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To be a fitness advertising expert, you do not need to be the most athletically talented person. As long as you feel intrigued by the health and fitness industry and have a little bit of know-how about marketing, you can come up with good fitness advertising ideas.

Many people dream about becoming a professional yoga instructor, but more often than not, they like to go for the couch instead. The fitness advertising tips that we are sharing today will help all such individuals get on their toes and start taking their fitness seriously.

As we approach the new year now, everybody is thinking of their new year resolutions for 2022. This is actually the prime time for running fitness ads. The target audience is growing for the fitness industry, as more and more people are determined to get back in shape for their new year party. Many people are going through their post-holiday overeating guilt.

Gyms are usually most crowded in January because the new year is considered to be the calorie-burning season. This is the time for all the gym owners and fitness instructors to create their next big fitness advertisement.

Many kinds of businesses fall into this category. Some examples are given below.

  • Local gyms
  • Workout studios
  • Health clubs
  • Nutrition apps
  • Supplement companies
  • Fitness gear
  • Fitness equipment

But how exactly can these business owners capitalize on these opportunities? This post is about effective fitness advertising strategies that can be implemented to grow your fitness business in 2022.

10 Great Fitness Advertising Ideas

Here are ten awesome fitness advertising tips.

1. Entice Your Prospects with Intro Offers

This tip actually sounds applicable to almost all industries, but it is beneficial for fitness advertising. To begin with, people often feel lazy, their fitness regimes, but they continue for the long term once they are in the flow.

You need to offer something to these individuals that just get them started. They need extra motivation to pay for their first month’s subscription at your gym or for the first month of your yoga classes. That’s why giving special discounts to newbies is a great idea.

The intro offer can be anything that makes them feel like they are getting more value from the deal than the amount they are paying for it. You could offer a free personal training session, a free trial of your fitness app, a week of free yoga classes, a bonus aerobics class session, or anything else of the like.

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Whatever offer you make in your fitness ads should give them a taste of what they could get in the long run by incorporating your service, product, or app into their lifestyle. Gyms that offer the first month free are usually the most crowded. Fitness instructors who offer personalized sessions to get a new customer familiar with the basics tend to get the most significant number of new customers every month. This proves that intro offers really help in getting more customers and growing the business.

2. Provide Success Stories and Compelling Reviews

When someone hears about your brand, they would first try to find reviews, testimonials, and success stories about your product or service. Testimonials can really go a long way in convincing prospects that your service is better than your competition. Positive reviews by customers have a more significant impact on the audience’s minds than an advertisement created by the business itself. This is because reviews are not seen as biased. They are taken at their face value and trusted by the audience to be true.

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If you want to grow your business in the fitness industry, you need to contact your satisfied customers and get them to write good testimonials or success stories about their engagement with your brand. This is a fitness advertising strategy that will never fall short.

Once you have a good number of testimonials, you can publish them on your website and social media pages and frame and hang them on the walls of your outlet. Soliciting reviews from happy customers is something every business should do. Besides collecting these reviews, you should also incorporate any suggestions given in them into your marketing tactics.

3. Share Motivational Advice

Getting someone to be regularly involved and invested in their fitness has a lot to do with personal motivation. Among the best fitness advertising ideas is to incorporate motivational quotes and advice in your fitness ads. As mentioned in the previous point, sharing success stories is also actually a way to spread motivation.

Many individuals might be considering buying your fitness service for months but still need that extra push to finally make the purchase. Some fitness apps provide motivation in their free version in very subtle ways, slowly enticing the users to upgrade to the premium plan.

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4. Maintain Transparency in Pricing

There is nothing more annoying to customers of the fitness industry than unclear pricing packages. If your customers cannot find your pricing details online or feel deceived at the last minute just when they are about to pay at the counter, there is a high chance that they will back out from the purchase.

Not being transparent about your pricing is a sure-shot way of turning potential customers away. Your pricing information should be readily available in all the obvious places of your marketing, such as your website and your office or retail outlet. You should preferably also give out this information in all your fitness ads. Fitness advertising cannot be successful if the audience is not made fully aware of the associated costs.

5. Use Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is critical to get your message across to the masses. For a business to have a solid online presence these days, merely having a website is not enough. You need to create social media pages about your fitness app, gym, or classes, and make posts on them regularly to keep your followers updated.

The most suitable social media platforms for fitness advertising are Facebook and Instagram. Regularly uploading pictures of your fitness facility, app features, or latest discount offers on your Facebook page and Instagram account can help you spread brand awareness to large audiences.

6. Boost Your Fitness Advertising Budget in the On-Season

It is helpful to run more fitness ads when it’s the on-season for the fitness industry. The months of December and January are considered the peak season. It is a good idea to launch a great fitness advertisement to boost your sales around these months.

7. Send Fitness Newsletters and Postcards

Newsletters keep your subscribers reminded about your products and services. If you are running a gym, sending a newsletter to your customers every month would make them feel valued.

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Even though postcards are a bit outdated, they are still an effective means of encouraging your customers to continue with your fitness services. People feel special when they receive a postcard, which could motivate them to pay for your fitness class for another month.

Sending newsletters and postcards are part of fitness advertising, and are subtle ways of reminding your customers about the benefits they get from your product or service.

8. Provide an Easily Approachable Trial

For most people, the biggest hurdle in starting a fitness regime is the lack of motivation. If you can get them to experience your product or service, they will be more open to purchasing your product. To do this, you need to make sure that the trial you offer is easily approachable for them.

For example, an effective fitness advertising campaign for a gym could be to go door to door and offer people 30 minutes, free of cost, to use a few dumbbells from your gym. Since these people would experience this trial in the comfort of their homes, they would definitely appreciate it. This would highly increase the chances of them buying a membership in your gym.

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9. Keep Retargeting Until You Make the Sale

Retargeting is extremely important in fitness advertising. You need to keep pursuing the same audience group with your fitness ads until they buy your product or service. You have more chances of making sales by retargeting to the same category of people for months than running a fitness advertisement for a new group of people every week.

10. Maintain a Professional Website

Having a professional website to showcase your fitness product or service is utterly important. Your website would serve as the one-stop platform for your audience to get relevant information about your business.

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Build your website on Strikingly, so you do not have to spend too much time or money on getting it up and running. We have many users creating fitness websites on our platform, and they are quite happy with the tools and features that we offer.

Once you have a website, you can publish all your fitness advertising campaigns on it from time to time. If the website is appealing enough, it is bound to help you grow your sales.

This is the season to put up your fitness advertising on track and make the most out of this on-season for this business. Turn all your leads into your brand ambassadors using the fitness advertising tips mentioned above, and grow your business exponentially!