"The Benjamins are all about it," Puff Daddy sang. But the legendary American rapper didn't sing about a good friend named Ben, considering what you might have wrongly believed. Actually, no. Sean John Combs, AKA P. Diddy, explained a basic truth about our capitalist culture. Money is simply so critical that people have come up with hundreds of ways to communicate about it over the years and thus, different names for money. Slang for money and names for money has become an enormous part of the vocabulary we use, originating in the US, the UK, or elsewhere. But how do you know them well? In this Strikingly blog entry, let’s talk about the different slang terms for money!

Well, luckily for you, to add a playful element to your conversation, your eCommerce website, your blogs, the dialogues of your novels, and of course, your next rap hit, we have listed the most common nicknames for money. Here are 50 slang for money and slang terms for money:


  1. Bacon

Perhaps because it is so adored, this breakfast treat is often referred to as cash. Most often used as part of the phrase "bring[ing] the bacon home”.

  1. Bank

No explanation is needed for the connection between banks and money. Use it to gossip about the salary rise of your friend: "Benjamin has been making banks since he started working at the bank."

  1. Bankroll

It can also be used, literally, to supply money, to refer to money itself, such as "I need some bankroll to get my bread business off the ground.”

  1. Bean

An unorthodox use and term for money; it is rarely used anymore.

  1. Benjamins

We covered this one above. The name refers to the appearance of Benjamin Franklin's founding father on the one hundred dollar bill.

  1. Benji

Our dear friend's nickname whose mug appears on the $100 bill.

  1. Big ones

Like the "large" and the "large" you'll see below, each "large one" means $1,000. So, if you buy 10 big cars, you're paying $10,000.

  1. Bills


This is most commonly used to refer to one hundred dollar bills, another term with an obvious connection to money.

  1. Bones

Can be used in exchange for "dollars," as in: "Strikingly’s limited plan only cost me 8 bones a month”.

  1. Boodle

A term for suspiciously obtained cash; like stolen or bribe money.

  1. Brass (UK/England)

This is a Northern British slang for money and slang words for money or gold, thought to have arisen from the scrap dealers of the area scrounging for precious products, such as brass. It is linked to the expression "There's brass where there's muck."

  1. Bread

This has meant money since at least the 19th century, as a synonym for food in general. Like bacon, it's something you put in: "In order to bring in the food, she sells bread online”.

  1. Bucks

It is thought to come from early American colonists who would sometimes exchange deerskins, or buckskins, possibly the most widely used slang for money, or for dollars.

  1. C note

In the Roman numeral system, C equals 100 and represents the Latin word centum, which means "a hundred (and which also originated the word cent)”. A C note is, thus, a $100 dollar.

  1. Cabbage

Don't they look like lettuce while all those green bills are bundled together? “Hustle really hard, gotta stack the cabbage / I'm addicted to money” - Ludacris

  1. Cake

It’s better when served with icing and appeals to a lot of people - which are parties.

  1. Cash (can also be called cash money)

Self-explanatory, but iconic nonetheless.

  1. Capital

When employed in a business sense, it is not generally a slang for money term, but may also be used as slang for money to refer to any type of income, not just capital. Did that make cents? (Yes, pun intended on this one).

  1. Celery

This green veggie also means money, just like cabbage and lettuce. If you don't believe me, take it from Jeezy, who in his 2009 hit "Put On" featuring Kanye West, boasts of a "pocket full of celery."

  1. Cha-ching!


For others, it's the nicest sound on the planet; the cash register making a deal. It's also been used for money as a substitute term.

  1. Chalupa

It derives from the spicy yet delicious Mexican Taco delicacy, but can also be used as slang for money.

  1. Cheddar

Someone who has cheddar is probably making bank.

  1. Cheese

A money slang because of Americans’ method of receiving cheese as a welfare benefit back then.

  1. Chips

Commonly referred to poker chips, but now means money.

  1. Chump change

Refers to a minuscule amount of money, like the amount of money it costs to buy candy (chump change).

