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With all that you can do in a gadget that fits at the palm of your hand, it’s no wonder and surprise that everyone is creating art from their hands—allowing their natural talents and creativity to emanate out from inside of their big brains and kind hearts. Given the right tools, the patience to constantly learn, and the passion for creating something that makes a difference, nothing is practically impossible for anyone and everyone. You are one of those people. The fact that you’re reading this means that you are a wonderful human being wanting to learn something new, particularly something about video editing apps and what the best video editing software can do for you and your business or your portfolio. Well, we’ve got you covered. Read on and let yourself learn and thrive.

Video Editing Software

The best video editing software allows you to bring your promotional materials to life and on a whole new level. This used to be a job that required anyone - both professionals, amateurs, and beginners to spend days in front of their computer screen. And while this is still true for big-scale projects using video editing software, a more accessible option is presented to all kinds of people who want to dip their toes into the video editing industry. Video editing applications of today are available just on their phones. You can now edit after you capture the video directly from your phone. And regardless if you are using your phone, laptop, and computer, these free video editing apps are now easier to use.

And for a good reason too. Because nowadays, anyone and everyone is using videos for different reasons. Students are now being asked to use them for different projects in different courses. Businesses are mass-producing them for promotional purposes. And those already in the industry are only growing to be more amazing with each day that passes and each advancement in technology that happens. So, if you look like it, it would be a shame not to invest some of your time in learning even the basics of using free video editing apps.

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Top 5 Free Video Editing Applications

But of course, even learning the basics would be hard to do if you immediately start with something complicated. Not only would you be too overwhelmed and anxious to learn anything, you really can’t get anything done if what you end up doing is just randomly pushing different buttons. So here are ten of the most frequently used free video editing apps that are easy to use and best for beginners.

1. Cyberlink Powerdirector

This is one of the most famous and most used free video editing apps both for Android and iOS users. It also has a mobile version for everyone who prefers working on their phones. Those who use their phones won’t be missing much since all features on the desktop version are still available on mobile ones. This free video editing software is easy to use and has a wide range of visual effect tools, motion titles, and transitions.

2. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

If you want to start creating and editing videos without much effort, this might be the best video editing software. It is set with several features and tools with a wide array to easily make your videos as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

3. Apple iMovie

This free video editing software is for Mac users, specifically iPhone and iPad users. This is often one of the most used free video editing apps for YouTubers and vloggers since they can use their phones without much inconvenience. It is also very easy to use, but it still performs highly and does not sacrifice any video quality. It has multi-track and 4k editing, multiple filters, transitions, text overlays, and music. It also automatically adjusts to a video’s length when you insert free music.

4. Movavi Video Editor

This next video editing software is one of the best video editing apps for beginners. And while it is not as fully packed with features as other video editing applications, it has a simple and easy-to-use interface and has the basic tools to help you still edit a good video.

5. Blender

This is one of the most popular and reliable free video editing apps on the market today. It is a free video editing software whose primary purpose is to create 3D animations. And while it has a lot of features for audio mixing, video editing displays, and video editing features (speed control, transitions, keyframes, filters, and adjustment layers), these can become overwhelming for beginners. It is better for projects that are more advanced and involve 3D.

Adding Videos to Your Website with Strikingly

Now that you’ve learned all about how to use free video editing apps, time to showcase them and share them with the world, right? Read on and know all about how Strikingly uplifts your talent, your skills, and your chosen video editing software.

Take note, however, that you cannot directly upload your videos to your Strikingly website. Instead, you have to export them from your best video editing software and upload them on Youtube or Vimeo. The links to your video are what you will need to add videos to your website. These first three steps are how you start doing that. These are essential no matter where you want to put the videos you edited from the video editing applications.

  • Log in and go to your site editor.
  • Add the section where you want to add your video.
  • Go to your Youtube or Vimeo video and get the link to your video.

Strikingly allows you to add videos in different types of sections on your website, namely: Gallery Section, Big Media Section, and Other Media Section. You can also add your videos as section backgrounds. Let us walk you through adding the stunning videos you created through your video editing applications to each of these.

Let’s start with the Gallery Section. After you add this section, you will see an option to add videos. By clicking on “Add Video”, a small pop-out window will appear.

Strikingly Add Video

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The small pop-out window will appear just within the section itself. This will allow you to paste the video links that you copied earlier from Youtube, Vimeo, or other video providers. It will also show you the thumbnail of the video link you added.

Strikingly Embed Video Gallery

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You can also add the videos you extracted from your free video editing apps to a Big Media Section. By hovering over the default big media image and clicking “Edit”, you will see the option to add a link or an alt text to your image or, instead, add a video. Similar to the Gallery Section options, you will also see the option to add your video link. This goes for almost all the other media sections that you want to add your videos to.

Strikingly Big Media Video

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Lastly, you can also add any video extracted from your apps for video editing and uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo as the background of a particular section of your website. To do this, you have to go to the section you want to edit. At the upper right portion of that section, you would see a menu for “Background”. Upon clicking this, you will see different options for “Color”, “Image” and “Video”. Click on Video and you will see the dropdown menu present you with Strikingly default videos and other options.


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If you prefer to add a video you personally edited in any of your free video editing apps, you have to click “Embed Video”. A small pop-out window will then appear just beside the dropdown menu. Herein, you will be presented with an area to paste the YouTube or Vimeo video link that you want to add to your website.

Strikingly Embed Video Background

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You see, with the right and free video editing apps in your pocket and a trustworthy website builder, like Strikingly, you can easily take your website design and content to the next level. You just have to invest some time and attention in studying and experimenting with the different video editing applications and find the best one that suits you. Strikingly

Now, with your camera, video camera, or even your phone with you, go and start capturing the best content that you can. As soon as you catch those moments that you think will go well with whatever magnificence you are planning, you can now explore all these free video editing apps to bring your creation to its full potential and completion. And what better way to share your skill and talent with the world than to showcase your stunning videos on your very own website. Sign up with Strikingly now, and let us help you introduce yourself to the world.