If you’ve ever watched a game show or cook-off, you probably noticed how people generally react to the sight of a clock ticking - it forces them to think on their feet and make split-second decisions within the time limit. Just imagine how effective a countdown website can be in encouraging your target audience to take action. When done right, timer pages and countdown features can be one of the most effective marketing campaigns you’ll ever run to introduce your brand or your products and services.


Leverage on FOMO

A countdown timer for website tends to make visitors feel like they are missing out on a lot for not grabbing the offer on that site. If there’s one thing that people who prowl the internet regularly hate, it would have to be being left out and not being able to take advantage of a major offer. A website countdown feeds on your target market’s FOMO by creating a perception of scarcity and exclusivity around an item or service.

With that said, here are a few ways you can use countdown websites as marketing tools.

1. Countdown to an upcoming sale on your online store

Many online shops put a countdown timer next to their sale items to let shoppers know that the product is on sale for a limited time only. The only thing is that you risk making your layout look too cluttered if you do this on every item in your inventory. One alternative is to add a web site countdown page where you can let shoppers know that you’re having a sale for a limited time.

On your Strikingly website, you can add a section where your free countdown timer for website can sit to announce storewide sales. You can devote a section by adding the timer using the Strikingly App Store > HTML code.

2. Time sensitive discount codes

Another interesting way of using a countdown timer for web site is to use them for expressing the limited time validity of discount codes. It entices people to take advantage of the discount code as soon as possible. You can even add other offers such as free shipping with a minimum spend.

3. Introduce a new product with a countdown timers for website

One way to create hype around an upcoming product or service is to add a countdown clock for website. It creates a sense of urgency and also makes a user look forward to whatever product is going to be introduced. This is a good marketing tool used in conjunction with teasers to create a buzz on an upcoming new item.


Some brands also use a countdown clock website as a teaser following a website revamp. It would be a great addition to your website under construction page just as a way to let people know when your site is launching. If you have a clear timeline of your site launch and you’re sure you can follow through on a time-sensitive announcement, using countdown widgets for websites would work to your advantage.

When not to use a countdown clock for websites

Countdown timers can be effective marketing tools except in cases where they’re not necessarily appropriate. Do not use this feature if you’re simply creating a false sense of urgency. It wouldn’t look good if you’re offering something on sale for what seems like a limited time and, days after the supposed end of the offer, you still have the same item on sale. It’s also not a good thing to use for when there is doubt in your mind that you can follow through on time-sensitive deals.