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If you are running an online business, you must know the importance of customer experience. Customer feedback strongly influences your brand image and online sales. If you look at all the successful entrepreneurs today, they develop innovative marketing strategies that ensure an awesome user experience. They conduct the training of their staff so that no customer feels bothered or disturbed by their approach. If they don’t value customers' input, the customers will feel ignored and will move on to another website.

Most entrepreneurs consider a customer relationship more important to their business than anything else. They feel that if customers don’t give their opinions, they will not understand the rights and wrongs of their business website. The beginners struggle to keep up with the customer trends due to the advertising costs and promotional campaigns. After all, if the website content isn’t updated, there’s not much for the customers to feel optimistic about a particular website.

What is Customer Experience?

To build on your online sales, you must know what is customer experience. It is defined as the overall perception of your customers related to your website content, products, and services. The perception can also be about your online business altogether. The customer's perception is based on situations, intentions, expectations, and steps they go through before making a purchase from a particular online store. Your website can only achieve a high customer satisfaction score if the customers interact with your brand comprehensively.

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The interaction with your brand can be related to retail outlets, websites, online stores, eCommerce products, website content, website images, etc. For example, if a customer makes an inquiry about your product through your Instagram page, it can be classified as a customer's experience. If they find your services satisfactory, they will return to your website and continue to make further purchases. Not only that, but they will also let their relatives and friends know about it. On Strikingly, you can easily create a business website, which will help your physical store generate formidable online sales.

Importance of Customer Satisfaction

1. Improved Customer Loyalty

When you measure customer experience, you must look at how your customers are satisfied with your business website. If you continue to provide your customers with relevant and exciting content, the customers will be loyal to your website. When we talk about customer loyalty, we mean that you will find it easy to retain your customers. As a business owner, you must note that it is harder to retain current customers than attract new customers.

The retention of your customers influences the new customers that come to your platform. If the current customers aren’t satisfied with your services, they will let the other customers know about it, which will see a decline in your conversion rate. Good customer service is never forgotten, and they go a long way in developing your brand image.

2. Improved Reviews

Customer experience, also known as CX, has a major role in your online sales. If the customers find your products or services overwhelming, they may help you attract larger audiences, which would generate more online sales. Moreover, they will leave positive feedback on your online store. Today, many business owners do not know about the significance and usage of positive feedback. If many negative reviews are coming on your store, either your provided content is disappointing or you are not responding to your customers.

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As a business owner, you can simply not neglect customers' opinions. After all, customers are the ones that catch any mistake that your website is making. Even though many website owners always think like customers, they don’t have the same critical approach as the customers. If the customers see anything problematic within your website, they will never hesitate to let you know about it. If the negative reviews on your website keep piling up, it will only make matters worse for your credibility. When you create a website on Strikingly, you can include positive reviews as part of your review section to attract further audiences.

3. Expand Your Business

As discussed above, an ideal customer relationship paves the way for you to expand your business and have long-term success. Satisfied customers will become the focal point for the growth of your business. They will share positive online reviews that you can include in the review section of your Strikingly website. They will also help you to spread your word, which will automatically save marketing expenses from your end. You can allocate those expenses to other parts of the website, such as the innovative SEO strategies.

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Customer experience provides you with multiple opportunities to expand your business. You may also have the chance to expand your product line and create a new entry of eCommerce products on your website. You can also create a new product category to show that there are different and unique products coming onto your website. You can also share your experiences related to those products in the blog section of your website.

Strategies for Improved Customer Experience

1. Multiple Ways of Contact

If you want to ensure an awesome customer experience, you must ensure that you are adaptable to every kind of customer coming to your website. For example, you cannot just listen to the queries on your YouTube channel and don’t bat an eye at the contact section of your website. If you have problems answering all the queries, you can hire social media specialists and assign them responsibilities related to the queries on every platform.

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Hence, it is important for your customers to have multiple ways to contact you. If you just provide your customers with a landline number, there is no way that you are going to have a large number of queries incoming. Strikingly enables website owners to integrate their social media platforms as part of their website. We help you to include social media platforms in the form of social media icons that can be easily accessed and viewed by all the customers.

2. Multiple Languages

If you have established a business website to support your physical store, it will only favor your conversion rate. However, you mustn’t keep your website one-dimensional. When we talk about one-dimensional things, we don’t just talk about the ways of contact that we have discussed previously. We also talk about the interpretation. If your website is published in China and has Chinese content, there is no chance that any of the Britishers, Americans, or anyone who knows English will look into your website.

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English, alongside French, is the most common language spoken globally. Therefore, if you have non-English website content, you must give your customers the authority to translate your content into English. Having the option of multiple languages will result in an awesome customer experience. Having a translator will not lose the traffic coming from across the globe.

3. Friendly Attitude

You will learn about the importance of a friendly attitude when understanding customer experience, y. If you are doing SMS marketing, make sure that you have a formal tone in your communication. When we talk about a friendly attitude, we don’t mean to say that you should offer favors to your customers. You should have a reserved tone and politely talk to your customers. If the customers feel dissatisfied with your tone, you will see a rise in your website’s bounce rate.

4. Deliver on Time

If the customers make a purchase and get their desired product delivered on time, it will only help you create an awesome customer experience. If you are selling products online, make sure that you have an appropriate order management system at your disposal. For example, if a specific product is out of stock and your customer just purchased it, you can inform him/her about the situation so his/her time doesn’t get wasted.


In today’s day and age, a customer's opinion is extremely important. If you think that you know everything about your website and you don’t need anyone else telling you about the drawbacks or deficiencies of your platform, you are simply rigid with your ways. If you measure customer experience by having this kind of approach, you will not see a great customer satisfaction score. In fact, you will not be regarded anywhere in the digital world.

Strikingly believes that you can give your customers more reasons to be optimistic about your plans by creating a professional website. Once you complete the registration on Strikingly, you will fall under our free plan. You can check out all the features and innovations that the Strikingly free plan provides. However, if you want to see an even higher satisfaction score, you may have to upgrade your subscription plans on Strikingly. If you upgrade your subscription, you will have access to premium features for your website. So, create a top-class website on Strikingly today and establish an ideal customer base for your long-term growth.