  1. Clams

Also means dollars. An example would be: “Strikingly’s premium plans doesn’t cost that much clams”.

  1. Cream

This is an acronym for "Cash Rules Everything Around Me" and was popularized in the 90s by the Wu-Tang Clan: "Cash rules all around me / C.R.E.A.M. / Get the money / Dollar, dollar bill y 'all." The song urged fans not to make the mistake of selling drugs to chase money.

  1. Coin

Another slang for money. Self-explanatory. Example would be: “Can a man borrow some coin from you?”

  1. Dead presidents

The currency of the United States serves as the who's who of the deceased Presidents. (Plus Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin, who were never presidents but featured on bills of $10 and $100, respectively.) Use this word to let people know that, like Eminem, you're not selling out.

  1. Dime

A dime is a coin worth ten cents in the US, but the term can be used to mean money in general or an expense. If your employee is sitting on social media instead of working, for example, you can exclaim dramatically: "Not on my dime! ”

  1. Dinero

Because who doesn't love that Spanish sound? The Spanish word for "money" is Dinero and was first popularized as early as the mid-19th century in the Old West.

  1. Dollar dollar bill y’all

Another reference to the legendary rap classic C.R.E.A.M by the Wu-Tang Clan. Also used in Wyclef Jean and Akon’s hit song Sweetest Girl from 2009.

  1. Dosh (UK and England)

A UK/England or British slang term for cash/money.

  1. Dough

Another word for money that is also widely used. It has been around for a while and possibly became popular as a branch off from "bread," but the Oxford Dictionary found the word used in a Yale publication as early as 1851: "He thinks he will pick his way out of the embarrassments of the Society, provided he can get enough dough."

  1. Dubs (or doubles)

A slang for a 20 dollar bill, so three dubs refer to 60 bucks while two dubs refer to twenty bucks.

  1. Ducats

Another term for a gold or silver coin that was used in the Middle Ages, mostly in Europe and Venice.

  1. Ducketts

Also referred to poker chips, but can also be used as money in certain contexts.

  1. Fetti

A gross mispronunciation of the term feria in Spanish, which is used to mean coins in Mexico. But maybe the phrase is also the product of the picture of money falling from the sky like confetti when someone "makes it rain."

  1. Figgas

A classic hip-hop term to describe the exact number of figures of money.

  1. Fins

Another term for a five-dollar bill. It most likely came from the German or Yiddish word for five.

  1. Five-spot

Simple and straightforward. Another term for a five-dollar bill.

  1. Fiver

Yet another slang for money for a five-dollar bill. An example would be “I make about a fiver on each hotdogs I sell to customers!”

  1. Folding stuff

This refers to things that can fold or are foldable. An Example would be: Wow! You really spent that much folding stuff just to customize your website via Strikingly.

  1. Franklins

Another homage to the Founding Father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin who appears on the much popular and beloved one hundred dollar bill.

  1. Frogskin

A historic term for those dollar bills. Probably related to the word “greenback”.

  1. Funds

A well known and beloved money slang. Examples are: “I really want to pay Paris a visit, but I’ve got no funds yet”.

  1. G

This corresponds to $1,000 dollars, short for 'Grand'. It should not cause you to worry about cellphone towers if you have five G in the bank, but should contribute to a celebration for getting "dollar dollar bill y 'all." (Not to be confused with G, which, as in "Benjamin Franklin was a real G," is also short for "gangster")

  1. Gelt

A term that is of Yiddish origins. Means “gold” and commonly used to refer to cash (can also be chocolates or real) given by parents to children on the famous Hanukkah festival of the Jewish people.

  1. Gold

Again, self-explanatory. We all know what gold is.

  1. Gouda

This word was coined for money by Rapper E-40 in his hit 'Gouda.' By using several of the other words mentioned here, the slang king then goes on to clarify the meaning: "What is the definition of Gouda? Could be Chalupa, Scrilla, Scratch, Paper, Yap, Capital…”

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