Working in the online world requires you to be adaptive. You must be knowledgeable on the different ways and hacks to make your online business more visible in the market. In order to gain the recognition you've been wanting, you must know how to keep up.

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO is among the must-needed weapons in the field of eCommerce. It is one powerful tool that can have a great impact on you and your business. Once handled right, search engines can surely give you a lot of benefits. One of that is to get your website searchable on Google.

Why Being Searchable on Google is Important?

Understanding how to be searchable in Google has a lot of benefits to offer you. Among them are listed down below.

• Helps in Gathering More Visitors

Knowing how to get your website in Google is one way of securing a smooth flow of audience visiting your website. More visible on Google, more exposure to potential clients. When you already mastered the right ways on how to be searchable on Google, you can use this as an opportunity to get more website visitors and convert them into loyal patrons.

• Establishes Online Image

Business is competitive. If you want to survive, you must know how to stand out from your competitors. Being searchable on Google helps your website rank higher and puts a gap between you and your competitors. Once you managed to be more visible on search engines, you get the chance to promote your website more and establish your own branding image. The moment you gain an outstanding ranking position through being searchable in Google, success runs toward your way.

• Makes Website Look More Authentic

Mastering how to get your website on Google helps in increasing your website's authenticity. If you have high search engine results page rankings, the audience will see you as a more reliable website. It helps you boost website traffic and even generate more leads for your website visitors.


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Ways on How to Get Your Website on the Internet

Now that you've understood the importance of being searchable on Google, let's get to the real game. Listed below are the top ways you can do to make your website more visible in the online community.

• Have A Striking Website Title

Any website became more interesting if it has a catchy title. Website titles are also the ones found on your address tab, search engine results, browser, social media searches, and even domains. When making your website title, always consider making it eye-catchy that it will immediately ring in a website viewer’s mind once they read it. You can also make it more interesting by making it a descriptive one. Think out of the box and be creative in deciding on your website title. Make your audience wonder what and who you are.

Here’s our pro-tip for you in making an effective website title to be searchable on Google.

  1. Each of your website pages should have a unique, striking, and relevant title.
  2. Do not forget to add target keywords in your website title.
  3. Use "|" to differentiate specific parts of your website title.
  4. Avoid using angle brackets. This could be invisible for search engines and might affect your website in becoming more visible online.
  5. The length of an effective website title that can help you on how to be searchable on Google should be less than 70 characters.


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• Use Keywords and Meta Descriptions

Keywords and meta-description are your great allies in making your website searchable on Google. They are a big help in befriending various search engines. Keywords are a group of words that website users put into search engines like Google in order to find the information or content they’ve been looking for. Meta descriptions or also called meta tags, on the other hand, are the short descriptions or “website snippets”. It is like a short summarization of a website’s content that appears along with the website title on a search engine results homepage. To rank well in search results and make your website searchable on Google, adding keywords and meta descriptions on your website content is essential.


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Adding keywords to make your website searchable on Google isn’t as easy as you think. You must find the best and appropriate keywords that will correlate with the article/content you are trying to make. In finding the best keywords for your website content, performing a keyword search is highly suggested. This process involves looking out for three main ideas which are:

  1. Keywords must be what the people are using/typing on the Google search bar that relates to a product or services like yours.
  2. The specific volume of searches for each of the keywords you choose to be searchable on Google.
  3. How complicated it will be for you to rank each keyword based on the volume of existing authoritative websites or pages that already perform well in various search engine results for those set of content keywords.

Here’s our tip for you on how to get your website on Google by adding only the best keywords on your website content.

  1. Your added keywords must be relevant to your website content.
  2. Keywords chosen must be a popular search on various search engines
  3. It must be at least in a group of two to four words. Long-tailed keywords are usually more effective than a single-word keywords in helping you on how to be searchable on Google.
  4. Effective keywordS must contain a certain level of balance between specificity and broadness to help in generating a smoother flow of traffic on your online website.

When using meta descriptions for your website to be searchable on Google, consider the following ideas to help you create only the best ones.

