Learn how to write a website in 7 steps

A compelling website is one that makes visitors feel at home the minute they enter the website. It must instantly draw their attention and showcase your best offerings in the first few minutes. This is important to make website visitors stay longer on your website and hopefully lead to a sale. But there’s more to building customer relations than making one sale. You need to make customers see your company through your eyes. And the best way to do this is to learn how to write a website bio.

Of course, you’re not an expert writer to know how to write a bio, but even so, we can show you how to write a professional bio that thrills your audience. Before you get into that, you need to understand the importance of having a professional website bio.

Reasons to Write a Website Bio

If you need to know how to write a website bio, it’s best you start by understanding why you need it in the first place. Here are 3 reasons why you need to write a compelling website bio.

1. A Personal Introduction

Unlike your website landing page or the website homepage, the website bio narrates a story. A story about your company, its goals, vision, etc., can motivate site visitors to buy your products. This section helps visitors connect to the ideals and principles of the company and its products. An important aspect of how to write a website bio is to know how to introduce your company to uninitiated visitors. Just giving some a list of facts and information about your company may be necessary to authenticate your brand. But with a well-written website bio, you can make customers fall in love with your brand at first sight.

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2. Tells Your Story

As we told you earlier, people love a good story. And what's better than a good story? The origin story! Consumers are usually curious about the particulars of how the idea behind a brand was formulated and the events that shaped the brand as they know it. Even small details of challenges and hardships you had to face in order to build your brand helps consumers connect with your brand and increase brand loyalty.

3. Acknowledges the People Behind Your Business

Website bios are great for introducing key members of your business to your customers. This is helpful in both ways as it helps increase their perception of your company leading to increased performance and let your audiences feel like they are a part of your team. Providing details such as social media handles of your key employees allows customers to actively engage with them. This will also boost customer satisfaction and engagement.

The idea is clear! Customers need a compelling story to feel connected to your brand and the product. But there are various aspects that enhance the story that you tell. Let us now understand the pointers that will tell you how to write a website bio that helps the audience get connected to you.

How to Write a Website Bio that Captivates Audiences?

1. Write Your Bio Based on the Platform

If you have checked bio examples from other websites, you will notice that they have different bios from each platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This is because every platform has a different group of people who need to be addressed accordingly. The tone and context of your website bio is important when considering different platforms to post the bio.

As a professional, it helps to write in the third person but you can also use first person tone, depending on your crowd. Social media bios can be more casual but still needs to be precise with the persona you want to display. On your website, focus on how to write a bio and make it look professional. You also need to acknowledge and address the audience that read the website bio.

2. Introduce Yourself

Be clear with your role and responsibility in the business so that you can give a precise description of your position in the company. Customers often want to know who is speaking to them. Is it the CEO, the MD, or the marketing head that’s addressing them? And what do you do for the company? If you are the CEO, then talk about the company in third person. Explain your relation with the brand and the product by giving some background about the company, it’s beginnings, and some incidents that helped shape it.

How to write a website bio that thrills audiences

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3. Upsell Your Brand

You haven’t learned how to write a website bio if you don’t know how to upsell yourself. Sure this section is more about introducing yourself, but if you don’t know how to showcase your worth, customers might not be able to see it. Tell your audience about any achievements from your business or how it has always strived to be the best. Customers enjoy the fact that their brand or choice of product has some unique feature or even a story of how it was created.

With this in mind, try not to overdo it. Mention those facts that increase the company’s value among its stakeholders. Instead of just talking about what you think is great about your business, address issues that clients face and tell them what your business is doing to address them.

4. Personalize Your Bio

An important thing to remember when learning how to write a website bio is humor. Many websites keep a formal tone to address audiences, which is great. But audiences need to feel important. They need a personal touch that tells them that this bio was written by a human person and not typed out by a robot. Include bits and pieces of your personality in writing. This will make your bio more relatable to audiences and can be quite effective. You can share information like your hobbies, side hustles, your hometown, the music or cuisine you like, and anything other information that tells people who you are as a person.

Remember that the humor you add-in is just the icing on the cake and not the entire cake. So use it wisely. An overly humorous website bio can draw customer attention away from the spotlight.

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5. Keep it Concise

A major turn-off that most businesses overlook is the length of their bios. An important aspect of learning how to write a website bio is to know how much to write. People have surprisingly short attention spans, and if your content is too lengthy and boring, it’ll lead to an emergency exit. So before you put up all the information, be sure to make a draft copy and have a third person edit out unnecessary information. An ideal word count for a bio is anywhere between 300 to 500 words.

6. Add a Professional Picture

Another component that businesses usually overlook is the professional picture. Giving your customers an elaborated description and not following it up with visual cues to back that information can make customers feel disconnected. A well-clicked picture gives a face to the voice that was speaking to them through your bio. But be cautious while putting up the picture. You want it to complement the entire website bio.

How to write a website bio that thrills audiences

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7. End with a Persuasive Call to Action

If you’ve put in this much effort to make a dazzling website bio, you can definitely expect some enthusiastic customers who would want to sign up or at least be associated with your company/product. Putting a CTA button into your bio can be an added advantage to your marketing strategy. Remember to design the CTA in line with the content. If you’re a new business, you could ask them to subscribe for product updates, blog pages, conferences, etc. You can even put in your social media handles and let customers connect to you directly.

Templates to Create the Perfect Website Bio

Now that you know the intricacies of how to write a website bio, you can check out some exquisite website templates that will help you build the best website bio. You can access any of the templates displayed below by signing up with Strikingly. The process is free, and you can start editing the templates as soon as you sign up. If you’re learning how to write a website bio, these free website templates should make your job a lot easier.

1. Andrea

All your worries of how to write a website bio will be answered if you use this well-designed professional bio template from Strikingly. The template already has pre-organized sections that show you how to write a professional bio and your personal journey. The layout of this professional bio template highlights your achievements with space for images. This template is perfect for entrepreneurs and thought leaders starting a new business.

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2. Bright

Bright uses an interplay of engaging images and text to describe the website bio to page visitors. The template even has a section dedicated to showcase team members and an info box for a quick intro. There is space provided to insert headshots, and you can even change banner images to recreate your office space within the template. This professional bio template is best suited for entrepreneurs looking to build a career.

Intuitive website templates to help you write a website bio

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3. Fresh

If you’re looking for a template that gets straight to the point and showcases your website bio, then fresh is the website template for you. The template has the navigation menu on the top right with sections dedicated to help visitors understand the business and the people involved. The sections help identify your goals and your mission as an organization, while also providing a section for some personal inputs from the owners. This one gives the perfect blend of professional bio template with the personal touch that allows the organization to engage with its customers.

Create great website bio with Strikingly's website builder

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Understanding how to write a website bio is not really the hard part. It’s about how you organize information about yourself in a way that 9 out of 10 site visitors can understand and relate to. This post was made to help you understand this difference and write a compelling website bio that draws audiences to your website. And instead of breaking your head about where to go and who to consult to create the best website designs for your bio page, you can sign up with Strikingly and let us do it for you. You’ve already seen some of our most promising website templates that will guide you how to write a professional bio. So don’t waste more time thinking about it. Get started with Strikingly right away!