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More businesses are using the concept of a mobile app website to increase their sales and further the progress of their businesses today. This is something that companies did not do until a few years ago, and the idea of an app website only recently started gaining traction. The credit for this goes to how fast the positive impacts of having a mobile app website manifest themselves.

Mobile web design inspiration is also readily available everywhere you look on the internet or social media. It has become increasingly easy to create a good website application design for your app website. Mobile app landing pages and mobile app websites to expand one’s businesses prospects and the career prospects of the employees working for your organization.

However, before we tell you more about a mobile app website you need to know what a mobile app website exactly is. Continue reading further to find out!

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What is a Mobile App Website?

A mobile app website is a mobile application to be downloaded on your mobile phone. It is an alternative to a mobile website that has the tendency to improperly be adapted to your mobile screen. A mobile app website is built to ensure that it is fully compatible with your mobile phone device.

Mobile app websites are an easy access point for customers to view the details of any business or organization. They help provide information and guidance regarding their products and services with minimal effort from the customers' side. A mobile app website can also be accessed without the internet more often than not.

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The Growing Importance of Having a Mobile App Website for Your Business These Days

There are several reasons why it is becoming increasingly important to have mobile app websites with apps website design nowadays. These reasons are listed below for you:

  • It builds a stronger image for your brand because apps are the ‘in’ thing nowadays.
  • Using social media channels to advertise your business if you have a mobile app website becomes more relevant.
  • Due to the convenience of using mobile app landing pages, customer engagement rises rapidly.
  • The personal nature of this marketing channel enforces the sincerity of your brand.
  • Gives you a chance to focus more on your core competencies by dedicating an entire website application design to your business.

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7 Good Mobile App Website Examples and Their Essential Functions

Below, you may find listed and explained the 7 good mobile app website examples to further your understanding regarding our topic today.

1. Fabrik

Fabrik website landing page

Image taken from Fabrik

Fabrik is a mobile app website that helps you create other websites, Especially portfolio websites that you can use as your personal websites to further your career by giving access to employers. Fabrik is a perfect example of a mobile app website because it is the kind of service widely available as regular websites but not as mobile applications. This gives it an edge and provides a good example of the type of services you can provide through an innovative website application design.

Here’s a list of the main functions included in this app website.

  • Choosing from template options
  • Setting font sizes
  • Adding all types of media
  • Making use of customizable designs

2. Forest

This application is necessary and stands out because it has a dual purpose. It helps you feel socially responsible and make sure that you are productive. According to the time that you set, it will make sure that you leave your phone alone for that long. If not, the tree sapling on your laptop screen will die. This mobile app website has a simple function and only one page with all its functions incorporated. Yet it provides a service that you probably would never go to a website to find.

Some of the essential functions of this app website are as follows.

  • Timer settings
  • Bright visuals
  • Convincing illustrations

3. Mosaic Photo Books

This application is truly one of its kind. It provides unbelievable options for being just a mobile phone application inspired by a website. Because even most websites will not be able to provide the kind of service that this mobile app website does. If you are into photography and use mosaic photo books, you can create an entire physical photo album from the pictures available in the photo gallery of your mobile phone.

Here are some of the interesting features of this app website.

  • Gives multiple layout options
  • Helps navigate through mobile phone galley with ease
  • Adds special touches to pre-chosen layouts according to the pictures

4. Scannr

Scannr landing page

Image taken from Scannr.

This app helps you perform all the functions a huge physical scanner would do when connected to your PC and laptop. This app grabs so much traction because it literally makes the existence of an entire hardware device completely pointless. Why use a huge hardware device to do something you can from a mobile app website? Makes no sense, right?

Some of the features that make this app website all the more appealing are as follows.

  • Taking pictures of any physical document
  • Reading barcodes
  • Data retrieval of important documents
  • Recognizing QR codes

5. Supper Club

Supper club mobile app

Image taken from Supper Club

This mobile app website is just everything and more for those who love food, love learning more about it, and love sharing their knowledge. This entire app is basically like a book club, just for the food instead of books! You can share your favorite food recipes with others, talk about how you liked certain foods, and learn new recipes from others, all in one mobile application!

Some of the unique functions of this app website are listed below.

  • Several sub-pages
  • Matching you to appropriate supper clubs
  • Recognizing the specialties of your area according to your location

6. Weathertron

Weathertron app

Image taken from Weathertron

This app helps you track and plan your entire day following the weather in your area. Otherwise, you would have to perform several Google searches and use multiple websites to do the same thing. But not with Weathertron! With this mobile app website, you get it all in one place.

The following functions make this app website thorough and attractive.

  • Providing weather charts for the entire day
  • Suggesting you appropriate attire and fashion accessories

7. Uber

Uber landing page

Image taken from Uber

This is perhaps the most well-known mobile app website on our list today. Why go through the hassle of opening an internet browser to find a way to get home? With this ridesharing app website, you are guaranteed to reach your destination as you please, no matter where you are.

Interestingly, the user-generated content of this mobile website app has been the primary cause of its skyrocketing popularity. Some of the content created by users on this app website can be described as the following functions.

  • Allowing you to rate your driver
  • Giving the option to enter your destination and get an expected fare
  • Letting you choose the kind of ride you want

Build a Mobile App Website on Strikingly

Strikingly is a rising platform for building websites. It offers many ready-to-use templates that can be directly used as your web design, thus saving you time and effort from building your website design from scratch.

Not only that, the templates offered by Strikingly are easy to add content to. It takes just a couple of hours for a new user to make a complete, basic but professional website on Strikingly.

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If you want to create a mobile app website, you can do so here on Strikingly. Your site will not exactly be an app but a mobile-optimized website. In other words, it will be a mobile website. Our templates are responsive and adjust automatically according to the device and screen size they are being browsed on. All the coding and programming work at the backend, while you just have to add content through our user-friendly editor page.

We also provide a drag and drop feature in our editor, which means to add images and other files, you can simply drag them with your cursor and place them wherever you like on your web page. Text can be added, edited, or updated by clicking on the text area and making your desired changes.

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Once you are done adding content to your site, you’ll see that your mobile app website will also be ready when you open it from your mobile phone. This means you won’t have to put in any extra effort while creating a website on Strikingly to optimize it for mobile devices.

If you haven’t already, sign up for your free account on Strikingly today. Building websites that are ready to be browsed from mobile phones and look professional even though created for free and in a short period has never been easier. This is your chance to show that your business or personal brand has a solid and outstanding online presence.