Food Blogging

From deserts to barbecue leading to snacks, if you can find one common denominator within all people, it is their passion for food. Regardless of your origins, culture, way of life, and surroundings, food is always one thing that connects people. Suppose you are trying to capture high-quality images of food products, or you intend to do food blogging. In that case, you will always attract a particular portion of the community. Nowadays, if you start a food blog, you can showcase your love and passion for food.

By writing content related to food, you will be able to express your love to the worldwide community. Whether you are a food enthusiast or own a food company website, blogging is the best way to express your love and ensure that others follow your lead in discovering innovative food products. During the pandemic, people have started to open kitchenettes and display their thoughts about the kind of food they provide to their customers.

Things to Consider While Blogging on Food

1. Blog Niche

After all, every successful business starts with a niche idea. If you ever find a successful business, they would have become successful based on their name. If you are thinking of creating a food blog, you must go on the same wavelength. When you start food blogging, you must consider the name for your blog that is unique, bold, and attractive to the audience. When you think about the name of your blog, you must identify the one that can be easily remembered by the audience.


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As a result, if you plan to add more blogs to your food website, the visitors will easily remember the name, and they can come to your platform again quickly. When you decide about writing the content, you must think about the content you want to write. For example, you can write about “Top 5 dishes in the world today” or “Top 5 most used food ingredients today”. On the other hand, you can also ask questions, such as “What is the most common food in Pakistan today?”. No matter what your niche idea is, make sure it is unique.

2. Reliable Website Builder

It is all good to start food blogging and write creative content, but it would be useless if you do not rely on a quality website builder. For that reason, Strikingly is here to fulfill all your objectives. We will enable you to do food blogging by creating a blog site for free. You have to select the best possible website template for your niche and let your creativity skills do the talking. Once you customize one of our mobile-friendly templates, you can publish the website, and it will be active on Strikingly within 24 to 48 hours.

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If you want to write blogs related to food, make sure that you write and document them on the website so that the visitors can see them. You can only attract visitors to your platform by having ideal search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Strikingly provides you with an SEO checklist through which you can undergo important SEO factors related to website content.

Benefits of Blogging on Food

1. Explore Different Foods

Regardless of your origins or location, you will accept that food blogging has become very popular over the years. Therefore, food has become one of the most popular niche ideas today. One of the key benefits of making food your niche idea is that you will be able to explore different kinds of foods. Even though you will initially have a very low fan following, you will see an increase in that statistic once you share the food content.

If your food content is related to your experiences, you will not just have the chance to make your writing immortal. Still, you will also have the opportunity to convince your visitors about trying that particular recipe. On the other hand, if you are telling about a new recipe, you must give guidelines to those who want to get their hands moving.

2. More Traffic

Sometimes, writing high-quality blogs isn’t enough. If you are doing food blogging, you have a lot of benefits in this regard. It isn’t just about the quality of content you write but also the number of visitors you can attract to your web page. If you have no visitors recognizing your hard work, your effort will be wasted. For that reason, you must implement relevant SEO strategies to bring traffic to your platform.

Best Food Websites on Strikingly

1. Siam Coconut

Siam Coconut on Strikingly is a food blogging business platform established in Singapore. It was established as an online business for distributing imported coconuts from Thailand to restaurants located in Singapore. However, they were able to see a rise in their conversion rate once they decided to start writing blogs about coconuts.

siam coconut website

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Now, the Siam Coconut website has established itself as one of the front-runners in distributing grocery items. When you go through this website, you will see all of their food products on sale, their team, partners, and stories. At the end of this website, you will be able to see the contact form through which the users will be able to contact the website owner.

2. Jude’s Icecream

If you want to write content related to carbon-negative ice cream, Jude’s Icecream on Strikingly is the perfect place for food blogging. Jude’s Icecream is a family business website that sells carbon-negative ice cream. By writing blogs on this Strikingly website, the family could generate positive feedback from the customers. Moreover, they were also able to bring awareness about climate change.

The website owner uses the Grid for their blog layout on this website. If we talk about the grid, every block relates to another page that displays the entire story. Every page has a different image and story about their business. At the end of their website, you will see their social media accounts displayed in the form of icons. There is also an email form that will enable visitors to subscribe to their website.

3. Dinner Belle Nashville

Dinner Belle Nashville is one of the most prominent food blogging websites on Strikingly. This website isn’t just related to the blogs on food products but can also be classified as a restaurant site. When the visitors land on this website, they will be able to go through the restaurant’s menu for the week. If you check out their “How it Works” page, you will be able to go through how they conduct things and how customers take advantage of it.

dinner belle nashville

Image taken from Dinner Belle Nashville

The prime objective of their online business is to advocate for fresh ingredients directly from local farms and producers. You can easily attain their website’s subscription and order products just once. This website possesses a pop-up feature that enables the customers to place their emails and names for subscriptions and get discounts on their orders.

Write Food Blogs on Strikingly

Just like any other form of business, you must know how to start a food blog to improve your food business. If you can write ideal website content, it will improve your reputation and help your website’s conversion rate. If you go with the user-generated content, you will give your customers to directly link with your food products. For example, you can put polls on your social media platform about the food products your customers would most like to know. Once you get the answers, you can offer descriptions of their desired food products.

food website images

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When you do food blogging, add high-quality images of the food products. There is no point in talking highly about your food products when you don’t have the ideal website images to match your content. You can also use your social media accounts to publish food images with descriptions, where you can include the link to your blog. If your images do not have an ideal background or are simply blurry, you will consequently expect a high bounce rate.


When you create a food blogging platform, you have the objective to ensure that your readers navigate through your website pages easily. Strikingly provides you with numerous mobile-friendly website templates to start with your food business idea. If you have the intention to write blogs on food, it may be the best decision you can make because the Strikingly website editor enables you to add photos and videos to your blogging section.

Once the visitors see high-quality website images and videos as part of the blog, you will give them multiple reasons to subscribe to your website. Once they share their critical data with you, such as their email address, you can send promotional emails to them daily. One thing is clear, the most crucial part of your blogging section will be the website content. Make sure that you produce informative and quality content to impress your visitors. Sign up with Strikingly today and let your blogs do the talking.