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Have you been recently hearing a lot about those who sell trending goods online and make a lot of money? Are you interested in starting your own online store and start selling popular products? Do you also want to earn passive income by learning what are the best things to sell online?

If your answer to one or more of these questions is ‘Yes’, you have come to the right place. Today, we’ll discuss what to sell online. In the end, we’ll also talk a bit about the simplest way to sell these trending products over the internet with zero overhead cost.

The Best Things to Sell Online

Some of the trending products we’ve listed might sound weird, but that’s the catch. These are popular products sold in many e-commerce stores, but are not really observed well by newcomers in the online business industry.

1. Kitchen Towels

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This is a product that has grown in demand since the second half of 2020. The kitchen towel industry is expected to be worth $20.9 billion by the end of 2025. Towels are trending products that you want to cash on. Kitchen towels are used for multiple purposes, including cleaning or wiping kitchen cabinets and tabletops, holding hot utensils, drying hands after washing pots and plates, wrapping up baked bread, or simply decorating tabletops. Good quality towels are very durable trending goods that do not get spoiled by repeated washing or use.

It will not cost you so much to drop ship kitchen towels. They are light in weight and do not spoil easily. If you start dropshipping these trending products, you can penetrate by offering a low cost first, and slowly markup your price as your customer base grows.

You can also go for hand-knitted towels, as those are also trending products to sell. There is new demand in the market for this because people are exploring that they are more absorbant. If you want to sell package deals, you can create gift hampers with towels combined with other kitchen supplies, such as placemats, aprons, or table lines. This is sometimes called cross merchandising.

2. Doormats

 Photo of doormats for sale

During the ongoing pandemic, doormats have really grown in demand. Different kinds of doormats are now trending products to sell, as people are looking to create a comfortable and hygienic atmosphere in and around their houses.

Doormats are usually tougher than rugs. They absorb dirt, grime, and mud, and are very useful in wiping these off your shoes before entering a house or a room. People prefer doormats that are not only good at absorbing dirt, but also look fancy and trendy. They are trending products that don't seem to drop in demand any time soon.

You can choose to bundle up doormats with other trending products like carpets, rugs, towels, or tablecloths. This will help you penetrate the market faster, especially if you use direct marketing strategies.

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3. Handheld Device Accessories

Photo of phone accessories for sale

These are one of those trending products that consistently have good profit margins. The trend does go up and down but never goes too low. These are trending goods that have demand throughout the year. People look for mobile and tablet accessories or gadgets all year round. The global market of handheld device accessories is expected to be worth over $37 billion by the end of 2025.

If you search for ‘mobile accessories’ on Google, you’ll get over 49,000 search results a month. Other keywords people use to search are ‘phone accessories’ or ‘cell phone accessories’. Hence, these trending products are a great opportunity for you to make a good passive income by selling them online.

4. Toy Kitchens

Photo of a toy kitchen for sale

Toy kitchens became popular products in the late 1920s. They have been a great tool for building motor skills in children and encouraging simulated play. These trending products keep children occupied while the mothers are busy doing household chores.

Companies are now coming up with new kinds of kitchen toys to enable children to imagine their kitchens in different shapes and styles. They are seen as fantastic products to sell during this pandemic, where children are taking classes from home and getting bored at home after finishing their homework. Since 2020, terms like ‘toy kitchens’ generate over 90,000 search results per month.

5. Motor Vehicle Carpets

Photo of car carpets for sale

Motor vehicle carpets have become the best things to sell online since 2019. Their growing demand can be easily observed on Shopify. Many new dropshippers are taking advantage of this opportunity and making money online. The industry of automotive upholstery was worth over $7 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow by 6.5% every year until 2025.

Searching for terms like ‘car mats’ gives over 74,000 search results a month. There is rising demand for custom car mats, WeatherTech floor mats, and rubber car mats. If you know exactly what to sell online in the upholstery industry, you could get lucky!

6. Bookcases and Bookshelves

Photo of a book shelf for sale

This year has seen a growing trend for bookcases as well as standing shelves. As people are forced to spend more time in the house, they want to spruce up space in their living rooms. That’s why furniture items that save space have become trending products.

7. Temporary Tattoos

Photo of a temporary tattoos set

These are decorative pictures or images applied to your skin for a little while. Since many tattoo shops and retail outlets had to close down during the ongoing pandemic, people are getting inclined towards tattoos made of ink or henna. These ink tattoos are becoming new trending products and emerging as new art.

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Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Temporary tattoos are also becoming an asset or icon for celebrities like musicians, artists and creative directors. This makes it a good opportunity for you to capture the market. The younger generation is usually easy to persuade to buy popular products like these.

Screenshot of Strikingly user's website selling ink tattoos

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

8. Needlecraft Patterns

Photo showing needlecraft or embroidery

Needlecraft patterns are also trending products for 202. Needlecraft refers to textile art craft and decorative sewing. It includes art like knitting, embroidery, tatting and crocheting. Women often make needlecraft patterns as a hobby to reduce stress. It keeps the brain active with minimum physical activity.

9. Hair Styling Accessories

Photo of hair accessories for sale

If you are looking for trending products to sell in the fashion or beauty industry, you should go for hair styling accessories and hair care products. These are so much in demand that sellers and suppliers don’t even get much time to put the product down on display for shooting an ad. Anyone can start selling these trending products online.

10. Bike Saddles

Photo of a bike saddle for sale

These became very popular trending products in 2020 when bikes suddenly went out of stock. Since cyclists have been looking for new types of vehicles, bike saddles are the next big thing.

Bike saddles make cyclists’ trips comfortable. Everyone has their own choice of preferred shape and size of a bike saddle. If you sell a variety of these trending goods online, you can help people find the most suitable bike saddle and build a lucrative business out of it.

How to Sell Trending Products Online?

Now that you know what to sell online, you must be wondering how to build your online store so that you can attract your customers to it. The good news is that it’s very easy. You can use a website builder to launch your online store in just a couple of hours.

Strikingly is a website builder that enables you to create a full-fledged e-commerce website without requiring any coding skills. You simply need to sign up for a Strikingly account and choose a template that suits your needs. Then you’ll use its drag-and-drop feature to put all elements into place. This way, you can create brief ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ web pages.

Next, you’ll add a store to your site. Strikingly offers many customizations for your online store that you can make by adjusting your store settings.

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Once your store is set, you’ll add your products to it. Upload pictures of the trending products that you want to sell and write down a short description for each. In Strikingly, your customers can write product reviews after purchasing them from your site. Positive product reviews are very good for word-of-mouth marketing. If you get good reviews from your first few customers, you’ll be able to position yourself well in the e-commerce market.

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You can promote your online store by integrating it with your social media pages. You’ll also need to work on your site’s SEO so that more and more people can discover it.

Another way to increase your sales is to do content marketing. Strikingly allows you to attach a blog to your site, where you can write and publish articles on the industry you’re dealing in. This helps in establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

Making online sales is a fun activity! At Strikingly, we are glad seeing our users grow their business, using the numerous website features available in different Strikingly plans.