Portfolio examples

Your design portfolio is a window through which the rest of the world can see your work and assess your talent, skills, and experience. Design portfolios are the lens through which new clients and potential employers evaluate designers, whether you're a graphic designer, a product designer, an illustrator, a web designer, or a multimedia artist. A strong design portfolio may help you advance in your career, open up new doors, and get you the jobs you want. Failure to put your best foot forward with your design portfolio, on the other hand, can result in rejection and spell doom.

Because it has the potential to make or break your career, building your design portfolio is the most critical design exercise you can do. With online design portfolio websites becoming the norm for showcasing your work to the world, it's critical to know the dos and don'ts of creating a successful design portfolio website. A successful graphic design portfolio website highlights your work, communicates your story, instills confidence, and facilitates partnerships. We hope that this list of portfolio examples provides you with the motivation to create your own website.

Musician Website Portfolio Site Examples

Bands and musicians need a website that is appealing to visitors and contains all of the fans’ information. The majority of band or musician websites will have some characteristics. Of course, prominent images of the musician or band will be included. They'll almost certainly feature a bio, tour dates, a store where you can buy or download music, song samples, and possibly a blog. If you look at the portfolio examples included below, you'll see a wide range of styles and approaches.

• Tina Guo

Tinaguo portfolio examples

Image is taken from Tinaguo

Tina Guo's website is a good professional website example for musicians, which features a full-screen slider with a few different photos that cycle through. The site's design is straightforward but effective.

• Kid Rock

Kidrock website portfolio examples

Image is taken from Kidrock

Kid Rock incorporates a huge slider throughout his website. Things like tour dates and news items can be found below the fold. There's also a store and a lot of videos and music on the site.

• Metallica

Metallica website portfolio examples

Image is taken from Metallica

You don’t need a lot of examples of your work. It’s better to include fewer portfolio examples that are of high quality. Metallica’s website offers a lot of content, which is understandable for a band that's been active for nearly four decades. When you click on the navigation menu, it expands to reveal a variety of alternatives.

• Brad Paisley

Brand Paisley website

Image is taken from Brad Paisley

A full-screen background photo can be found on Brad Paisley's website. As you scroll, you'll notice that this is a really image-heavy design with a lot of photographs. Below the fold, tour dates are listed, followed by press headlines which make this a good professional website example to use for musicians.

• Remi Jousselme

Remi Jousselme professional website example

Image is taken from Remi Jousselme

Remi Jousselme, a guitarist, has a website that stands apart from the pack. It has a navigation menu that runs the length of the screen on the left side. It's an interesting touch that the accent color changes as you navigate. These unique features make this a great professional website example to be by professional musicians.

Healthcare Portfolio Site Examples

The quality of a hospital's or healthcare provider's service determines their success. A well-designed healthcare/wellness website is no less crucial in an age when most of us check up information online before making practically any decision.

The majority of individuals go to a hospital's website for information. As a result, these portfolio examples must be exceedingly user-friendly, simple to use, and well-organized, with an attractive look.

• Greensborough Road Surgery

GRS professional website example

Image is taken from GRS

A good professional website example for healthcare services. The design is simple but effective. This professional website example by Greensborough Road Surgery's website demonstrates that a complex medical website design isn't always required to be the finest.

On every page, their site provides quick and easy navigation, clear information, and pleasant images. This alleviates the guests' concerns. The website is mobile-friendly and offers a great user experience.

• Centura Health

Centura website

Image is taken from Centura Health

Centura Health's website has a clear, straightforward information architecture, even if it isn't the most modern. There are just five primary links and two subsidiary icons in the navigation menu. The usability of Centura Health's website is substantially enhanced by their use of basic, straightforward navigation and the prominent display of the search tool in the center of the home page. The site which is considered as one of the best design in healthcare portfolio examples also adheres to accessible design best practices by employing large, high-contrast fonts that are easier to read for website users with vision impairments.

• Rest Assured System

Rest assured website

Image is taken from Rest Assured

This website was created with accessible design aspects in mind, such as large, high-contrast fonts and simple keyboard navigation. Screen readers and other text-to-speech tools use alt text on all photos on the Rest Assured site to accurately read and interpret content for persons with visual impairment.

• Mercy Health

Mercy website

Image is taken from Mercy

To engage the user, Mercy Health's website uses dynamic visuals and color. The persistent use of rich, vibrant photography throughout the site, from the carousel beneath the banner to additional images throughout the site, serves to convey a sense of enthusiasm and optimism. Although the use of a rich, brilliant green color for the search box was an excellent decision for promoting a sense of health and well-being, the typography within the box requires more contrast to improve readability.

• Regional One Health

Regional health website

Image is taken from Regional One Health

Regional One Health does an excellent job at using film to tell their narrative. The use of an engaging and dramatic film as the homepage's hero statement immediately captivates the visitor and encourages the user's belief that Regional One has the solution to their health problems thus making this one of the very useful online portfolio examples for a healthcare website.

Graphic Designers Professional Website Portfolio Examples

Take a look at these incredible graphic design website portfolio examples created by professionals all over the world. As a fellow creative worker, get inspired by their work or hire a designer to assist you with your brand. In any case, there's a lot of outstanding work by great graphic designers to pursue.

