10 Food Business Ideas To Start This Pandemic

This pandemic has closed down a lot of doors. And this applies to not just literally the doors of our homes, but it also applies to different doors of opportunities - in academics, for professional careers, food businesses, corporations, health services, among others, that were shut closed, some even before they were completely open. With the time that you had during the pandemic lockdowns, I’m sure that you are itching to get back on your feet. Well, we’re here to tell you that even though the world has not completely recovered just yet, you can get started on any of the innovative business ideas that you have. And if you’re one of those people that developed a newfound passion and love for cooking, baking, and creating food, then this article is just right for you. In this article, we will be giving you different food business ideas to help you enter the world of opportunity that’s waiting for you.

10 Best Online Food Business Ideas

1. Bakery

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For the past year or so, baking has been one of the favorite pastimes of a good fraction of the population. With an oven at home, some shopping for ingredients and tools, and an online recipe, you can make your home have that sweet and yeasty aroma. With the right recipes and the patience to do more batches of what you usually make, starting a bakery is one of the best food business ideas. If you have an inherent love for it, then even better this might be the best food business to start at home. You can focus on cookies, or maybe varieties of bread, cupcakes, cakes, cinnamon rolls, brownies, etc.

The photo you see above is from a website made by Strikingly. See, another reason why selling baked goods is one of the great online food business ideas to start is because you can easily make a website where you can sell any of your pastries and baked goods. Strikingly can help you be successful in that endeavor. Use the gallery feature like this one to showcase your products and attract customers.

2. Fast food

It is common knowledge that many fast-food restaurants withstand the effect of the pandemic and can stand strong. However, it is still not such a bad business idea to start one of your own. After all, there is a better appreciation for homemade meals. If you think about it, this is one of the best food business ideas because it offers such a wide array of varieties to choose from. From sandwiches, burgers, pizza, french fries, onion rings, fried chicken, tacos, sliders, and many others, you have a lot of options as to what will be the start of your small food business. These are all things that you can make easily at home and quickly prepared according to the orders that come in. You can put your contact information on your website and other online platforms and have people send in their orders to you.

3. Ice Cream

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While some people consider ice cream to be a fast food item, it certainly can be a star on its own. We included this in this list of the best food business ideas because who doesn’t like ice cream, right? Giving it some thought, you might be a bit reluctant to establish this kind of small food business because a freezer can be a big investment. But hey, you can always start with a small target market that your current equipment can accommodate. Ice cream can be easy to make given the right ingredients and equipment. And if you do decide to go with this food business, then we are certain that you will not regret it.

It can also be one of the best online food business ideas. As you can see from this Strikingly website, Nicecream Factory, you can have people pre-order the flavors you want. Strikingly helps you showcase your products and add some product descriptions. You can set it up to be delivered directly to their front steps or have it ready for pick-up. Ice cream is one of the most loved food items today so, business-wise, how can you be wrong about ice cream?

4. Unique Specialty Food Items

If you want to be more adventurous with your food business ideas, then you can opt to start a small food business that caters to a specific niche market. You can whip up something that isn’t popularly offered. This is also one of the online food business ideas that has a wide range of options. You can opt to start a small food business that involves allowing customers to customize the ingredients in their meals, maybe focus on vegans or pescatarians or those who are lactose intolerant. Or you can offer specific food items like tea, spices and herbs, sauces, or even candies. No matter what, you cannot deny the potential of targeting a specific group of consumers with the execution of any of these food business ideas. Similarly, you can display your products online. With a website builder like Strikingly, you can integrate an online store on your website where your customers can order and choose the best payment and shipping policy to buy your product.

5. Food Delivery

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While this is one of the best food business ideas that encompasses a lot of other online food business ideas, it can also stand on its own. You can establish a small food business that focuses on food delivery services. With some kind of modification to your vehicle, you can partner with other food businesses or partner with those who are also looking into different food business ideas and offer your services. Conversely, you can also define food delivery services as your most unique selling point. You can offer a variety of different food products on your website that your customers can choose from. It can be products of your creation or it can be a merchandise of another food business. With the multitudes of food business owners that are popping out everywhere, there is a real opportunity for food delivery services. You can add contact forms so that other businesses can avail of your services.

6. Bubble Tea

Originally hailing from Taiwan, it has conquered the world by storm today. Selling bubble tea at this time when its popularity is at its peak might be one of the best food business ideas that are worth exploring. Ingredients of the drink are available in most grocery stores and if you can find the right unique recipe that will excite people’s taste buds then you are in for a wonderful adventure. This is also another one of those online food business ideas that you can easily establish. With Strikingly, you can integrate a custom form on your website. This will allow your customers to customize the drink they want. You can offer different flavors, different sizes, different sweetness levels, and additional sinkers aside from boba pearls. If you are in a prime location that has a good consumer market for bubble tea, then you can earn a lot of profits from establishing this small food business.

7. Coffee

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Have you ever encountered a community or, even a household, without coffee? It is the staple drink for a lot of people of all ages, no one can deny that. Hence, it is only right to think of it as also one of the prime food business ideas. Coffee is fairly easy to come by. But coming up with your blend and your mix can give you an edge in the industry. You can offer ready-to-drink products to your customers or you can try to find a supplier of coffee beans itself. Nevertheless, it can be one of the easiest online food business ideas you can execute because it already has a steady market wherever your location is. More people love coffee than those that don’t want it. And with the right promotional strategies, you can earn enough customer feedback to help you grow your business to the highest level.

8. Food Blog/Recipe Books

If you are already an experienced chef or cook, then your time can be well spent on writing up all the unique and flavorful recipes that you have up your sleeve. With the now highly technological and internet-bound world, we live in, cookbooks and recipe books have also found a home online. If you have been thinking about sharing your best recipes and earning a living while you do it, then go ahead because it is certainly one of the best food business ideas out there. With Strikingly, you can add blogs to your website. You can add different kinds of recipes to this section of your website. You can also add images in any of your food blogs so that you can showcase the result of your recipes. You can also share experiences and tips and tricks with your readers. This can be a good small food business because you can add advertisements on your blogs or websites.

9. Catering

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Since the pandemic, not a lot of restaurants are open to cater to people’s special events. Thus, it can be one of the best food business ideas to open up a catering business of your own. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’d have to serve up fancy and sophisticated food. You can go a bit casual with the menu that you’re offering. You can connect a live chat feature on your website so that your customers can easily contact you and communicate the kind of menu that they would prefer. You can offer up a bunch of different food and beverage options that they can mix and match. And with a little creativity in the packaging and presentation, you can be successful in this small food business.

10. Cooking Lessons

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For the last of our best food business ideas, we urge you to not just write recipes for people to follow but to show them how it is done. A lot of people, probably like you, grew an interest in being active in the kitchen. Because they have much time and energy on their hands, they are more eager and more likely to want to learn. And what better way to also use your time and earn at the same time than to start a small food business that evolves in teaching people to cook up the best recipes. There are many platforms that you can use to teach your customers in real-time. In addition, you can also add videos on your website that showcases a teaser of your classes or even a couple of your full ones.

The doors of opportunities can eventually open to those who knock. So if you have some food business ideas just lurking up your mind, go ahead and encourage it. You never know, your online food business ideas can turn into one of the most successful businesses in existence. Let Strikingly help you cook up the best small food business. Sign up now and fill the tummies of the people!