Food Marketing

Regardless of any industry that you consider, the competition is always there. In the guide to food marketing, it is more than likely that you will be taught about competitive analysis. As many countries are closing their chapter with lockdowns, we expect to see the food industry shaping up like never before. After seeing their lives limited to a room for so long, they will likely be eager to taste different food products. Therefore, the marketing strategies of food products have become even more critical these days.

The people who either own a restaurant or make food at their homes must speed up their marketing strategies to meet the customers' demands. If you are running a food business, you must develop strategies that make the customers think about you whenever food comes to mind. If you feel the pressure of the competition around you, you can create surveys to help you understand how others have high sales.

What is Food Marketing?

Before we go into the marketing strategies of food products, we need to first understand what food marketing is. It is defined as how you make your customers purchase more food. It involves a marketing plan that brings value to a food product and enables the customers to buy it. You will find numerous food companies that conduct research and marketing before releasing a food product to the customers.

One of the aspects behind this research and study is understanding consumers with focus groups and creating food products that catch the audience's attention straight away. The food companies invest heavily in brand development, bringing more attention to their food products. This makes the customers pay more than usual for a food product.

Strategies to Conduct Marketing of Food Products

1. Food Images

If you are a brilliant cook and managed during this pandemic, you can’t simply be marketing your food business online without the social media influence. If you don’t have a social media account, make sure that you create it right now and publish as many images/videos of your food products as possible. This is one of the best and simplest ways of doing food marketing. Like many other online businesses, high-quality website images are crucial for the welfare of your food business. If your images are blurry or do not have a quality background, your website traffic will likely fade away consequently.

use quality images

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Make sure that you take photos of your food products that look delicious and irresistible. You can also edit the pictures so that they can look more eye-catching. The best social media platform for promoting videos and images is Instagram. Strikingly enables you to upload an image of size up to 100MB. Moreover, it also gives you plenty of space to fit your website images properly.

2. Google My Business Account

If we talk about food marketing, a Google My Business account can prove to be an asset. When someone looks for your business on Google, they will go through the online business directories that appear on the sidebar. This feature of Google gathers a tremendous amount of information through Google My Business accounts of these businesses. As a result, it is vital to create this business account to enable more prime search results for your facility without any costs. As it is a free strategy, it can definitely be considered one of the best marketing strategies for a food business.

3. Geo-Targeted Advertisement

If you make food products at home, the location of your residence will be an essential factor in determining the success or failure of your online business. Most of the customers look to find a spot near their house. Hence, geo-targeted ads are important for your food marketing strategies. Geo-targeted ads enable you to save on your marketing budget by reaching out to those near your facility. It is upon you to select the radius when you create these ads.

make geo-targeted advertisements

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The majority of the digital advertising services, such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram, give the option of geo-targeting. By involving it as part of your plan, you can bring these ads to your relevant customers. Once you know everything associated with your marketing campaign, you can rely on Strikingly to create a website based on conversions.

4. Create Instagram Presence

If you upload images or videos of your meals every day on Instagram, you must think about increasing your tally. As part of your marketing strategies for a food business, you must create an Instagram presence. If we talk about food marketing, there is no better social media platform for promoting food products than Instagram. You will not find a single restaurant brand or any top-quality food facility that haven’t made their mark on Instagram. Therefore, you should follow the same wavelength and increase your Instagram followers.

create instagram presence

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As per your understanding, you can take pictures of your food products or your storefront. You can attract your customers by making them aware of your recent bundles or discounts. You can play with your uploaded photographs to create a brand identity for your food facility. You can increase your audience's engagement by uploading pictures of your kitchen (such as the chef preparing salad).

5. User-Generated Content

Like every other form of marketing, you will get to know the importance of user-generated website content in the guide to food marketing. By using user-generated content, you will give a chance to your customers to directly interact with your brand. For example, you can create polls about the food products that your audience is looking forward to tasting the most. As per their votes, you can give a short summary of their chosen food product. Apart from that, you can also choose to conduct photography contests and include the best photograph on your website.

create user-generated content

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If your customers like your website content, you can tell them to share it as part of their Instagram or Facebook stories. You can also ask them to include the hashtag of your brand name to ensure that you get more customers on the table.

6. Partnership with Delivery Teams

With so much influence on the digital world and social media, the importance of online deliveries has increased massively. Since the pandemic happened, the ratio of online deliveries has seen a considerable rise. Similarly, there is a huge connection between these deliveries with the food industry. To ensure that your food marketing strategy remains prolific, you must create partnerships with professional delivery teams within your domain. In the process of marketing your food products, you will realize that a small portion of your customers may have come to your platform via delivery teams. Do not be surprised if you experience a similar fate through your delivery teams. Make the most out of it and keep your customers happy.

7. Professional Website

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways for marketing your food products is to create a food website. You can incorporate all your food marketing strategies by creating a professional website. If you put all your marketing strategies on one end and a well-established food website on the other, the value of a website will be much higher. Make sure that you choose Strikingly as the website builder for making a professional website for your food business.

establish professional website

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The best thing about Strikingly is that there are no eligibility criteria for making a website for your business. Regardless of you have experience regarding website development or not, you can create a website on our platform. All you need is your creativity and Strikingly will do the rest for you. Once you customize a website template out of your collection, you can easily include your website content without writing a single line of code.


When you step into the world of food marketing, there are two things that you need to consider i.e., customization and media-rich marketing. For example, if you promote a couple of shots on your Instagram account or a few recipe tutorials on YouTube, it will do the trick for you. Moreover, you can also create a few cooking demos on your Facebook account so that it catches the attention of your friends and potentially other users quickly.

One easy way for marketing your food products is to create a food website on Strikingly. Within a couple of clicks, you will be able to create your desired website even if you have nothing to do with website development or designing. Make sure that you allow Strikingly to be the guiding force so that your food website can be made live as soon as possible. So without wasting any further time, choose the best possible theme for your website and make the most out of your food products.