Guest Posting

Guest posting is a hobby enjoyed by everyone across the globe. Whether you are an experienced professional or someone who has just started his professional career, you will find many guest blogging opportunities on the internet. A businessman always tries to prioritize the website content to main an effective Google ranking. If your website content isn’t good enough, it will be one of the reasons why your website will experience a high bounce rate.

Blogging is one of the major steps in creating a community where people with similar interests are gathered and form strong relationships. However, very few people know that blogging has also become one of the best passive income ideas on the internet today. Strikingly is one of those website builders that enable you to monetize your blogs on your own website. If you write blogs for different companies, you can also earn a huge amount of money.

What is a Guest Post?

If you want to create a strong online presence in blogging, you need to know what a guest post is. Guest posting is defined as the practice of writing blogs, posts, or any form of website content. If you want to become a blog writer, you must know that you must meet certain website writing standards. The more creative you are with your blogs, the higher your chances of attracting a wide range of audiences.

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For example, if your blog contains long paragraphs, it will be a problem for the visitors. They have to decide whether they have to go through an entire paragraph or not because all the information can either be important or misleading. By having small paragraphs, you will make life easy for your readers. Bloggers tend to write blogs for those companies that fall in the same niche. They always look to find ways to make their content more attractive. For example, they add videos and photographs to their website content to ensure more people are attracted to their blogging section.

Benefits of Guest Blog

1. Improves SEO

Guest blogging strongly connects with search engine optimization (SEO). You must know what SEO means if you are new to guest posting. It is defined as the strategy which allows you to rank your website or website pages on top of the Google rankings. The moment your website content gets recognized by Google, your SEO strategies will work to their maximum capacity. You can add links to different sections of the article on your blog, which connects your blog to your own website. This will be ideal for generating positive SERP results.

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Strikingly provides its users with an SEO checklist to help them optimize their content properly. Through the SEO checklist, you will be able to go through different aspects of your website content, such as the title, headings, descriptions, etc. However, you need to upgrade your subscription package to unlock features on the SEO checklist.

2. Improves Leads and Opportunities

Another massive benefit of guest posting is generating new business leads and opportunities. When entrepreneurs understand how to guest post, their first priority is to generate as many business leads as possible. Once your readers realize that their interests correspond with your blogs, it will help you gain a new lead.

Readers will always try to find those blog websites that possess everything related to their niche. Guest blogs help you attract new audiences who want more information related to a particular topic. If they like your article, there are no reasons why they will not come to your blog section again. For further information, they may even leave a few questions in the comment section, to which you must respond.

3. Creates Brand Identity

When you have a huge set of guest blogging opportunities available to you, it will strongly influence your brand identity. Guest posting gives you a competitive edge over others in spreading your word. A solid marketing technique will help you in gaining followers within no time. In eCommerce, numerous marketing techniques may generate considerable results but are extremely costly.

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If you are looking for a cost-effective marketing technique, blogging is the choice for you. You will only elevate your brand identity to considerable heights by saving your investment and generating ideal results. Even if people don’t remember your website’s URL, they will remember its landing page and return to your website again.

Best Strategies to do Guest Blogging

1. Identify Objectives

Just like in the case with most business ideas, guest posting starts with identifying your objectives. You simply cannot be writing a blog if you don’t have any aims to succeed or don’t have any idea of what you want. For example, you can have the objective of adding to your website traffic through blogging. Similarly, you can have the objective of sharing your own experience related to a new eCommerce product coming into the market.

Regardless of your objectives, you need to remain sincere with them. As a blogger, you must ask yourself several questions related to your blogging objectives, which would make it easier for you to understand what you want to achieve. After all, you cannot be reaching your destination when you don’t know what your starting point is, right?

2. Choose Your Topic

If you are doing guest posting for the first time, then choosing a topic is very important. The best thing to do is look at the recent trends on social media. For example, if you talk about the current Russian invasion in Ukraine, it is destined to generate huge website traffic on your platform. You can also write blogs about some new products coming into the market.

3. Write and Promote Content

Once you choose your topic, it is now time to write your guest posting article. To ensure that your guest posts become attractive, you must consider the following tips:

  • Start with an exquisite blogging headline
  • Conduct keyword research to identify the best phrases and add them to your blog
  • Utilize anchored links and texts appropriately. For example, you can’t be adding a link to eCommerce and including a text of food
  • Add quality images and videos
  • Use an appropriate blogging format to make life easy for your visitors

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Once you are done with your blog, it is time for you to promote your work. You simply cannot be writing top-class blogs and have no one reading them in return. As we have mentioned before, your SEO strategies greatly influence your online recognition. The best thing to do is include a call to action (CTA) at the end of your blog. In the CTA, you can ask your visitors to like, share, and leave their thoughts in the comment section. Going for this strategy will be easier for you to attract website traffic.

Strikingly’s Simple Blog Feature

Numerous website builders worldwide make guest posting easy to promote. It is safe to say that Strikingly is one of those website builders that seems to have connected all the dots in this regard. We ensure that our users transform their innovative ideas into wonderful blog posts. Strikingly allows you to add a simple blog to your website with just a few clicks. Once you complete the registration process, you will fall under the free plan, which will allow you to add a blogging section to your Strikingly website.

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Our “Simple Blog” feature is one of our best features. If you have launched a new product in the market, how about creating guest posts to satisfy the customers? You can add your own experience with that product which can convince the customers right away. This feature has built-in analytics and eCommerce tools to ensure a successful blogging journey.


Guest posting may hit differently on the minds of those who have heard about it for the first time. Why would a guest blogger write for someone else when he/she could make it themselves, right? However, you must note that no man goes to the top by being an individual. Sometimes, you have to collaborate with others to achieve your objectives. The concept of teamwork is vital for you to get to the top.

Guest blogs add value to your business.

Most importantly, relying on Strikingly to build blogs for your business is an even better idea. Strikingly is the best platform when it comes to website building and eCommerce. We value your opinions and concerns and ensure that you create a blog website that stands out from the rest of your competitors. So without any hesitation, create a blog website on Strikingly today and make your mark in eCommerce.