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Are you thinking about having your business featured in local or national news? Is it a good idea to see your business anywhere across all media platforms online? You have probably contacted a journalist to write about your brand advocacy, and you were asked to send a media kit, right? Getting your brand and advocacy into good publicity can be such a hardcore task if you don’t have readily available media kits for your business. Most business owners, especially startup business founders, treat this as one of the foundations in building a strong brand. That's why they take it so seriously. Some of them have to hire a team of PR specialists or content writers to help them in creating a media kit for their business. The power of these media kits to bring strong brand awareness for the business can’t be simply taken for granted.

In this must-read article about media kits, we will unravel the importance and benefits of creating a media kit for your business. For startup businesses, it will help to get your brand and advocacy to reach a wider audience through media appearances and engagements. Why do you need to have one of the best media kits for your business? What are the things you should include in creating a media kit? And how you can create a complete and effective media kit that will stand out among the heavy competition in getting good publicity.

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What is a media kit?

A media kit is a document that contains information to promote a business, an advocacy, event, or product launch. It serves as a reference for media workers to write a story about your business. At least, it should contain the most interesting details that would make a journalist want to write about your journey as a business owner, a startup founder, or someone with an advocacy. The purpose of media kits is to promote the business and reach a wider audience but most of the time it is used to create brand awareness especially if your business ideas are new to the public. Media kits should be created with a purpose-driven mindset and a specific audience target.

What is the difference between a media kit and a press kit?

The difference between a media kit and a press kit is such a very thin line because they are sometimes considered as an alternative term to one another. According to the HubSpot article, a media kit is also known as a press kit. It’s a set of documents that serve as reference to the media to help them create a good article about the business. Moreover, media kits may live fully-online as responsive online press-pages. Or, businesses may choose to make their press kits available as static, downloadable resources, like a presentation deck.

Whatever format you choose, this much is clear: businesses of all sizes benefit from having a professional, readily-accessible media kit. This vital resource will lead to business exposure in the news, magazines, or podcasts. When people see your business almost everywhere, it’s a great opportunity for you and your business deals.

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Why are media kits important?

• Keep you in control of the information about your business

There is a great advantage of creating a media kit for your own business because you are fully in control of the things and information about you and your advocacy. Most journalists are very creative in featuring picture-perfect business ideas but you don’t want them to make it up, you want your business ideas to be authentic and personalized. Creating a media kit is a must if you are specific about what you want your audience to learn about your business.

• It saves you time, energy, and resources

Media kits can save your time, energy, and even resources for making a last-minute document about your business. Plus, it gives your business consistency in terms of the ideas, information, and timeline. Take time to check what’s in a media kit, this way you know where to insert the most recent updates and save the day.

• Helps promote the launch of your business brand or advocacy

Okay, you’re about to make a press release for your business launch and you want it to be grand. Knowing what is a media kit, you understand its importance in promoting business events and launching activities. Let’s say you have a new product launch and you want your customers to be part of it. Media kits should include the latest happenings in your business.

• Gets you into a wider audience

Media kits can take you to a wider audience and more potential supporters or customers. If you’re running a startup company, it is important to boost brand awareness among your target customers. For someone who wants to influence or thrive with many people, creating a media kit for purpose-driven and innovative advocacy is a brilliant idea.

• Increases client’s trust and confidence in your business

A professional and well-written media kit provides a higher chance to attract new clients and keep existing ones with confidence and trust. It helps maintain loyalty among your clients because you have a strong foundation in bringing your brand globally.

• Gives you more professional impact as a business owner/ advocate

As a business owner, an advocate, or a startup founder, you are making a strong online presence by creating a media kit that is readily available for current and future media engagements. You’re giving the impression of always being prepared and dedicated by having a media kit that can catch the attention of the media workers and your audience. Hence, giving you a strong and professional impact as a founder and a leader.

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What’s in a media kit?

1. Information about the company/founder

Start with 2-3 sentences that give a summary about your business or advocacy. Provide a clear and concise company mission and vision that can attract the journalist’s attention. A section about the founder can top it all with the history and journey of putting up the business.

2. Visual materials/ explanatory videos about ‘how it works’

To properly provide ideas of how your business processes work, it is ideal to include explanatory videos about your business. By clearly stating your purpose and advocacy, you are giving an interesting hint why your business needs to be featured in the media.

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3. Testimonials and statistics

Media kits with testimonials and reviews from previous and current customers can help attract new ones. But most importantly, it helps to tell the media worker how you do your business through the power of word of mouth. Customers’ recommendations and positive reviews make your business deserving to be featured on local or national tv.

4. Quality images

Invest with high-quality images. You can hire a photographer and arrange for a CEO photoshoot. You need to keep in mind that high-quality images add character to your business brand. Seriously, you don’t want to see a blurry picture of yourself on TV or any online platform, right?

5. Contact Information

All media kits must have contact information included for the journalist to easily reach out for updates and media releases.

6. Media release / Updates

Media releases and updates make it more exciting for the journalist to highlight your business story. It helps to know that there is something new or cool happening in your business and you want people to know it.

7. Collaboration or partnership with prominent brand names

If you have partnered with prominent clients, it would be best to include it on your media kit. It’s one of the ideal things to put if you’re wondering what’s in a media kit.

8. Frequently asked questions and answers

Most journalists conduct interviews with the business owner or CEO before a business is featured in the media. By having frequently asked questions and answers included on your media kit, makes it easier for both of you to handle pre-interview sessions like this.

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Creating a media kit with Strikingly

What are the features and sections you will need in creating a website that can be used as a media kit at the same time? Well, we all know that media kits are purposely created for media workers who would want or may be interested to write a story about your business. Since, you can’t just simply aim for local or national media exposure, having your own website that contains all information about your business journey and advocacy is such a smart idea. Here are the features and sections you would need if you’re making a media kit in the form of a web page. Of course, you are most welcome to create an account with Strikingly. Once you’ve signed up and choose the best template, don’t forget these features to include on your media kit site.

  • Create a stunning “about” section
  • Add a blog content (or a case study section)
  • Include testimonials and reviews from customers
  • Don't forget about your contact information
  • Share your social media link
  • Create a signup form (for collaboration/ client inquiry purposes)

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Here at Strikingly, we have pre-designed templates for you to create your own media kit in the form of a website. As you know, most business brands are using websites as media kits to help journalists and members of the media to write a story about their business. While it is important to have a business website, don’t forget to design it on purpose. In creating a media kit in the form of a website, you are helping your business to get new opportunities. We love the idea of helping your business brand and advocacy stand out and reach more people. Online or offline, make sure you have a well-presented media kit for your business. Let Strikingly make the best out of your business online. Bring your brand and advocacy to life by creating a media kit that truly stands out.