• David Shrigley

 David Shrigley website

Image is taken from David Shrigley

David Shrigley's witty and often grim illustrations have earned him a cult following throughout the world. The white background and handwritten headers and titles of his portfolio website effortlessly merge his distinctive artwork. His graphic design portfolio is simple and easy to navigate, allowing his work to take center stage.

• Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes portfolio examples

Image is taken from Marian Bantjes

Clients are most interested in seeing the portfolio examples of the designers. Marian Bantjes' portfolio website showcases her most high-profile work and clientele and urges visitors to buy her book and art prints, using her famous hand-lettering, patterns, and illustrations.

She also employs reduced preview thumbnails to accommodate more photographs onto her website while encouraging the user to click through to the full image and learn more about each project.

• Kate Moross

Kate Moross website

Image is taken from Kate Moross

Kate Moross, a London-based graphic designer, is known for her fun hand-rendered type and colorful designs, which have been utilized by brands such as Cadbury's, Nike, and even the Spice Girls. She takes a different approach than the portfolio site examples we’ve seen so far. A loud portfolio background is unnecessary for such a bright and stunning body of work, so they utilize a cheerful yellow navigation toolbar that complements their design style. They include images of themselves doing things like designing and painting, which gives you a better idea of who they are.

• Jessica Hische

Jessica hische website

Image is taken from Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische's portfolio webpage has numerous types of hierarchies because she is a lettering artist. The ribbon marker emblem and the drop cap in one of the first paragraphs are also subtle hints about her personal love of literature and book design. This website also includes a sitemap of the design at the top, followed by her portfolio examples in action

• Alan Fletcher

Alen Fletcher website

Image is taken from Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher, who was also a co-founder of Pentagram, was dubbed "the most highly acclaimed graphic designer of his generation" by the Daily Telegraph in his 2006 obituary. His portfolio website prominently displays his workspace, with a limited selection of his designs in the background. This method evokes a sense of calmness and serenity, while also highlighting the joy he finds in his day-to-day work, rather than the end outcome.

Create a Portfolio Website With Strikingly

In today's world, a portfolio is nearly always required, regardless of your professional or creative speciality. When applying for jobs, you may be required to provide a portfolio along with your resume. Everything is digital now that society has become so intertwined with technology, and an online portfolio may as well be a must. Don't let opportunities pass you by because you weren't ready. Now is the time to start building your own portfolios by taking inspiration from these portfolio examples.

The best part about today's web design templates is that you can effortlessly link your portfolio with your personal blog and turn your website into a one-stop-shop for all things you. Websites for web designers are simple to create with Strikingly's intuitive interface. With the help of web page templates, even the most unskilled online user may now create their own website. These tools allow you to create a professional-looking website even if you have no prior experience with programming or website design.

We're excited to show you the rising number of startup enterprises, personal portfolio site examples, groups, and company websites that we've helped to construct.

1. Sign up Right Now

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You've made the proper choice in selecting the greatest web page creator to help you along the path. We've got you covered when it comes to establishing the finest online presence for your company.

2. Choose a Template

 Strikingly choose template

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Deciding on the appearance and feel of your blog website is one of the most significant components of putting up your own blog website. Because of the multitude of possibilities available, choosing from Strikingly's increasing selection of blog website templates can be overwhelming, but you can look at other portfolio examples to know how they have customized the templates for their own websites. To make your search easier, the site groups templates into categories including personal, startup, company, and blog.

Every template has a “view site” button that will show you how the site will appear in real life.

Strikingly view site

Image is taken from Strikingly

3. Check Compatibility With Other Devices

Choose the template you want to use and then click "View site template." You may also check compatibility by previewing the site on a tablet or mobile device. We recommend that you preview each template you like and pick the one that best fits your demands. Each template comes with pre-designed sections, each of which having a set amount of layout possibilities for your content.

4. Customize Your Template


Image is taken from Strikingly

When you click "create a site with this template," the site editor window opens, and your website appears. This lets you personalize your website and add features such as galleries, a blog area, and an online store, among other things.

Each Strikingly web page template has sections for specific elements of a website, such as Contact Us, About Us, and the page header, among others. You can customize your web page template by adding extra sections based on your content requirements. You might wish to include a gallery section to exhibit company images or a selection of your most recent works, for example. A Soundcloud playlist or podcast, as well as an e-commerce site, can be added. On Strikingly, the options for designing unique-looking websites are unlimited. We propose that you dig deeper into the site editor to find features that can help you engage your target audience.

Web templates provide you with the necessary framework for your website, but it is ultimately up to you to determine how distinctive your site will appear. Avoid converting your website into a one-size-fits-all online environment. Examine the various functions and features available on Strikingly to transform your website into a one-of-a-kind representation of your brand and personality.


Well, that’s all. We hope you like our list of portfolio site examples. Web templates provide you with the necessary framework for your website, but it is ultimately up to you to determine how distinctive your site will appear. Despite the fact that these portfolio examples are all distinct, they nonetheless stand out because of their distinctive usages of features like creative animation, a quirky and memorable look, or an amusing user experience — a little imagination and inventive thinking can go a long way. Consider the various functions and features available on Strikingly to transform your website into a one-of-a-kind representation of your brand and personality.