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Whether you’re working in a 9 to 5 job or taking care of your kids at home, who doesn’t like the idea of spending some time being involved in doing what you feel passionate about? And if you can find the right hobbies that can make money, there can be nothing better than that. Surprisingly, with the advent of the internet, that is not only easily possible but can be done to build a full time hobby business as well!

But let’s admit it, building a stream of income is not easy, especially considering the amount of competition that has risen in the past few years on the internet. Hence, before we introduce you to the 6 best hobbies to make money, let’s have a look at a few questions you should ask yourself before taking your first step:

  1. How Many Hours are you Willing to Spend per Day?

This is a major factor in determining the scalability of your initiative. If you’re willing to commit a few hours per day, you can build a decent side income in a short span of time. While if you wish to take it full time in place of your job, then you should probably plan things out beforehand to get a good head-start. Planning your work routine, the appropriate website development tool and marketing strategies are some of them. While most of these can be outsourced, it is helpful if you have a basic knowledge.

  1. Product Based or Service Based?

Whether you want to create something and sell, or simply provide a service is also a choice you need to make. For instance, cooking is one of the most profitable hobbies of today’s time and certainly qualifies in our list of hobbies that make money. If you like to spend your time making healthy dishes, you could easily start a cloud kitchen and showcase it online to get going. In the busy world of today, people want to get home, relax and simply order food online. Similarly, if you like to make handmade jewellery, you can keep a decent stock and outsource delivery services while marketing your business online!

  1. Work from Home?

This also leads to the third most important question: whether you want to work from home doing what you love to do as online hobbies. Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the globalisation of technology. Hence, you don’t need to leave your home and can simply utilise money making hobbies from home to comfortably work and save money.

  1. What Should Be Your First Step?

While starting anything, your first step matters the most. In the digital age, perhaps the cheapest and easiest way (that also largely eliminates any risk) of showcasing your hobbies to make money is building a platform, more specifically a website where people can find you and actually be part of your journey in building a stream of income by hiring your service or buying your products. Further in the article, we will give you a helpful tip on how to actually get started in your journey of utilising hobbies that make money using the internet and build a robust website for the purpose.

Now, let’s have a look at the top 6 hobbies that make money in the digital age:

  1. Music:

a music website

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First on our list is music! Yes, you can easily consider this as one of the most amazing and profitable hobbies that make money. With the internet, you can put out your talent of singing or playing a musical instrument and build a blog to sell your work. You can even create online courses to spread your knowledge or have personalised coaching programs, where you take a few students at a time and teach them from the comfort of your home.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Selling your original music or songs
  • Teaching people how to play an instrument (ex: piano, harp, etc.)
  • Providing personal coaching for singing
  • Being a music reviewer
  • Selling exclusive courses on music theory

With a good looking website, you can not only upload your work but also consolidate everything you want to share on a single platform, so that the people wouldn’t have to look here and there.

  1. Food:

The next on the list of hobbies that make money in the digital age involves food. The interesting part is that it doesn’t just have to be cooking. With any hobby business that involves food, you can make money on the internet. Some of the ideas are:

  • Selling home grown/organic food
  • Selling home cooked meals through a cloud kitchen website
  • Providing cooking lessons/courses
  • Becoming a food blogger/vlogger
  • Becoming a food critic

These ideas may involve a bare minimum capital to start with, but are indeed highly rewarding as they would not only let you do what you love, but also make money on the side. Globalisation has helped in bringing the regional delicacies of each part of the world closer. Now, anyone can easily learn through recipes of any traditional dishes of a country/region or travel and share their experiences online.

a street food website

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  1. Photography:

a portfolio website

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People love visuals, in fact the saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is absolutely justified in today’s time. People want to capture and preserve every special moment. Be it graduation, a trip with your friends, a wedding or a beautiful view from your window. And fortunately, photography is a good option to make money nowadays. While owning a decent camera or a good smartphone may be the prerequisite, you can then start making money from your hobby within no time. Mostly, freelance photographers are outsourced or hired because the value of digital content is on its peak. In fact, several businesses like to hire photographers to build a good corporate CV or newsletter. With so many options, we’ve handpicked a few ideas that you may be useful for you to get started:

  • Freelance photography
  • Travel blogging/photography
  • Creating content for a business
  • Photography courses/lessons
  • Professional photo/video editor

While these are just a few ideas, once you make a portfolio or website to showcase your work, you can build a good audience in your favour that may even hire you in future for their work!

  1. Writing:

an author website

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Every person that uses the internet, is looking for content. If you can give them what they need or be an integral part of fulfilling their requirements for content, there is no limit to how much you can earn online. Writing is probably among the hobbies that make money online while also giving you the chance to constantly improve your skills and learn more of anything.

Some of the ideas that can help you make money through writing are:

  • Freelance Content Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting (anonymously writing content for others)
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • Review writer
  • Script writer (even for YouTube videos)
  • Technical or Academic writer

The only requirement here is that you should have basic knowledge of writing and grammar. Increasing your vocabulary is an added benefit when you are starting and can help in getting you more work.

  1. Fitness:

a fitness website

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If you’re someone who has a decent knowledge about fitness and nutrition or even if you’re someone who wants to share their journey towards fitness with people online, this hobby is for you. The trend of working out at home or taking online personal training has been increasing in the past decade. With more than enough content on the internet, you can build the platform that people look forward to, to get simplified and effective knowledge for targeted audiences.

Here are few ideas that will reward you if fitness is your hobby:

  • Being an online fitness coach
  • Sharing healthy recipes
  • Selling your nutrition and training courses
  • Offering personalised training in your favourite fitness niche (ex: strength and conditioning, endurance, etc.)
  • Being a fitness blogger and sharing your fitness journey and commitments
  • Sharing home workout routines for a specific audience

With a lot of people having unhealthy eating habits, you can surely guide them on how they can make small changes in their lives to be a healthier version of themselves in a busy daily routine.

  1. Art:

Art is next on our list of hobbies that make money. Although, it’s difficult to describe art with just a few hobbies, but if you are someone who is creative and can make things beautiful, then you can monetise this hobby effectively.

Following are some of the ideas involving art:

  • Selling paintings or sketches
  • Selling handmade products or clothes
  • Selling Do-it-yourself kits
  • Being an Illustrator or Designer
  • Selling painting/sketching courses

an art website

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a crochet selling website

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Building your brand or website that helps you be involved in hobbies that make money online can require some time. Hence, patience and the right knowledge become the two most crucial factors that you should inculcate once you’ve chosen which hobby you wish to proceed with. Another thing, the list we provided above is not at all exhaustive, you can build a decent living out of anything you love. There are no limits provided that you take your first step as soon as possible, no matter how small it seems.

Having said that, since we have discussed the hobbies that make money on the internet, now we would love to share the helpful tip about building a website that we talked about earlier so that you can have a platform which will create the foundation of your money making hobbies.

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