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Blogs can be extremely powerful tools for generating leads. Many B2B companies that are running successful blogs by following the latest blogging trends generate 67% more leads than those that do not. This is probably because these blogs are integrated with social media platforms, and also help increase the search engine optimization of these companies’ websites. People may not talk about the popular brands in their daily lives, but they do share their posts on social media and search for their offers on Google.

Everybody likes to discuss the trending topics on the internet. Blogging trends are among the most commonly discussed trends in the digital world these days. Most of the brands have become market leaders due to their solid online presence, which is well integrated across all the online marketing platforms they use. They believe in establishing blogs that are regularly updated, and optimized for search engines. They present their blogs to the audience as industry-leading knowledge base platforms. Their blogs are places where marketers and other people go to find out about the latest trends on a particular topic or niche.

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Blogging has thus become an essential part of all types of marketing strategies. Businesses need to indulge in researching blogging trends to keep up with the competition. If you want to master social media marketing, you must also indulge in blogging. After all, your short and quick social media posts must direct the audience to learn more about the topic to a more in-depth article. If you want to build traffic to your website, you must hire blogging or content writing experts who can produce good content to create effective backlinks for your website.

For these reasons, websites with an attached blog section tend to have about 434% more indexed pages. The blogs boost the SEO of these sites by integrating them across the internet with numerous other websites. This is, in fact, one of the most in-demand blogging ideas applied by expert digital marketing experts in this century. Another statistic worth mentioning is that blogs have been generally rated as the fifth most trustworthy source for collecting online information.

OrbitMedia recently conducted a research study on blogging trends and the biggest challenges bloggers face these days. The study results revealed that finding time for producing and promoting quality content, plus attracting readers to the blog, are the two main hindrances in the growth of bloggers’ revenue. It does make sense to say that not many of us can take out the time to manage large audiences and continuously engage with our blog audience.

This article will discuss the top blogging trends that will help you grow your blog and make money out of it. Whether you make money directly from your blog or use your blog content to generate sales for your actual business, these latest blogging statistics will be of value to you. They will help you focus in the right direction for your business growth. So if you want to familiarize yourself with the best blogging ideas and latest blog trends, stay tuned until the end of this post.

List of the Top Blogging Trends in 2022

Let’s discuss the 5 top blogging trends in 2022.

1. Good Performing Articles Are Now Longer Than Before

Although only a small portion of content writers indeed produce articles longer than 2000 words, the trend to write lengthy articles has been growing since 2019. Blogs with longer articles report that their platforms perform two times better than those with average-length articles. The average length of an article is considered to be 1150 words. If you browse around and observe on your own, you will find that the latest blogs or the latest articles on many blogs have articles longer than 1500 words nowadays. Therefore, this is number one on our list of blogging trends.

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However, before you start increasing the length of your blog articles, note that Google ranks those posts higher in their results that have intent-based and quality content in them. Writing longer posts does not mean you start spamming your writings with content that gives no value. It means you need to indulge in doing more research on the topic you write on. Merely writing long paragraphs without the intent to solve problems, resonate with the audience, or provide value to your readers will not help with your blog’s SEO.

2. Bloggers Invest More Time On Each Article

This is the most meaningful among all the top blogging trends of 2022. As mentioned above, writing longer articles should come with more time invested in researching and preparing for that article. These days, many young bloggers are very enthusiastic about finding valuable information about the topic at hand and then presenting it in their own words to publish on the internet. These people become successful bloggers and make a lot of money as their business grows. They know how to use the best blogging ideas and develop an in-demand blogging idea for each post.

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Overall, the time invested by bloggers in producing quality content has risen over the past couple of years. It is also apparent from their results that their effort really pays off. For instance, copywriters who spend more than six hours on a blog article report far better results than those who spend less time per post.

Users and search engines demand content personalization, which can only be done if you are fully vested in producing a blog post. You need to do thorough research on the topic and your potential or target audience. Companies that have well-defined buyer personas and segment their audience properly can develop more personalized blog posts. Taking these blogging trends seriously can really help you grow your blog exponentially.

3. Frequency is King

You could be writing fantastic blog articles once every month but not getting any traction on your blog. This is because the frequency of your uploads on your blogs determines the kind of traffic you get. If readers or subscribers find nothing new on your blog for a whole month, they will probably get bored and stop visiting it. The next time you post a new article, they wouldn’t be interested in visiting and reading. That’s why the next in our list of blogging trends is that frequency is king.

A study done by Social Media Examiner revealed that blogs that publish a post daily get five times more traffic than those that do not. Engaging with your audience regularly is a powerful way of establishing consistent and high traffic volumes. Marketers and businesses that prioritize blogging efforts have a 13% more chance of seeing positive returns on their investment.

4. The Hunt For Originality

One of the most obvious blogging trends is that users are not looking for copied content on the internet. When they search for information on a certain topic, they want to find and read original content. Google also appreciates originality in content and ranks websites with original content much higher than those that have spun, auto-generated, plagiarized, or unauthorized content.

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Imagine visiting a blog for the first time and reading content that you have already read 20 times on a few different websites. Wouldn’t that completely put you off from visiting that blog ever again? It gives a wrong impression to your blog if you plagiarize content from other websites and post in your blog articles. Even if you can attract some traffic to your blog with copied content, you won’t sustain it.

Active readers who consume online content daily always look for articles that provide unique knowledge and relevant information. They don’t have time to read irrelevant content. That’s why no matter how many in-demand blogging ideas you have, be sure to produce and publish original content.

5. Guest Posting Is Good

Guest posting used to have a stigma attached to it. Since it does not always give you author attribution, many bloggers might think there is no value. They feel like they contribute to other people’s blogs without getting anything in return. But that’s not true. If you are a blogger, guest posting is not your enemy.

Guest posting can actually make your own blog grow by capitalizing on the opportunity to create backlinks to your website. When you write articles for another person’s blog, you are usually allowed to insert links in it that direct the readers to your own blog. This is very good for your blog’s search rankings and overall SEO.

Realizing that guest posting is good for your website’s SEO is among the blogging trends of 2022. Many bloggers like to guest post these days without even asking for any monetary compensation. Also, remember that if you freely contribute to other people’s blogs, they will be happy to contribute to your blog too. In this way, you can coordinate with other bloggers to mutually grow each other’s audience and traffic.

Blogging With Strikingly

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