However, the problem is that every person lives his/her life differently. They have different aspects, such as gender or age, even the images that they prefer. Most importantly, they have different origins and have different cultural backgrounds. They speak unique languages and have their own living standards. With so many barometers and differences, how can you ensure that your content gets to the most relevant leaders for conversion purposes? The answer is geo-targeting.

So what is geotargeting, and how can it be used to experiment with them? We will find it out below.

Strategies for Geo-targeting

Geo-targeting is the feedback that you receive from the geographical location of a particular user. Once your website or platform recognizes the visitor’s location based on his/her IP address or GPS data, the specified content for that location is delivered. The location can be precise on many levels (country, state, city, province). The best strategies for geo-targeting can be found in the SERPs. For your better understanding, we have highlighted the strategies below to conduct geo-targeting on your platform.

1. Experimentation with Languages

It is not a foregone conclusion that French and English are two of the most common languages worldwide. If you create a website with either of the two languages (mainly English), visitors (regardless of their background) will come to your website. However, creating a website with this mindset may not be enough. You may have to do customer research to find out the languages that your incoming visitors speak.

experimentation with languages

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If you can match your website’s language according to the customers’ origin, it can be considered effective geotargeting. The best thing to do in this is to enable language switch. If the customers feel comfortable going through the website in English, they can do that. If they are more suited to their own language, they can do that as well. You just need to measure the language that generates the most conversions.

2. Multiple Currencies

checking multiple currencies

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As you have experimented with the languages, you can also experiment with the currencies as an effective geotargeting strategy. The decision you make regarding currency will be based on the country or the region that you target. You may have to make it easy for yourself and try it out on product pages or landing pages. Afterward, you can draw a comparison between the sales on both currencies. Are the conversions higher if you set up the currency the same as your visitor’s country?

Strikingly enables you to take payments in up to 135 different currencies. You can get to know about it by connecting your simple store with the stripe account. By using multiple currencies, it won’t be long before your store goes global.

3. Consider Serving Local Offers

Evaluation is a key aspect for you to understand how to use geotargeting. By evaluating your product’s or service’s price on your page and your visitor’s specific location, you will understand which one of them drives more conversions. This may sound simple but requires in-depth planning.

Moreover, you may look into the marketing funnel associated with the geo-targeted visitors versus a control group. Through your analysis, you will be able to find out whether the people are finding it helpful. Statistically, you will understand whether the visitors pursuing local offers behave differently than those who asked to select their location.

4. Paid Marketing Campaigns

In this regard, the best strategy to consider is paid marketing campaigns. Geotargeting enables you to do location targeting by running campaigns across different locations. Therefore, you can try to vary your marketing message as per your segment and audience origins.

When you are going through this procedure, you may have to determine whether the marketing message on your site is the same as your geo-targeted advertisement. You can consider experimentation by sending traffic from a geo-targeted banner to a particular website landing page as well as the generic page. You have to determine the conversion rate in both of those aspects.

Once you know all the fundamentals of a marketing campaign, you would need to rely on an effective website builder, such as Strikingly, to make sure that you create a website for conversions. Content writing, content marketing, SEO checklist, newsletter advertisements, and pop-ups are some of the features that Strikingly will bring to the table while creating your website.

5. Consider Visual Elements

As we have seen with numerous websites worldwide, the modification of visual elements can prove highly significant for your website’s conversion rate. Also, if you can test design elements based on location targeting, it will also help you improve your conversion rate. By knowing the visitor’s location through geotargeting, you will understand his/her likings and dislikings.

consider visual elements

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The colors are represented on one side of the planet can be completely different from the colors represented on the other side. Therefore, you have to be proactive and think universally. For example, you can consider holiday themes or national flags.

Test Pages Through Geo-targeting

Now, as you have assumed these barometers for geo-targeting, it is important to test location-based assumptions. Some of the ways can be heavily based on coding, whereas some are less time-consuming. Google enables you to create multiple advertisements on their respective platform. Below, we have shared some fundamental ways to help you understand better.

1. Targeting the Content

To make it easy for you to understand what is geotargeting, we have also specified the content-related aspect in this regard. For the items associated with your website content, geo-targeted placements will depend on your website traffic. By looking into your website traffic, it will run experiments without the requirement of PPC overhead or any worldwide SEO strategy. Web services are an ideal option in this regard. You can test based on the city, region, and state.

Strikingly enables you to check your website traffic via built-in analytics. With this tool, you can identify information such as your customers are coming from which country alongside your website’s traffic sources i.e. direct traffic, organic traffic, social media, etc. Overall, it gives you an insight into the state of your website.

2. Pay-Per-Click Advertisement (PPC)

strikingly google ad

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If you want to know the simplest way to use geotargeting, you can consider pay-per-click advertisements. For that, you can look into the PPC platforms, such as Facebook and Google. You can consider direct marketing for this matter. Through direct marketing, you will be able to direct your advertisements to particular locations and languages. Moreover, you can set up destination URLs for your individual advertisements.

strikingly facebook ad

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You may have to remember that you need a set of landing pages for every marketing campaign that your incoming visitors can identify. These landing pages must be able to deliver results within no time so that the process is efficient. Having all the constituents within your domain will run a fast and effective location-based conversion analysis.

3. Geo-Target Domains

Another great methodology for geotargeting is the usage of subdomains or subfolders for specific languages or cultural backgrounds. You can do location targeting to identify certain languages and countries before introducing subdomains and subfolders to your plans. By doing this, there will be an assumption that you have a generic top-level domain (TLD). The domain extensions could be .com, .org, etc.

For example, we can look into the domain ‘’ or ‘’ for France/French. This may turn out to be an effective search engine optimization (SEO) solution because the specified subdomain or subfolder will be part of the local searches on Google. However, one drawback is that it will require a lot of time and hard work to set it up, as some branding efforts may not be allowed internationally.


If you can test different approaches and ideas when considering location, you can generate ideal insights and, eventually, improve conversions. For example, you have to decide which one generates the most conversions, displaying your website in Spanish or English? Which one of these currencies will generate the most profit for you? Euros or Dollars? The incoming visitors would like to have as much customization as possible. All of these things are a part of effective geotargeting.

Having an excellent strategy for geo-targeting is ideal for attaining consistent success. Once you have an ideal marketing plan with a geo-targeting strategy, you can rely on Strikingly to create your website. After creating your website, you can integrate your marketing campaigns on it and display them accordingly.