even recognize a mobile website in the desktop version as they won’t have the machines to access it. This suggests that the introduction to your online store is most likely to come from a mobile device. If you don’t make your mobile site compatible with mobile phones, you will likely experience a high bounce rate. By creating a mobile-optimized website, you will allow your website to attract various audiences worldwide.

3. Improved Website Conversions

A mobile site will help you attain more conversions than a traditional desktop website. While browsing the internet on their mobile phones, users are usually in a light-hearted mood. This can prove advantageous for you if you see a visitor coming to your website in a friendly mood. Even if they don’t purchase from your online store, they will likely leave positive feedback on your website or sign up for your monthly newsletter.

On the other hand, if someone comes with a cautious mindset, the margin for error related to your website becomes extremely low. Any negligence may result in you losing a huge chunk of the website traffic. As a result, you can improve your conversion rate by taking advantage of the friendly mindset of your mobile visitors. With this approach, you will likely receive a lot of positive feedback.

4. Faster Loading Speed

If we talk about loading speed, the equation is very simple for website visitors. If it takes a lot of time for your website to load, the visitors will eventually walk away and move to another website. This will create a negative reputation for your brand. One of the key benefits of a mobile website is that it enables quicker downloading of web pages. By having this approach, the mobile site prevents your users from getting distracted or frustrated.

If you want to build a mobile-optimized website, head over to Strikingly without any second thoughts. You can choose from our collection of ready-to-use website templates. Our Free plan enables our users to build awesome websites that contain simple features. However, if you expect better website features, consider upgrading to our premium plans.

5. Effective Landing Pages

Even though some website builders take a lot of time to make a mobile site live, these websites have a lot of value. A mobile website helps you target messages to satisfy the people on the move. For example, on your responsive site, you should only include the information related to your company. If you are in a country with a high unemployment rate, you can hand out your company’s details to ensure that you become an attraction for the people living near you.

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Website visitors aren’t looking for lengthy mission statements, strong promises, or the reasons why your company came into being. By keeping these factors in your mind, mobile landing pages will give you a chance to streamline your messages properly, which ensures that your customers hear you in a crowded area. Even if many websites are related to your niche, the customers will only favor you based on your streamlined messages.

6. Favor From Google

The biggest benefit of building a responsive website is that Google recognizes it immediately. After all, a mobile site isn’t just about the satisfaction of your website visitors. It is also about the satisfaction of your search engine i.e. Google. In March 2020, Google evolved mobile-friendliness as an attribute for providing improved search rankings by opting for mobile-first indexing for all websites. This suggests that Google is the first search engine that visualizes whether your website is mobile-friendly when it comes to its search rankings.

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Google has made it clear that mobile-friendliness is an important factor for a website’s search engine rankings. If the websites are only established for desktops, you won’t find any luck with their rankings. There is a reason why SEO companies have decided to include mobile optimization as part of their SEO strategies.

7. Less Obstructive Advertisements

One of the biggest reasons mobile sites have gained popularity in the past few years is less advertising on mobile phones. When you click on any particular link to view the website content, the content will still be the most important thing you will view on that page.

Creating a mobile-optimized website will ensure that your visitors have an experience that minimizes display ads. The display ads become an interference with your overall message, reduce your loading speed, and can remove a massive part of a person’s monthly data allowance.


Looking at the latest trends, it is likely that you will make up your mind about building a responsive website and managing it on Strikingly. We have a collection of mobile-optimized website templates that you can use as per your niche. We will ensure that you can adjust your website on the mobile screen similarly to your desktop screen without wasting any text or images. A responsive web design is a design that fits perfectly on your smartphone screens.

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If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must include high-quality mobile sites as part of your plans. With Strikingly, you need to hold certificates or degrees of being the best designer in the world. You don’t even require any technical expertise related to website layout design. All you need is a creative brain and make your skills do the talking. So without wasting any further time, create a mobile design that your visitors will remember for a long time.