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If you are thinking about opening a business website, you must choose the best possible website URL. When we talk about a website, we don’t just talk about the landing page and the content published on it. We also talk about the online address associated with your website. After all, if the audience cannot remember your online address, likely, they will never be able to come back to your website ever again. The online address plays a huge role in making your website discoverable.

You should have a formidable online address if you have an online business. If your website address is too complicated, no one will fancy coming to your website. There will be low traffic on your website, and you may have to spend a hefty amount to get the desired conversion rate. Even if you promote your website with a complicated address, your marketing strategies will allow them to visit your website just once.

What is a Website URL?

If you are willing to create a website today for free, you must know what a website URL is. Even though people do a lot of internet marketing every day, they fail to realize how important a website address is. It is defined as the web address containing your domain name, domain extension, and any other extensions if you refer to a website section that is not part of your home page. When a user clicks on your online address, the link should take them to their desired location.

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For example, if a customer has searched for “Strikingly” on the Google search engine, our website will appear at the top of the result section. When you click on the Strikingly website address, it will lead you to the home page of Strikingly. You will find thousands of quality websites with well-defined online addresses on Strikingly. Heaven Shakes on Strikingly has a quality website address that signifies the brand and gives an idea about the website.

Tips on How to Choose the Best URL

1. Brainstorming

Whether you are selecting a website URL or choosing a website theme, everything begins from square one. You should brainstorm and identify the best possible webpage URL for your platform. If you are struggling to identify the best website address, you must hire a team of specialists who can help you with this. It is never a bad idea to hire a team for brainstorming purposes, especially when you are a beginner.

It is unlikely that you will get your desired online address on your first attempt. This is why you must have a professional team to do an online collaboration. If you have a proper team with you, you can consult with them and check whether your suggested ideas are good enough or not. As a website owner, you must understand that your website address should correspond with your business idea. For example, you cannot have an address related to soft drinks and spend your time talking about tea and coffee.

2. Top Domain Extension

In a website link, there are two things to consider i.e. domain name and domain extension. When choosing the best website URL, you must note that a domain extension is equally as important as your domain name. .com is the most common domain extension these days. However, you should be picky with your selection. If you are making a website for social issues or opening a foundation, it is better that you choose .org as your domain extension.

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Similarly, there are extensions based on specific countries. For example, .pk stands for Pakistan, .uk stands for the United Kingdom, .au stands for Australia, etc. If you are trying to build a website for personal reasons, you must use .com as your domain extension. After all, most visitors tend to use this domain extension in case they forget a website address. If you want to create a website on Strikingly and include a custom domain as part of your working plans, you must consider the Premium Plan. As part of the Premium Plan, you can connect your custom domain to the Strikingly website.

3. Brandable Name

Even though we have discussed the importance of domain extension, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of a domain name. After all, your domain name is the one that creates a brand identity for your website. To ensure the long-term success of your website, you must make your domain name brandable. When a customer looks into your website URL, he/she will look at your domain name more than the domain extension (unless the domain extension is not .com). Therefore, you must ensure that your domain name is relevant and branded.

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If you are struggling to find out the best brandable names for your domain, you can do a competitor analysis and check out the names your competitors are using. However, it doesn’t mean that you should copy their domain names. You should just take the leaf out of their notebook and use similar strategies to create your domain name.

4. Simple Domain

It is not a coincidence that if your website URL is wrong, you won’t have any benefits related to your website traffic. This will harm your online conversions and sales. If the people start portraying you badly, it will only make things worse for your credibility. As a beginner, you cannot choose to start your career on the back foot. Therefore, you must choose a website address that is simple and unique.

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Once you have identified the right domain, make sure that you register it on Strikingly or any other quality website builder. Strikingly gives its users a full plan related to domains. When you register yourself on Strikingly, we enable you to purchase a domain valuing around $24.95. However, this evaluation can change based on your domain name and extension. You can go through the different Strikingly subscription plans to learn more about domain prices.

5. Consider Thesaurus

This point overlaps with one of the previous points because attention is given to the domain name. You may feel that after you have completed your English courses in school and university, you may never see the sight of a thesaurus ever again. However, stranger things have happened as people use a thesaurus to create website URLs for their business. Who knows that you are suggested the best brand name by someone on the Internet? However, just because he/she isn’t your relative or a close friend, you may have chosen to ignore their idea.

6. Legally Owned Domain

As much as we have talked about the domain name and domain extension, we should also prioritize the domain's legal ownership. For example, if you choose a domain name already used by any of your competitors, it may cause trademark infringement. If the customers realize that your website URL is the same as one of the previously established websites, they will leave your website without a second thought, increasing its bounce rate. The best way to do this is by putting your desired brand name on Google and looking at all the results found on the search engine.

Make Changes to Your Strikingly Website

On Strikingly, you may know that URL is the address that brings a customer to your site. When you create a website on Strikingly, you will be given a website URL in the form of “”. Make sure that you go through the following steps to change your Strikingly website address:

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  1. Go to the Strikingly website editor, and click on “Settings” followed by “Domain”
  2. Create modifications in the “” address field. It is important to note that only lowercase letters are allowed in this field
  3. Once you are done with the new online address, click on “Update”.

As a website owner, you must note that you can connect your own domain after updating your website address. If you don’t have a domain yet, you can go with the Yearly Plan of Strikingly and purchase one free domain for the first year of your subscription plan.


When we think about a website, we usually think about the landing page and all the necessary navigation elements found on a website. Before even clicking on the website URL, customers begin to imagine what they will get after landing on the website. However, they have the wrong approach because they should be looking into the website address before thinking about whether to click on the link or not. If a website address is complicated, what makes you think that the overall website will be credible or authentic?

Once you are done identifying your website address, you can start building your website on Strikingly. Strikingly provides you with innovative features to make your website look lively on your computer screen. We provide you with a collection of website templates, which you can customize and publish within seconds. So, identify the best URL for your website and make your brand credible within the eyes of your customers.