Learn About The Best Mobile App For Business Owners Like You

While most businesses and business owners require many different gadgets to monitor and handle their business affairs and endeavors, sometimes it can be efficient to handle everything in the palm of your hands (literally). This is why mobile applications for businesses are vital to know about and to learn how to use. If you can use even just a single mobile app for business operations that you handle, you will discover that it can improve your efficiency and effectiveness. With these business mobile apps on your phone, you can travel light but still work big. Meaning, you can be productive at work by just using your mobile devices.

Best Mobile Apps for Business

1. Quickbooks

As a business owner, one of the most critical aspects that you have to consider and give ample attention to is your financial status and information. Thus, one of the most important mobile applications for businesses is applications like Quickbooks. With this mobile app for business, you can monitor your business’ revenue and expenses, repeatedly check your financial statements, and even send payments to your partners and employees. You can also upload invoices and make it optimize your website more quickly your business. This accounting software is one of the best business mobile apps to make your accounting and bookkeeping easier.

2. Slack

Slack is a good mobile app for business owners like you to communicate with your employees or team. This is one of the best small business mobile apps since you can coordinate and arrange your workflow even if you are working remotely. You can do this by organizing your teams and agendas into different channels and private windows. You and your team can also easily send files and images to each other and collaborate on accomplishing your tasks and best work. All of you can easily backread messages and conversations because your Slack saves and archives the messages for you.

3. Insightly

Insightly is a mobile app for business management of different projects. But in addition to that, Insightly is also one of the business mobile apps you can use for customer relationship management. This allows you to save contact information from your mobile device directly to the application so you can more easily manage them on your daily operations. It also allows you to create projects, monitor their status, assign tasks, and keep track of everything in one business mobile app. This makes it easier for you to handle your operations daily.

4. Asana

Another mobile app for business that you will benefit from using is Asana. Asana, as compared to Insightly, is more focused on project management above everything else. This is one of the best mobile apps for business, with features best used in managing different projects and teams simultaneously. It keeps you organized and helps you to assign tasks and create projects more efficiently. You can go about delegating tasks using your team members' capabilities. You can also make a list of tasks and their due dates so you can stay on top of everything.

5. Buffer

One of the best mobile applications for businesses is the different social media platforms applications. But what can be an even better mobile app for business that would help you run and manage all of your social media accounts from one place? This business mobile app has features that would allow you to schedule posts and content to be published simultaneously across your social media platforms. This can help you stay on the trends and continuously share updates. You just need to create and set a schedule for your content, and it will post it for you. You can also keep track of the different performance and engagement metrics for your social media accounts.

6. Square

One of the small business mobile apps that would prove to be very useful is the business mobile app, Square. This allows you to handle flexible payment options. This not only allows you to manage your cash flows easily, but this mobile app for business is also flexible, accessible, and trusted by many. It allows you to accept credit card payments in person using their magstripe reader, or you can input the information manually, send invoices, or even accept online payments. Not only does it allow you to increase your credibility and accommodating reputation, but it also makes sure that you get paid fast and securely.

7. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most used mobile applications for businesses. This is because this mobile app for business allows you to have an online backup of your files that you can access anywhere and everywhere. You can upload your files in different formats: docx, xlsx, pptx, jpeg, mp4, etc. You can give access to your partners and your different team members so that you can all view and edit your files. You can also download your files for offline viewing if you don’t have data available at certain times. This business mobile app can prove to be very useful, especially if your business involves a lot of certain documents.

8. DocuSign

This mobile app for business is especially best for B2B and B2C owners. This business mobile app comes in very handy if you are ever on the go and urgently need to sign certain documents and contracts. Whether that’s with vendors, clients, or employees, having this as one of the many business mobile apps you have will let you take any scanned documents you have to sign and easily help you apply your digital signature. This not only gives you a good image of who you are doing business with, but it also furnishes your contracts easily and sends them back to whoever you need to send them to.

9. Evernote

Another one of the most useful mobile applications for businesses is Evernote. This is the most suitable mobile business app for business owners who are always thinking about new ways to innovate for their business. This allows you to jot down thoughts, attach web articles, keep photos of physical and digital details of your business ideas and projects, and even capture images of handwritten notes. Evernote lets you go back to these notes and even search through keywords within your notes or even your photos. This allows you to be productive whenever and wherever you go.

10. Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx Meetings is one of the video conferencing mobile applications for businesses. This is designed to conduct two-way meetings using only your mobile devices. Within this mobile app for business, you can share documents. You can also present using PowerPoint presentations to clients, customers, or business partners. You can also use virtual backgrounds, breakout rooms, and closed captions during meetings. Presenters in the meetings can use whiteboards as they discuss or present and even share their screens. This helps you collaborate with your team easily. Cisco WebEx also allows you to record your meetings.

11. TripIt

TripIt is one of the best mobile apps for business owners or agents who are frequently travelling around. This assists you in organizing business trip plans. This helps you to create a schedule, find restaurants, make various kinds of reservations, and even add certain reminders on your days. This mobile app for business is handy for keeping track of coworkers’ or employees’ business trips and vice versa. This allows you to plan the details with TripIt carefully and to share it with your team easily. Keeping track of business travel plans is vital for being efficient and collaborative in your business endeavors.

12. Strikingly

Strikingly is a website builder that offers hundreds of templates and other features that you can use to start your business website. You can add different sections to showcase your product, tell your story, display reviews, ask for their feedback, and many others. There is a lot you can do for your business when you have a website. While this is usually done with desktop computers, Strikingly offers you the option and opportunity also to edit your website using your mobile devices. Strikingly has a mobile app for website editors. Here, you can optimize your website more easily to be mobile-friendly since you are editing using your own mobile devices.

Strikingly Mobile Application

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Strikingly Mobile App

While there are some limitations to what you can do with just using your mobile, there are still many things that you can do.

Strikingly Mobile Editor

Strikingly allows you to manage your website even if you’re on the go and you only have your mobile devices with you. You can edit texts, choose from different templates, and even upload images with the mobile editor. You can also manage sections and pages of your websites, get access to the image library of Strikingly, and instantly publish your website.

Strikingly Mobile Editor

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Manage Orders

The mobile app for business from Strikingly also allows you to manage your orders. Once your website is active, you will be notified whenever new orders come in. You then can easily organize and monitor the status of your orders even if you do not have your laptop on.

Strikingly Manage Orders

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Strikingly Analytics

Strikingly also allows you to track real-time analytics of your website. Here you can see how many visits your website has, where their sources are, and what countries they are from.

Strikingly Site Analytics

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Form Responses

You can also manage form responses from your website. You can add different contact forms on your website to collect information from your customers and site visitors. The Strikingly mobile app for business allows you to respond to your customers’ forms. You will also get updated whenever customers or site visitors leave any response from your website.

Strikingly Mobile Form Responses

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Live Chat Responses

You will also get notifications whenever your site visitors and customers send a message through the live chat feature on your website.

As a business owner, you are positive that your business has so much potential for growth and success. Do not let that amazing possibility get away from you because you are always on the go. You can take on more opportunities if you are both efficient and effective - and business mobile apps can help you with that. Sign up with Strikingly now and reap the benefits of using a mobile app for business owners like you!