  1. An effective meta description must be short, straight-to-the-point, and tells the content searcher what they will get when they land on your website.
  2. Accurate meta descriptions can help improve your clickthrough make your website more visible online for searchers.
  3. Remember not to use the same group of meta descriptions for every different page of your same website. Website pages that have the same meta descriptions are more likely to compete against each other for search engine ranking making it hard for you to be searchable on Google.


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Once you’re done with your keywords and meta descriptions, you can now start adding them to the following website elements to start your journey on how to get your website on Google.

  1. On your Site domain (if your website do not have a domain yet, you can purchase from us)
  2. URL website page slugs
  3. Your Site/page title
  4. Headings and subheadings
  5. Meta descriptions or website met tags
  6. On your Image ALT tags
  7. Website page‘s other body content

• Choose A Website Domain

Deciding and registering for your website domain name should not be done in a hurry. It is among the most valuable marketing and search engine tool which can help you on how to be searchable on Google. Having a strong website domain can also help you be more visible online and direct potential customers to your own website.

Here are a few tips that you should remember on how to get your website on Google by deciding on a strong domain name.

  1. Your website domain must add a professional touch to your online business and makes you stand out from the millions of websites in the same field.
  2. A strong domain must provide direct visibility for your branding. Like glass windows you see in malls, a good website domain must catch the attention of any potential customer.
  3. Your chosen website domain must create flexibility for your online presence. This must be considered to keep your website searchable on Google even if you decide to change your website host.
  4. A good website domain must help you on how to get your website on Google and increase your search engine ranking. When you build your business and start to develop your business website with high-quality content, your website domain name will slowly become more and more searchable on Google and other search engines. With this, drawing more customers in your direction is more possible.
  5. The best website domain will provide your brand with strong marketability among your other competitors.

With us in Strikingly, you can easily create and register your own website domain without breaking too much sweat. Register a new free website domain, connect it to your Strikingly website, and start rocking the world of eCommerce!


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• Add Alt-Tags and Description on Website Images

Adding alt text to your website images/gallery is also one of the most effective ways on how to get your website on Google. It can help various search engines like Google rank you and be more visible to the market. Since search engines cannot actually "read" your posted website images, adding alt text is highly recommended. It serves as a label that you add to your website images so that search engines can read your image and make it searchable on Google. If you do not use alt texts on your images, the search engines will not see it, and it will be hard to make your content be more visible online.

Here are the following characteristics your image alt tags must have to help your website be searchable on Google

  1. Use website keywords that website visitors would use in browsing the net or what you want search engines to relate to your online site.
  2. Do not use irrelevant keywords on your website content. This is called keyword stuffing and might affect your website in becoming more searchable on Google. This won't help your website's ranking and might not make your site more visible for potential audiences.
  3. Optimize the use of descriptive, distinct, and unique alt tags phrases.
  4. The maximum length of your image alt text should be less than 125 characters.


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• Link Your Websites

Another helpful hack in making your website searchable on Google is to link your websites to each other. People nowadays are fond of browsing their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and sharing everything on their timeline that interests them. If you have other social media accounts you can simply interconnect them with your business websites. With this, sharing your website content will be easier, and reaching a wider range of audiences is also more possible. Add social media buttons on your website footer to make it easier for your website viewers to find you on your other accounts.


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• Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another helpful tool in making your website more searchable on Google. Use this feature in monitoring your website performance. With us in Strikingly, you can monitor your website activity and audience visits through our default website stats option. But, if you seek a more comprehensive report of your website status, you can use Google Analytics.

• Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Almost everyone nowadays uses their phone to browse the Internet. From looking for websites to buy their necessities, up to communicating with their loved ones mobile phones are top-tier. This idea alone is one reason for you to optimize your website and make them mobile-friendly. Make it easier for your website viewers to access your website page wherever and whenever they want to. With us, you now have the option to enable mobile views for your website viewers! Just what an awesome way to make your website searchable on Google.

• Secure Top Tier Website Performance

Securing an effective website performance is among the best ways that can help you on how to get your website on Google. And this can only be achieved if you have a reliable website hosting partner.


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We in Strikingly seek to help our website users achieve their desired business goal by helping them build a strong online presence. We help them choose only the best features and contents to put on their website to make them searchable on Google and receive the recognition they’ve been wanting.

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